Thursday, August 8, 2013

Summer Fun # 8 ~ Random Fun Stuff

We have really had a busy summer with the kids and have just tried to make it as fun as possible. With only a couple more weeks left before the daily grind of work and school returns, we are looking forward to our annual beach vacation.  This year we get to enjoy a whole week of beach fun.  Although the weather forecast does call for rain next week, we hope to be able to pack in a lot of fun in the sun and water.  At least the resort has an indoor water park for those rainy days.  Here are some of the other fun things we have been doing in the last few weeks:


Earlier this summer, my husband signed the kids up for free summer bowling.  They get to bowl two free games a week.  We haven't gone every week, but Eddie has taken the kids several times even when I didn't feel like going.  Eddie was a really good bowler when he was younger, and although he hasn't practiced in later years, he is still pretty good.  Evan is so cute trying to bowl like Daddy, and Brody just looks so cute squatting and pushing his big ball down the lane.  He will actually bowl a whole game with us.

 photo summer1_zps90288c62.jpg
Daddy shows Brody how to bowl. 

 photo summer2_zps06d9ef2f.jpg
So cute watching his ball slowly making its way down the lane. 

 photo summer3_zps97b99ab0.jpg
Waiting for his ball to come back. 

 photo summer4_zps78427bfb.jpg
He would take breaks at the game machines while waiting for his turn. 

 photo summer5_zpscb9846a3.jpg
Here he goes again. 

 photo summer6_zps208bfd7e.jpg
Mommy's turn to help.  We did good together! 

 photo summer7_zps4686d07c.jpg
And then big brother helped too! 

 photo summer8_zpsa525d096.jpg
Evan bowled like a big boy.  

 photo summer9_zps497069ef.jpg
Brody's cute little bowling shoes. 

 photo summer10_zps0515493a.jpg
Evan bowled the second games by himself and just bowled for himself and Brody. 
More Swimming!

One of the other major accomplishments Evan made this summer was that he not only learned to swim, but now he is jumping off the diving board in the deep end of our community pool by himself.  He couldn't even go in the deep end before because kids aren't allowed to go in if they need any swimming assistance.  The deep end is 10 feet so it is pretty deep, and he jumps in and swims out by himself.

 photo summer30_zps661f5892.jpg
Swimming under water and "diving" for toys. 

 photo summer31_zpsd1366a76.jpg
He found them!

 photo summer32_zps07db2f46.jpg
Brody is so OCD like his mother and likes to line up all his toys in a row.  He found these letters and numbers in the baby pool and was sticking them to the side in a row. It entertained him for about an hour.  

 photo summer33_zps8237cddc.jpg

 photo summer34_zps22b7dcb0.jpg
Squirting Daddy.

 photo summer35_zps29d16c0b.jpg
A stolen kiss.

 photo summer36_zps5c0f1cc8.jpg
Evan prepares to show off his new diving skills. 

 photo summer37_zps073c8a90.jpg
Getting in position.

 photo summer38_zpsc52926d1.jpg
And he's off. 

 photo summer39_zpse7b52036.jpg
Love catching the in the air shots. 

 photo summer40_zpsb7823ca6.jpg
And swimming in the deep end.  He has come so far! 

 photo summer41_zps73779d89.jpg
So proud of our swimmer!

 photo summer42_zps96a77c53.jpg
Brody loves hanging out with Mommy under the umbrella and taking his afternoon nap by the pool. 

 photo summer43_zps22c494d0.jpg
Evan loves shooting water pistols and guns. 

 photo summer59_zps66905e8c.jpg
Cousin Lanny enjoyed coming swimming with us because his pool doesn't have a diving board. 

 photo summer60_zps45e159b2.jpg
Evan preparing to show Lanny his new found skill. 

 photo summer61_zpsc5e714e4.jpg

 photo summer62_zps18a0f584.jpg

 photo summer63jpg_zpscb3e4c6d.jpg

 photo summer64_zps2c18b443.jpg
Lanny was an old pro at jumping off the diving board, but it had been awhile since he had done so. 

 photo summer65_zps5768e571.jpg

 photo summer66_zpse1b58ded.jpg

 photo summer67_zps39b20941.jpg
He could have done this all day!

 photo summer68_zps88ff2245.jpg
So funny!  Looks like he's walking on air!

 photo summer69_zps408a3cbe.jpg
Lanny is a great swimmer too!

 photo summer70_zps7e52c283.jpg
Evan started trying to do the "fancy" jumps. 

 photo summer71_zps1687ca63.jpg
Looks like a karate move. 

 photo summer72_zpse7cd1bd3.jpg

 photo summer73_zps39c1f6d4.jpg

 photo summer74_zps802e3128.jpg

 photo summer75_zpsbf8320a8.jpg

 photo summer76_zpsbc784153.jpg
Brody posing. 

 photo summer77_zps9d3f7d15.jpg
Sweet Brody

 photo summer78_zps01f2940f.jpg
Snack time!

Fun at the park and playgrounds!

One day Mommy wanted to check off one item on her summer bucket list which was to have a little picnic at the park.  Daddy and Uncle Paul were off handling some family business so Mommy had the boys to herself.  We stopped by Bojangles to pick up some chicken tenders for lunch and then headed to a quiet park that we don't usually go to.  It was so quiet when we arrived that no one else was even there.  It had a nice playground with very new equipment, but unfortunately it was very hot and all the equipment was too hot to climb on and most of it was too big for Brody.  Also, Mommy was not happy with the meal because she didn't get several things she needed and asked for.  *Sigh*  Later that evening after Daddy and Uncle Paul returned, we met them for dinner and then decided to take all the kids to another park for some cooler evening play time.  The kids loved it!

 photo summer44_zps102e90d5.jpg
Eating their chicken tenders at the park.  This picnic shelter was actually very nice and cool in the shade.  

 photo summer45_zps76df7160.jpg
Brody stealing Mommy's fries. 

 photo summer46_zps3b306b5a.jpg
Saying his new favorite expression - "Ohhhh!"

 photo summer47_zpsd2dd0022.jpg
Checking out the playground equipment.  Too bad it was too hot to enjoy.  

 photo summer48_zpsf1d40c00.jpg
Baby behind bars. 

 photo summer49_zps6b43c61f.jpg
Evan trying out some of the climbing stuff. 

 photo summer13_zps822d8c6a.jpg
Later that evening at a different park. 

 photo summer14_zpsd81a1c58.jpg
Cate shows off her climbing skills.  This is how girls in dresses handle climbing in style! 

 photo summer15_zps2a85100e.jpg
Check out that girls tanned legs!

 photo summer17_zps0342164a.jpg
Brody wanted to hang out on the baby equipment. 

 photo summer18_zps79ef8543.jpg
Silly boy doing his little dance.  We tell him to "shake his booty like a monkey." 

 photo summer19_zps75c2eeac.jpg
Cousins Emma, Reade, and Evan (Lanny was absent because he was at a birthday party for a school friend.) I am pretty sure the last cousin picture I have on the purple dinosaur is of Emma, Lanny, and Evan. 

 photo summer20_zps83507533.jpg
Cousins Brody and Cate enjoy riding together. 

 photo summer21_zpsee930028.jpg
Brody petting Mr. Dinosaur.  

 photo summer22_zps933cfe69.jpg
Giddy up!

 photo summer23_zps1394f062.jpg
Happy faces!

 photo summer24_zps1824031d.jpg
Even Aunt Jessica enjoys the purple dinosaur. 

 photo summer11_zpsc19ec842.jpg
Another outing to the play area at our local mall.  Evan has always loved these little rides.  Man, the price of little rides like this have gone up a lot since I was a kid.  Most of them are 75 cents to a dollar!  

Fun at the movies and more fun with cousins! 

There has been a lot of movie watching for Evan this summer both at home and at the theater.  Mommy and Evan had a special date to see Despicable Me 2, and he laughed so hard through the whole thing.  Then, Daddy took Evan and his cousins, Lanny and Reade, to see Turbo which they all seemed to enjoy.  Brody is not ready to watch movies yet.  Even at home, he just doesn't have the capability to sit still through a whole movie or even a TV show.  He is a busy little man!  One funny thing to remember about this summer for Evan is that he has watched so many "old" movies from the 1980's from when Mommy was a child.  He has been watching Indiana Jones movies, Back to the Future I, II, and III, Ghostbusters I and II, Karate Kid, The Neverending Story (Mommy and him had a movie date night and watched this one together), and probably more that I can't recall right now.  He is going to be such a cultured kid.  Haha!

 photo summer79_zpsc0a5ef36.jpg
Daddy got a picture of the boys in front of the Turbo poster. 

 photo summer12_zps347b889c.jpg
Cousins Cate and Brody have actually enjoyed several play dates this summer.  Here they are enjoying playing with cars together.  It is nice that they can find things to do together even though they are boy and girl. 

 photo summer25_zps8ad6c875.jpg
One night after a dinner out together we all discovered a creperie nearby.  Aunt Jessica and the kids had developed an appreciation for crepes lately after their trip to Paris, and Aunt Jessica has been making them a lot at home.  It was nice for us to get to try this place out.  Mine was delicious with strawberries, bananas and nutella inside.  

 photo summer28_zps879bcf97.jpg
Evan sort of made a mess of his smores crepe.  He couldn't figure out how to pick it up and eat it.  

 photo summer27_zps70dbb474.jpg
Reade enjoyed his with plain nutella. 
And now we are all packed up and preparing to leave early in the morning for our much anticipated beach vacation!  Yay!

 photo namebutton_zps1d38d77c.jpg


  1. Oh so much fun!!! My kiddos start school the week after next. =( We've been trying to do our annual back to school deep clean of the house this week, so that way we can concentrate on having fun next week!!!!

    1. I know what you mean. I am not looking forward to the daily grind of school and work returning. Evan goes back on the 26th so when we get home from the beach, we'll be doing lots of preparations. *Sigh*

  2. I can't imagine trying to take Rachel bowling. I don't Sam has even got yet. We are so behind :)

    And way to go Evan on the deep end diving. That is a MAJOR accomplishment! He has really grown up this summer. Also I love that Brody spent an hour with the letters and numbers on the side of the pool!

    Boo for restaurants messing up orders. I get really annoyed when that happens. It seems like you guys have had a really fun summer for the most part.

    You must miss Mattie a lot as you imagine what she would have been doing during all these outings and trips. I still keep praying for you friend...

    1. Yes, it has been a busy summer for Evan, and he has really built up his confidence a lot. We have definitely tried to stay busy and have as much fun as we can with the boys, but yes, Mattie has been with us in our thoughts all the time. She is definitely here with us at the beach this week as I think constantly about all the plans I made for her being here. I had her little bathing suits ready and all her cute little summer outfits ready to pack.

  3. Goodness. Where to even start. You are the second blogger to mention this Bojangles place so I googled it. Um, can we go there when I visit? I love a good chicken tender and fries. YUM.

    I love that we're friends on FB now because it's like a sneak peak of your posts. I recognize a lot of those pictures.

    I also want to go for crepes with you. Maybe not on the same day as Bojangles. Because I would for sure gain 12 pounds in 1 day.

    Oh, and yay for diving off diving boards. Spencer even does a backwards jump now. It scares the bejesus out of me.

    1. Oh, we can definitely hit up a Bojangles! It is a southern fast food chain that actually started right here in Charlotte. Lots of good things actually came out of Charlotte! Yep, I am enjoying the little sneak peek of your posts too. Crepes would be fun too. Maybe one day we'll get to experience those in France. Spencer sounds a lot like my nephew Lanny who isn't afraid to try anything He's the one who climbed the big rock wall at the beach on our last little trip.

  4. Awww! This all looks so fun! : ) I'm thinking about taking my little one to the movies soon too.


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