Thursday, August 22, 2013

Brody Lately

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Meet Brody.  He's two!  Yes, you probably know what that means.  Something happens around the age of two.  You are becoming more independent and very curious about the world around you.

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You don't like limits.  You don't understand why people are always telling you "No!"  You like to climb and use chairs to get to things that are too high for you to reach at barely 3 feet tall. You can open doors and cabinets, pull things off of high shelves and counters, and operate appliances like the refrigerator ice and water dispensers, dishwasher, and washer and dryer.  The pantry door has to be locked now because of the unfortunate incident where a bottle of vinegar got broken on the kitchen floor.

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Also, you keep us laughing.  Our house is filled with the sounds of your silly giggles and noises. You like to be loud.  You like to play loud music.  You love to make up silly dance moves with your brother.  You love to chase your brother around the house or push him around on your little red firetruck and crash him into walls.

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At the grocery store, you love to ride in the car carts, and it is really difficult to get you out of the car cart.  I threaten to leave you and walk away and pretend to leave the store and still you sit there happily "driving."  I come back, and you just smile and grin at me until I have to physically pull you out.  Then, you stop laughing and make loud proclamations of your displeasure.

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A picture from a few months ago when you decided a mixing bowl made a rather nice hat. 
You like to get your way and will whine and cry loudly and incessantly in order to get it.  Your daddy has discovered a rather interesting way to get you to stop now.  In a firm voice, he points his finger and says threateningly, "Do you want to go in your seat?"  You immediately stop and shake your head no with your cute little pouty face.  It is the cutest thing in the world.  Apparently, you think your car seat is a very special torture device and often protest now when we put you in it.

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You made putt-putt interesting as you clearly do not love it as your big brother does.  You refused to try to hit the ball with your club and would throw yourself on the ground if we tried to help you.  

You are also getting more and more vocal and better at telling us what you want.  You love to "go" and will constantly get your shoes and put them on and walk around the house begging us to go. You can put your crocs on easily by yourself and only occasionally get them on the wrong feet.  In those cases, you protest to us to fix them.

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You are a super cool little man! 
You are also still as sweet as you can be.  We say that sometimes your cuteness is your saving grace in those moments when you are showing your less desirable side.  You love to give us hugs and kisses.  Lately, you have been a big mommy's boy.  You want to hold only her hand when we are walking.  You want to cuddle with only her in the bed.  When you are falling asleep, you want mommy's attention devoted solely to you.  If she looks at the TV, a book, or the computer, you will take your little hand and gently pull her face back to yours.  She doesn't mind at all giving you her attention during these times because she knows that you are only little for a little while.  She is going to miss these special moments.  She has been meaning to write all of this down for a while, but something always seems to get in the way.  She loves you to the moon and back, little man!

Love always,
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  1. Great Brody update! I knew you had it in you!

    He sounds like a pretty typical, wonderful, awesome 2 year old. And he really is just as cute as can be. Love the pouty lip!

  2. How sweet!! Reading your updates, make me wish that I had found blogging a long time ago so I could document everything!! Yes, you are so right, they are only little for a short time.
    Ours are 28, 20, 16 (YIKES!!) so sad this is the first year that I won't be taking him to school the first day! and the baby is 8....who is going on 16! Enjoy them!!

  3. Oh and thanks for visiting my blog and commenting even thought I have been slack in my postings!

  4. Oh my! I think I could have written this about Karsyn! I just asked Jason yesterday if our other kiddos were like this at 2. I guess I blocked it out of my memory. Ha!

  5. Awww!!! Again, a lot of this I could have written about Miss Rachel. Except she is a Daddy's girl through and through. These kiddos and their strong spirits will drive us nuts, but will be well equipped to stand firm in their opinions and beliefs as they get older. Thank you for writing this sweet update about Brody.


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