Sunday, August 25, 2013

More Beach Fun

As you can see, a whole week at the beach means a lot of pictures get taken.  The remainder of our beach trip was spent soaking up the sun for a couple more days until the rain came in on Wednesday afternoon.  We had a couple of rainy day activities lined up for the last couple of days so it worked out okay.  Evan seemed to grow tired of the beach by that time anyway.

 photo beach156_zps0e42411a.jpg
We tried to recreate some pictures from Evan's first trip to Myrtle Beach when he was 2. 
 photo beach157_zps1bbe6167.jpg

 photo beach158_zps7cd757a5.jpg

 photo beach159_zps2379d07f.jpg
Oh my, this one was not a happy one!
 photo Beachcollage1_zpscc1ab746.jpg
Comparison #1 ~ They both loved the water. 
 photo Beachcollage2_zps0e2f1f88.jpg
Comparison #2 ~ And they were both pretty excited about the waves. 
 photo Beachcollage3_zps28d4ed1a.jpg
Comparison #3 ~ Evan looking pretty serious in both of these. 
 photo beach161_zpsb6d261e9.jpg
Our seashell treasures

 photo beach162_zpsed67635f.jpg
We did find some rather interesting shells this time, including a ponderous ark, many cockles, what I believe is a one-tooth simnia or lettered olive, a slipper shell, a shark eye or moon snail, and a coquina still joined together. 
 photo beach163_zps313f8d0c.jpg
Evan watching the waves. 

 photo beach164_zpsff5bb093.jpg
Brody enjoying a little snack on the beach. 

 photo beach165_zpsd5f2e7be.jpg
Cute little sandy toes. 

 photo beach166_zpsb7c483ef.jpg
Watching the big boys playing football. 

 photo beach167_zps05cf7611.jpg
Evan has gotten so good at catching and throwing.  He could be a quarterback or a receiver!

 photo beach168_zps86a8a379.jpg
Check out that arm!

 photo beach169_zps718992ce.jpg
Preparing to catch it. 

 photo beach170_zpsba06b4fe.jpg
Brody still enjoys his cars the most. 

 photo beach172_zps118b8042.jpg
Evan pretended to be a lifeguard. 

 photo beach173_zps8f4b8f74.jpg
He would get all the girls! 

 photo beach174_zps84b7de5d.jpg
Handsome lifeguards!

 photo beach175_zps07effd63.jpg

After Dinner Walk on the Beach

After eating dinner at a restaurant right on the beach, we couldn't resist a little evening stroll in the setting sun!  It was so nice and cool in the setting sun with the ocean breeze blowing on us. 

 photo beach176_zps04f9a044.jpg
Daddy and his boys

 photo beach177_zpseb72114a.jpg
Mommy and her little man

 photo beach178_zpseae73656.jpg
He's always been so good to his mama!

 photo beach179_zpsaac43101.jpg
And always gives her the sweetest kisses!

 photo beach180_zpse656db22.jpg
Walking with my boys. 

 photo beach181_zps5982e9f7.jpg
Yes, Brody couldn't resist getting in the water and was soaked!  We enjoyed dancing on the beach though. 

 photo beach182_zpsa728d0e3.jpg
Just a perfect evening!
 photo beach184_zps25ddd9f6.jpg
Evan and Brody just enjoyed running around on the nearly empty beach. 

 photo beach185_zps12658e1c.jpg
There were lots of little shallow puddles all over the beach for Brody to jump in and run through.  

 photo beach188_zpsd3d0c64f.jpg
Evan was styling with his sunglasses on his head. 
 photo beach191_zps0d31b364.jpg
Cute little beach bums. 

 photo beach190_zps5c8b1f87.jpg
Brody pointing to a plane in the sky.  There were always little airplanes flying banners with advertisements overhead. 

 photo beach186_zps0bcdc601.jpg
He loved the sand between his toes. 

 photo beach189_zps838f7d5a.jpg
Happy water baby!

 photo beach187_zps9037c988.jpg
Brothers and best friends playing together. 
Evan builds a car!

Talk about a tourist trap!  Broadway at the Beach seems to be filled with these places that can really suck your wallet dry.  Evan had seen this new store where you can build remote control cars on our last trip and decided this was the special treat he wanted on our beach vacation.  It is kind of like Build-A-Bear Workshop for boys.  He picked out a body for his car that looked like Iron Man and then picked out some rims that had dragons on them.  It was a pretty cool looking car.  Daddy discovered that it cost $20+ extra to make it a remote control.  Sigh!  Although it turned out to be a pricey experience, Evan really enjoyed it, and Brody enjoyed testing out the cars in the store.

 photo beach209_zps7fb13dcd.jpg
Evan gets assistance with building his car. 

 photo beach210_zps9a4db35c.jpg
He looks so big!

 photo beach211_zpsc07e26e2.jpg
Putting on his cool dragon rims.  Yes, the tongue sticking out is a must.  

 photo beach212_zps2e12723f.jpg
Hard at work!

 photo beach213_zps19b01d15.jpg
Using the power tools. 

 photo beach214_zps37862b03.jpg
Little Mechanic

 photo beach208_zps9fd20e12.jpg
And I can see us having to do this one all over again in a couple of years with Mr. Car Man Brody!

Dinner with Pirates!

We ate dinner at Key West Grill at Broadway at the Beach.  Evan always loves seeing the pirate statues.

 photo beach215_zps6dcb0073.jpg
Lifelong friends? 

 photo beach216_zps095223e6.jpg
Brody actually seemed more wary of this one than the skeleton.  Ha!

Riding the Myrtle Beach Skywheel!

This was another "tourist trap" that was recently added to this resort town.  Evan wanted to ride this big ferris wheel, but I wish we hadn't waited until a rainy night to ride it because we couldn't really appreciate the beautiful view of the ocean.

 photo beach217_zpscec0229a.jpg
It was lit up beautifully at night. 

 photo beach218_zps1346f87d.jpg
So pretty!

 photo beach219_zps3ad2bdf8.jpg
The little closed in carriages you ride in. 

 photo beach220_zps397fdd68.jpg
Me and my boys enjoy the ride. 

 photo beach221_zps56f55ab2.jpg
Daddy and Brody cheesing for the camera. 

 photo namebutton_zps1d38d77c.jpg


  1. 1) You know a lot about seashells. Way more than I do!

    2) I love your outfit in the "evening walk on the beach" pictures.

    3) The build-a-car seems really cool. I can see Sam loving it in a few years too.

  2. I am with Natasha. Gorgeous outfit for your beach walk. At first I thought it was a dress and I really like it. Then when I saw it was a top and capris I LOVED it even more. You look so pretty in that color.

    And you know I am always a fan of comparison pictures. The second one of the boys at age 2 is great.

  3. Y'all got some awesome shells. We didn't see any shells like that in Destin. You look stunning in you walk on the beach pictures!


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