Friday, August 23, 2013

Our Beach Vacation ~ Part 2

One of the best parts of our beach vacation this year was that we got to spend some special time with family.  Eddie's mom (Grandma), sister (Aunt Naomi), and nephew (cousin Grady) spent a couple of days with us at our resort, and my brother's family joined us for a couple of days as well after they had to leave their beach house on Friday.  The kids had a great time playing in the water park together, and Evan enjoyed having lots of Grandma time.

 photo beach68_zps0f514fdb.jpg
Daddy and Brody loved the water slide!
 photo beach47_zpsb4f3babe.jpg
Love their faces. 

 photo beach48_zps86e53018.jpg
Happy water baby. 

 photo beach49_zpsb9e4292a.jpg
Cousin Emma is a drama queen. .

 photo beach50_zps93d77f88.jpg
Cousin Cate liked riding on the dolphin boat while her daddy enjoyed relaxing on the lazy river. 

 photo beach51_zpsa3bb647d.jpg
Evan loved the slides with his cousins. 

 photo beach52_zps8898a649.jpg
Here comes Lanny. 

 photo beach53_zps7a1e518d.jpg
And Emma.

 photo beach54_zps9eca25e0.jpg
Cousin Reade before he decided he didn't need his floaties anymore. 

 photo beach55_zps2bd123ac.jpg
Here comes Uncle Paul and Cate. 

 photo beach56_zps6a90da8a.jpg
Love Cate's face here. 

 photo beach58_zps6f19c483.jpg
Here comes Evan.  

 photo beach59_zps53a7d9d1.jpg

 photo beach60_zps0107bc88.jpg
Cousin Reade got really brave in the water. 

 photo beach62_zps7ff5431b.jpg
He really liked the hot tub. 

 photo beach63_zps5e8ebcca.jpg
And so did Lanny. 

 photo beach64_zpsc9266bed.jpg
Uncle Paul really liked the water slides. 

 photo beach65_zps31ffdd16.jpg
And so did cousin Cate. 

 photo beach66_zpsc8588e7e.jpg
Evan copying Uncle Paul with his hands raised. 

 photo beach67_zpsdab2e7da.jpg
Love that face!

 photo beach69_zpsfeb171b6.jpg
Brody and Daddy enjoyed the hot tub.  Brody really liked the bubbles. 

 photo beach70_zps7a198455.jpg
Cheesing for Mommy. 

 photo beach71_zps33e3cc21.jpg
Now I really love those faces!

 photo beach72_zps3dd6447f.jpg
Big smiles!

 photo beach74_zps719b32a8.jpg
Reade after he got rid of his floaties. 

 photo beach73_zps1a2164de.jpg
He would turn and go down head first on his belly. 

 photo beach75_zpsa4d3bb82.jpg
Emma is a cool kid!  

 photo beach76_zpsce146bdd.jpg
Aunt Jessica even got in on the action.  

 photo beach77_zps1d564f55.jpg
Love all three of their faces.  Reade was loving watching his mama and sister!

 photo beach78_zpsc9df9bff.jpg
Nope, I don't think these little boats were made to hold this many!

 photo beach79_zpsdc42db0b.jpg
This was crazier than it looks.  They were making a lot of noise!

 photo beach80_zps93075d48.jpg
Cousin Lanny almost tipped them over. 

 photo beach81_zpsb786431a.jpg
Until he fell off!

 photo beach82_zpsa22a9236.jpg
A car full of crazy kiddos! Lanny was like the shark swimming beneath the boat waiting for someone to fall overboard. 

 photo beach83_zpsf7aba1af.jpg
Evan showing Lanny how to do the big slide. 

 photo beach85_zps7cfb0497.jpg
And down goes Lanny. 

 photo beach86_zps59a8f486.jpg
Almost all the kiddos in the hot tub. 

 photo beach87_zps1317ac6a.jpg
Love this picture of Emma! 

 photo beach88_zps258a3d50.jpg
Lanny did the really big slide that shoots straight down really fast.  He loved it!

 photo beach89_zps9b693f05.jpg
Brody is ready to go out and have some fun the next day. 

 photo beach90_zpsc2e135c0.jpg
Evan greets cousin Grady at breakfast. 

 photo beach100_zps71b2c03c.jpg
The kids love posing for pics with the big pyramid after eating lunch.  Uncle Paul demonstrates how to touch the top of the pyramid.  They did this at the Louvre in Paris. 

 photo beach101_zps01e89c4c.jpg
Emma does it with style and flair. 

 photo beach102_zps80b0e5aa.jpg
Lanny does it with a serious face. 

 photo beach103_zps0ccb6ed7.jpg
And Evan too.  The sun was really bright. 

 photo beach104_zpsd035fc5f.jpg
Brody enjoyed playing in the mud on the beach. 

 photo beach105_zps79a56424.jpg
And he loved playing with cousin Grady. 

 photo beach106_zpsd297a9d1.jpg
Sharing some mud with his cousin. 

 photo beach107_zpse2ddb445.jpg
Cousin Grady wanted to give some back to Brody. 

 photo beach108_zps121de25a.jpg
Brody looking for seashells. 

 photo beach109_zps4f1efe27.jpg
He looks so big compared to last year. 

 photo beach110_zps121ae45e.jpg
Evan still practicing his jumping. 

 photo beach111_zpsa4885e52.jpg
Mommy cannot hold Grady without her little man getting jealous.  

 photo beach112_zps385afc64.jpg
Mommy and Brody enjoyed playing in the sand. 

 photo beach113_zps1a9b1293.jpg
Love this cool kid. 

 photo beach114_zps7a04a503.jpg
Mommy and Brody enjoyed going swimming. 

 photo beach115_zps8127af95.jpg
But Brody was not afraid to play in the water by himself. 

 photo beach116_zps0db310ee.jpg
The water was just right this day. 

 photo beach117_zps9c7da47d.jpg
Just walking along the beach. 

 photo beach118_zps2527dc0c.jpg
He did start to notice the seashells and picked some up.  

 photo beach119_zpsaf2431a0.jpg
He found one!

 photo beach120_zpseac7d717.jpg
And another one. 

 photo beach121_zps15af10d6.jpg
Checking out his find. 

 photo beach122_zps6013ab74.jpg
He thinks this one is a keeper. 

 photo beach123_zps0cc541a6.jpg
Love this shot.  

 photo beach124_zps10691ff0.jpg
He also liked stomping in the water and waves.  It looked like a little dance.  

 photo beach125_zps8f073f43.jpg
And he enjoyed giving us all sand. 

 photo beach126_zpsaff6e008.jpg
Bringing two fist fulls to Mommy. 

 photo beach127_zps6191bd00.jpg
He found a mountain to drive his beach buggy on. 

 photo beach129_zps72881d3a.jpg
Sweet cousins

 photo beach128_zps28ee7bf2.jpg
The best one we got of all 3.  Brody was not very happy, and Evan looks like he's choking Grady.  Still sweet though. 

 photo beach130_zps4ac7a6c6.jpg
Papa James and Grandma

 photo beach131_zpsa5103255.jpg
We tried for a picture of the boys with Grandma, but Brody wouldn't let me leave his side. 

 photo beach132_zps80796f49.jpg
Brody wouldn't even cooperate for Daddy, and Evan was upset the sun was in his eyes.  *Sigh* 

 photo beach133_zps31300eb3.jpg
Maybe one of my favorite pictures ever of Evan. 

 photo beach134_zps5e5d3846.jpg
Sweet boy. 
And there is still more.  Stay tuned for lots of putt-putt and more beach fun!

 photo namebutton_zps1d38d77c.jpg


  1. That looks like such a great time! I remember fun vacations with my cousins and this looks like one for the memory books.

    Also, why is it so hard to get nice pictures of kids posed with grandparents? Or great-grandparents? It feels like they always pick that exact moment to not cooperate!

  2. Where did y'all stay? It looks like a lot of fun! I wish I could get my family to all go on a vacation!


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