Sunday, August 18, 2013

Our Beach Vacation ~ Part 1

Our much anticipated week long beach vacation began on Friday, August 9th.  We had everything loaded into the car and hit the road by 9:00 a.m. to get an early start on the fun.  After grabbing a quick breakfast, we were on our way.  The kids are both wonderful on road trips although Evan's "Are we there yet?" questions have become more abundant.  He spends most of his time watching movies although he did take about a 30 minute nap.  Brody will chat, sing, and laugh with us for a little while, but he will usually sleep for a majority of the trip.  Eddie and I enjoyed talking and singing along to music which has always been our favorite way to spend road trips together since before we were married.  Road trips always make me remember some of our best times together. We began our vacation with a little stop in Ocean Isle to visit the cousins on their last day at the beach for the summer.  We met for a late lunch at a favorite local restaurant and then let the kids enjoy some time on the beach together before finishing our journey to Myrtle Beach, SC.  Upon arriving in Myrtle Beach and unloading the car, we headed out for a late dinner before going to bed and resting so we could get an early start the next day.  On Saturday morning, the kids enjoyed getting an early start in the resort's water park which has always been a favorite for Evan.  Brody is also a huge fan!

 photo beach1_zpsd4527b02.jpg
Evan heading to the beach at Ocean Isle.

 photo beach2_zps0df99a1a.jpg
And Brody wasn't far behind. 

 photo beach3_zps4e5eb977.jpg
Sweet brothers walking together. 

 photo beach4_zps1716cbc1.jpg
Waiting for Mommy and Daddy.

 photo beach5_zps99cf8555.jpg
Such a sweet big brother. 

 photo beach6_zps6b7442fc.jpg
Brody and his car in the water.  Couldn't ask for a happier baby! 

 photo beach8_zpsfdb9bc5f.jpg
Evan playing in the waves.

 photo beach7_zps30c4ef0c.jpg
Cousin Emma has been watching too much "Teen Beach Movie" this summer.  Haha!

 photo beach10_zps24824413.jpg
Evan showing off his jumps. 

 photo beach11_zpsdb318f90.jpg
Cool kid!

 photo beach9_zpsda9421d9.jpg
Where did our little baby niece go? 

 photo beach12_zps860cdec4.jpg
Cousins Cate and Brody playing in the muddy sand. 

 photo beach13_zpsf39802d3.jpg
They found something they enjoy doing together.  

 photo beach14_zps3f2c140f.jpg
Evan and Reade enjoyed playing a game of "football" in the waves...mostly just chasing one another with the ball. 

 photo beach15_zpsf32ecd8d.jpg
Brody likes to dunk his head in the water. 

 photo beach16_zps6db05198.jpg
He loves the water anywhere!

 photo beach17_zps539fd567.jpg
Running in the waves.  If we let him, he would be halfway down the beach before we could catch him.

 photo beach18_zpsa8f2969e.jpg
Walking with Daddy. 

 photo beach19_zps49b0b465.jpg
Just love this picture of my handsome husband. 

 photo beach20_zps4fedb261.jpg
Brody enjoyed riding on the lazy river in his little dolphin car at our resort. 

 photo beach21_zps0a2b1b2c.jpg
Mommy and Brody playing in the water. 

 photo beach22_zps1f194e6e.jpg
Evan loved the water slides!

 photo beach23_zps7b1b9b32.jpg
And so did Brody!

 photo beach24_zps5143e1fb.jpg
Just look at that face. 

 photo beach25_zps41976628.jpg
Love the way he closed his eyes going down the slide. 

 photo beach26_zpse922b256.jpg
Pure excitement!

 photo beach27_zpsc35f589d.jpg
Couldn't be happier than this. 

 photo beach28_zps0051b102.jpg
Brody loved the little splash pool. 

 photo beach29_zpsdb21ea6c.jpg
Just loving getting water sprayed on him. 

 photo beach30_zps3bda275d.jpg
Playing with elephants. 

 photo beach31_zpsfe91aa3c.jpg
Sweet Evan

 photo beach32_zps658fa7c6.jpg

 photo beach33_zpsaf270536.jpg
Happy baby. 

 photo beach34_zps1ddce8d1.jpg
Evan prepares to go down the big slide. 

 photo beach35_zps62dcb213.jpg
Waving to Mommy as he goes down. 

 photo beach36_zps5c0c05d3.jpg
Down he goes.  He almost stalled here because he wouldn't lay down to go faster. 

 photo beach37_zps3a4e2d3a.jpg
He finally got the hang of it. 

 photo beach38_zps6ebd7ba0.jpg
Our sweet big boy. 

 photo beach39_zpscf66a653.jpg
He still loves the little submarine that he has loved since he was 2!

 photo beach40_zps98266ad6.jpg
Brody loved the submarine too. 

 photo beach41_zps194ee42a.jpg
Enjoying letting water spray him in the face. 

 photo beach42_zpsdb0e01ca.jpg
Just can't keep this baby out of water. 

 photo beach43_zps7f8ae1c1.jpg
So fun!

 photo beach44_zps5cc9534f.jpg

 photo beach45_zpsff178740.jpg
Exploring how water reacts to touch. 

 photo beach46_zps18b78154.jpg
Our indicator it was time to get out of the pool! 
Stay tuned for more beach fun!

 photo namebutton_zps1d38d77c.jpg


  1. Wow, I love the jumping!

    1. Yes, that was my hubby's handiwork! He was feeling creative. :-)

  2. How much fun! I can't wait to read more!!! Where did you all stay? It looks amazing!!!!

    1. Hey, Tracy! We stayed at the same place we've been staying the last 4 years. It is called Dunes Village in Myrtle Beach. I would love to go to a less commercialized beach area, but Myrtle is just so much fun for kids. I am just going to enjoy this kind of vacation while my kids are young. :-)

  3. I love the jumping pictures too. And I was going to say you have a big water baby in Brody. So sweet :)

  4. You really got some wonderful pictures. It's like you had a professional photographer there with you capturing every moment. I just love the ones of the boys walking onto the beach for the first time. So pretty!

    1. Nope, just a momma who's a paparazzi! Haha!

  5. We haven't got to do a waterpark yet, this looks like fun!

    1. We've stayed at the same place the last 4 years because of the water park. It is great for the kiddos who can only handle hanging out on the beach for so long. Myrtle is just a great place for young children and makes it so easy for us parents to entertain them. :-)

  6. Looks like y'all had a blast!!

    1. We did have a lot of fun. I wouldn't mind a more relaxing vacation destination, but I would rather see the kids having a good time. They are only small for a short time after all! :-)

  7. What fun!! Thank you for sharing your sweet family!


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