Sunday, August 4, 2013

Brody's Faces

There is no doubt I love this face.  He is just the most expressive little guy without the need for words.  While we were at the pool today and he was refusing to take a nap, I decided to try to snap some close up pictures of his face as he was enjoying a little snack.  Although we have been battling a serious case of the terrible twos lately, he can still look so sweet.  Yes, mischievous and sassy too!  I also wanted to try to capture the color of his eyes lately because they have been slowly changing from their original dark blue to hazel, and I just love them.  I was also reminded of some pictures of Evan's sweet face when he was the same age.

 photo face7_zpsb57b0743.jpg

 photo face8_zps694b9968.jpg
Sassy boy!

 photo face9_zpsbc047fec.jpg
Those eyes!

 photo face10_zps4af383bc.jpg

 photo face11_zps0de0226e.jpg

 photo face12_zpsc7d495d1.jpg
Mischievous face.

 photo face13_zps99226208.jpg
Thinking face.

 photo face14_zps33f70b0e.jpg
Serious face.

 photo face15_zps28ce358c.jpg
Sweet face.

 photo face16_zps72101913.jpg
Cute face.

 photo face6_zpse4209071.jpg
What a mouth!

 photo face5_zps7086d899.jpg
Pretty face.
 photo face4_zpsf1a1accb.jpg
Adorable face.

 photo face3_zps570db2cd.jpg
The face of trouble!

 photo face2_zpsb830f773.jpg
Mouth full face.  

 photo face1_zpse617267f.jpg
Potato chip loving face.

Comparison Collages

 photo Brodyfaces_zpsbd411a9c.jpg
Brody ~ 2 years

 photo Evanfaces_zpsf369a3a2.jpg
Evan ~ 2 years
 photo namebutton_zps1d38d77c.jpg


  1. What a sweat pea. He really does have beautiful eyes and the best eyelashes ever.

    You didn't mention how he got the bruise on his forehead. No 2 year old boy is complete without some sort of facial bruise! :)

    1. I need reminding sometimes lately that he is sweet because the terrible twos have been challenging to say the least! He has been good today though. To tell you the truth, I don't know how he got that bruise or most of the ones that pop up on his skin. He is just so wild lately and constantly getting bumps, bruises and scrapes. *Sigh* That bruise is actually usually under his hair so I hadn't really noticed it until I took the pictures.

  2. You have two really cute boys! And we will miss all these faces in a couple of years, even the sassy ones :)

  3. He has such pretty eyes! He looks so much like you!!!


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