Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Special Visitors!

Last week, we enjoyed an unexpected visit from Mommy's old friend from Virginia.  Brinn and I started working together in Portsmouth in 2005 for a local law firm.  I had started working at the firm in late 2003, and she started working part-time there while she completed college.  Her little boy, Ayden, had just turned one and now he is a big boy of almost 10!  While I was working in Virginia, we just developed a special friendship, and I would sometimes go hang out at her parents' house after work when Eddie was out of town.  Her parents were so kind and just welcomed anyone like they were part of the family.  Her dad was especially welcoming, and I often had trouble leaving at a decent hour to get home because he could sit and talk for hours.  Eddie and I both actually enjoyed hanging out with this family.  Some of you may have actually heard some of Brinn's family's story on here.  Brinn is little Henry's aunt.  A couple of weeks ago I found out some more shocking news for this family.  It seemed Brinn's sweet dad had suddenly become very sick and passed away.  He had suffered in recent years from a debilitating condition that had left him wheelchair bound, but he had seemed to be doing pretty well lately so this sudden condition was a shock although it wasn't expected to cause his death.  The family didn't have a chance to even travel up to be with him although Brinn and her kids had spoken to him that night on the computer while he was in the hospital.  We are all confident that he is enjoying some special time with little Henry now.  Brinn now lives in Florida with her family and had to travel up to Virginia to get together with his family and celebrate her father's life.  I know it was a blessing that she and her siblings all got to be together again, but I know it was not under good circumstances.  We were happy that Brinn and the kids could stop by for a short visit on their way home.  Hopefully, we will get together again one day soon, but I was glad our kids got to meet. We have already made plans for Brody and Brinn's little girl, Fynlee, to marry in about 25 years, and they really seemed to hit it off!  ;-)

 photo summer50_zps3e057634.jpg
Our best attempt at a group shot.  Faryn, the baby, got a kick out of pulling Brody's ear.  Looks like he met his match.  Haha!

 photo summer51_zps9b35fc77.jpg
Then Brody had to share the love with Evan!  We also couldn't get a smile out of Fynlee because it was getting pretty late. 

 photo summer52_zpsce802be1.jpg
And Brody decided pictures were over. 

 photo summer53_zpsa01a2f7a.jpg
Me and this little cutie met for the first time. 

 photo summer54_zpsb71e6495.jpg
Just me and the girls. 

 photo summer55_zps0074635d.jpg
The last time these two met, Elias was just a baby.  He is now 4, and he and Evan share a love of video gaming. 

 photo summer56_zpsfcf69814.jpg
And Brinn and I were trying for a picture of just us, but the kids wanted to join in. 

 photo summer57_zps59a79224.jpg
Brinn's adorable family

 photo summer58_zps9276e5cb.jpg
And Fynlee and Brody share a goodbye hug.  So sweet!
 photo namebutton_zps1d38d77c.jpg


  1. I can't believe you thought you could try for a picture kid free. Ha ha ha! The truth is that if you told them you wanted them in the picture, they would have run for the next room.

    Long term friends like this are the best! I'm glad you got a chance to spend some time together.

    1. It was definitely an overdue visit so we welcomed the opportunity even though circumstances weren't so great. Yep, picture taking with kids is "unpredictable" to say the least. Haha!

  2. That is so sweet! You were just talking about working in VA to me the other day! So glad you got some cool visitors!

    1. Yep, your pictures from vacation just reminded me of that area. It really is a neat area to visit and has a lot to see and do. Jamestown, Virginia Beach, the large navy ships at Norfolk, etc. I loved where I worked because I could see all the big ships right outside my window that overlooked the harbor between Portsmouth and Norfolk. :-)

  3. What a nice visit! I'm sorry that it wasn't under the best circumstances. You all sure have a bunch of cute kiddos!

    1. Thank you, Tracy! It is fun getting the kids together.

  4. I'm glad you got to spend some time with an old friend. Old friends are the best :) And I think Brody and Fynlee make a very cute couple!

    1. It was amazing that Fynlee was actually quite a bit taller than Brody when she is only a few months older than him since he is not a small boy. It shows how girls are usually bigger than boys at this age until boys hit their growth spurts later in the teen years. I bet Rachel may be taller than Brody too.


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