Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Upside Down Museum

 photo beach223_zpsda94580f.jpg
A.K.A. Wonderworks of Myrtle Beach
This building has intrigued Evan for the last few years since it was added to the attractions at Broadway at the Beach so we decided we would try it out this year.  The story is that a South Carolina courthouse got picked up (foundation and all) by a hurricane and dropped upside down onto a little seafood shack in Myrtle Beach.  It is actually a hands-on exploration museum.  It isn't a cheap attraction, but we thought it would be good entertainment for a rainy day at the beach.  In retrospect, we would say most of the fun was a little old for Evan and definitely big for Brody.  Evan did enjoy playing a game of laser tag with his Daddy.  While Evan barely even shot his gun, his daddy was his usual gun loving, sniper shooting self and scored the second highest score in their large group.  This game was every man for himself.  From his scorecard, it looked like there was one sniper who was better than him as that one shot him about 5 times, and Eddie apparently never even saw the person. Haha!  Evan and I also tried the rope course and discovered that we may just be a little scared of heights!!!

 photo beach224_zps1ee0a8f0.jpg
The boys are ready to go in and get out of the rain. 

 photo beach225_zpsafdda0d4.jpg
We entered to see the floor of the courthouse above our heads. 

 photo beach226_zps2b6a1cea.jpg
It was definitely an interesting experience. 

 photo beach227_zps24a92b7c.jpg
Evan enters the conversion chamber than apparently turns us upside down so we can proceed into the museum right side up.  

 photo beach228_zpsb72e92e5.jpg
Daddy wants to feel lightning. 

 photo beach229_zps0a707d58.jpg
It looked pretty Daddy was shooting lightning out of his fingers.  Maybe that's his superhero power. 

 photo beach230_zps969f2a19.jpg
Then he tested his strength by gripping a bull by the horns.  

 photo beach231_zps216cbfd1.jpg
In all fairness, this was his second attempt, and his first had gotten him up to Pro Rodeo Cowboy although this time he was still in the red. 

 photo beach232_zps9757334e.jpg
Evan used the pulley to pull himself up. 

 photo beach233_zpsc7f81916.jpg
Brody loved listening to the lion's different roars.  And yes, he was "talking" back. 

 photo beach234_zpse39a831a.jpg
Playing the giant piano. 

 photo beach235_zps85e622b8.jpg
Hanging out with astronauts. 

 photo beach236_zpsa2621587.jpg
Going for a ride in a space capsule. 

 photo beach237_zps5179d3b8.jpg
And Evan shows him how to fly it. 

 photo beach238_zpseec5fbde.jpg
Evan makes funny faces in the space suit. 

 photo beach239_zps3a7a2b0f.jpg
I would say "future astronaut" if NASA still existed.  Sigh. 

 photo beach240_zpse4d4d941.jpg
Brody tries out the suit.  Look at that crazy boy. 

 photo beach241_zpse1101ec5.jpg
The rope course didn't look so scary from down below. 

 photo beach242_zpsf81264e8.jpg
On the way up 

 photo beach243_zpsaf809fee.jpg
Me and my brave boy building up our confidence to try it out. 

 photo beach244_zps7f780767.jpg
I tried out the first rope obstacle.  It was so much scarier and harder than it looked.  I was trying to look brave for Evan.  

 photo beach245_zpsab276cc7.jpg
Evan decided to try the balance beam instead of the rope walk because he was too short to hold on to the guide rope.  It seemed so high up when you were actually up there.  Daddy was taking pictures of us from below. 

 photo beach246_zps48ea9f73.jpg
He was happy to make it to the platform. 

 photo beach247_zps6059c148.jpg
He made a great effort and decided to walk back across the balance beam and not to do the harder rope walks.  I didn't blame him a bit.  I was shaking, but I decided to give a couple more of the obstacles a try to make it worth our time. 

 photo beach248_zps23a33214.jpg
There goes my boy.  He did great!

 photo beach249_zpsd67d4ac5.jpg

 photo beach250_zpsc71fc313.jpg
The boys all enjoyed playing in the big bubble stations. 

 photo beach251_zps53385846.jpg
Putting his arm through a big bubble. 

 photo beach252_zpsc44d9779.jpg
Daddy blowing big bubbles for Brody. 

 photo beach253_zpsaafc218e.jpg
Yep, I think this one popped on his head. 

 photo beach254_zps8608c842.jpg
Lots of cool big bubbles. 

 photo beach255_zps55cc2af9.jpg
It's Evan! 

 photo beach256_zpse0b55711.jpg
The kids wanted to ride some kiddie rides after leaving the museum. 

 photo beach257_zps9977cdaa.jpg
We decided to do the carousel because we didn't get a chance to do the old Pavilion rides that we always do.  Evan wanted to ride the ostrich because he said they are really fast. 

 photo beach258_zps2eec8f84.jpg
Brody loved riding his horse. 

 photo beach259_zps592f2fda.jpg
Evan on his noble steed. 

 photo beach260_zps9694e624.jpg
Me and my boys on the carousel

 photo beach261_zps58aa2efe.jpg
Here we go! 

 photo beach262_zpsdbc54c8d.jpg
They both loved the ride. 
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  1. That Upside Down Museum looks pretty cool! You are very brave for attempting the ropes course. I hate it when I have to put on a brave face for my kids. I do it, of course, but it is hard! So way to go!!!

    1. I know...I am obviously not a brave person as there were very small children doing this with no problem. Me and my boy just like to play it safe I guess! ;-)

  2. Very cool looking place. Is it really big? The outside of it just looks huge.

    You also look like you're about 17 years old on the carousel. How did you do that?

    1. It's a pretty good size...4 floors. One floor is just blazer tag and another one is an arcade with the ropes course above it. I definitely don't see the 17 year old much anymore when I look in the mirror. It's probably the carousel that subtracts a few years. I'll take it though! ;-)

  3. I love this place! We have one here! All your beach post makes me want to go back so bad!! Oh how I miss it! So glad that you all had a great time! :)

  4. How awesome is a place like that!?!?

    1. It was okay for a rainy day, but a little overpriced as such things usually are. ;-)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. That looks like so much fun! Eddie sounds a lot like Jason. He'd be in it to win it too.


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