Saturday, August 24, 2013

Putt-Putt Around the World

It is no secret that our son, Evan, loves putt-putt.  He has enjoyed the game since he was barely two years old.  Seriously, he would play an entire game with us at two which I believe is totally unheard of for a two year old!  He has always loved any game involving a ball.  Of course, we discovered that his younger brother does not seem to share his enthusiasm yet.  So putt-putt was definitely one of the items on the agenda for our week at Myrtle Beach (mini golf capitol of the world folks).  We didn't actually plan to play three games of putt-putt, but we discovered a couple of indoor places that were a great option for beating the heat.  Putt-Putt in Myrtle Beach can actually be a fun adventure because the courses are so fun and entertaining.  I felt a little like we actually traveled to some interesting places by playing these courses.  We "traveled" to a tropical island volcano at Molten Mountain, a Mayan Temple at Cancun Lagoon, and even went back in time a few thousand years to the age of the dinosaurs.

Destination #1 ~ Molten Mountain (inside a volcano)

 photo beach98_zps63b62f53.jpg

 photo beach99_zps34884807.jpg
Evan the Putt-Putt enthusiast

 photo beach96_zpsb742674a.jpg
Brody was not interested in playing the game, but he liked this little hut.  

 photo beach97_zpsed6d2a0f.jpg
Playing house with cousin Cate.
 photo beach95_zps01990d97.jpg
These boys enjoyed a friendly competition. 
 photo beach94_zps55d1383c.jpg
Yes, I joined the game too.

 photo beach93_zps7f285a70.jpg
Emma gets a little golf lesson from her daddy. 

 photo beach91_zps60cfb7d1.jpg
Crazy kids!

 photo beach92_zps47325f93.jpg
Lanny wanted to be the Hawaiian guy, Lava Louie.
Throughout the game, a funny guy named Lava Louie talks to you.  At the end, he takes your ball and says either "Lava Louie say you are loser!" or "Lava Louie say you are winner!"  I just think he is so funny, and Eddie does a great impression.  Haha!

Destination #2 ~ Cancun Lagoon (inside a Mayan Temple)

 photo beach146_zps9b61611c.jpg

 photo beach135_zpsd727d070.jpg
Evan is ready to enter the Mayan temple. 

 photo beach136_zps5fde3a66.jpg
Daddy and the boys are ready for adventure!

 photo beach137_zpsac5835a1.jpg
Evan the Mayan mini golf player.  Ha!

 photo beach138_zps2cb2d4ca.jpg
Eddie's family enjoyed this adventure together. 

 photo beach139_zps8a21225f.jpg
Evan showed them how to play. 

 photo beach140_zpse03641a8.jpg
He even dresses like a pro golfer! 

 photo beach141_zps99ddb3a4.jpg
I just always love the pretty flowers and landscaping at these places. 

 photo beach142_zps147b9484.jpg
Evan makes the putt. 

 photo beach143_zps66b47163.jpg
I think Evan beat his Daddy. 

 photo beach144_zps1e33ecac.jpg
Grandma going for the putt. 

 photo beach145_zpsee92803a.jpg
Aunt Naomi even enjoyed the game. 

 photo beach148_zps54236fb8.jpg
But this little man...not so much.  If we tried to hand him his club to use, he would just get mad and throw a fit.  Thank goodness he was free or it would have been a total waste of money! 

 photo beach147_zpsa2a118ad.jpg
That boy can pout with the best of them.  I also feel I must tell the story of his shirt that our resort ruined.  I loved this little shark shirt that he wore last year and was happy to let him get a little more use out of it.  Sadly, when we were preparing to leave our resort that morning, he not surprisingly wanted to play in the fountain out front.  Unbeknownst to me, they had just power washed the thing apparently with clorox, and when he came away from the fountain, I smelled the strong odor first and then saw the bleach line across the front of his shirt where he had leaned over the edge of the fountain.  So really, couldn't they at least wash the clorox off the thing with clean water so as not to ruin people's clothes?  I mean, it is common sense that children are drawn to such things.  Sigh!  

 photo beach149_zpsb90c0e00.jpg
More pretty flowers. 

 photo beach150_zps95d04c5e.jpg
Evan makes the last putt. 

 photo beach151_zpse7349cd1.jpg
Evan can't wait to visit a real Mayan pyramid! 

 photo beach152_zpsf9099cfc.jpg
Daddy and Evan braved the Mayan pyramid.  

 photo beach153_zps7bf8ad96.jpg
And apparently all visitors do not come out alive.  He apparently died playing putt-putt.  I told Evan he probably did not follow the rules, and the Mayans sacrificed him to the Mayan god of putt-putt.  Haha!
Destination #3 ~ Dinosaurs! 

 photo beach201_zps76bed773.jpg
Apparently, we were on an expedition with Professor Hacker. 

 photo beach193_zpsa2fa5df1.jpg
We played with those pesky Raptors. 

 photo beach192_zpsb241e8cc.jpg
Not really sure what this dude was.  Not a T-Rex but maybe a relative?  He was missing an arm so I am sure that was a good story. 

 photo beach194_zps42c33c4d.jpg
Brody looks ready to play. 

 photo beach195_zpsf60a6b17.jpg
And one of those pesky raptors made an appearance. 

 photo beach196_zpsf66f37a3.jpg
Evan shows little brother how to putt. 

 photo beach197_zpsdc3e95bd.jpg
But little brother preferred rock climbing. 

 photo beach198_zps37b410ad.jpg
Riding the tail of a T-Rex. 

 photo beach199_zps0bf12018.jpg
Silly boys!

 photo beach200_zps078039b1.jpg
And the boys decided the safest place to be when around a T-Rex is right under his nose.  

 photo beach203_zps1b371d0b.jpg
Oh man, that Raptor above Evan's head sure looks mean!

 photo beach204_zps4c96778f.jpg
Evan and the Brachiosaurus

 photo beach205_zpsa50858a3.jpg
Evan checking out Professor Hacker's ship. 

 photo beach206_zpsa0d9d4bc.jpg
Evan had to go and see his favorite dinosaur, Mr. Stegosaurus!

 photo beach207_zps6b4751d1.jpg
He is crazy about stegosaurus.  
 photo namebutton_zps1d38d77c.jpg


  1. This makes me want to go play some more mini golf with Sam. He loved it. Rachel, not so much. Maybe we can send Rachel and Brody off to do something else while Evan and Sam play mini golf! We better plant to spend a month together to get everything done :)

  2. FUN! We've never taken Spencer to do miniature golf. I'm not sure why. Probably because he was just getting old enough to go when Elliott came along and we got stuck at home for an extended amount of time.

    I love the dinosaur place (of course!). The picture of the boys sitting together is adorable.

  3. How much fun! I want to take my kiddos now!!!


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