Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Fun #6 ~ Time for Tea

This the last post from our recent beach getaway.  Our last day at the beach was rainy so while the boys enjoyed playing indoor putt-putt and laser tag, the girls enjoyed lunch at a local tea room and a little shopping at a couple of beach and antique thrift shops.  We went to this tea room a couple of years ago to celebrate Emma's birthday, but my camera battery had died then so I couldn't get pictures.  I made sure to take some pictures this time.  {Natasha, I especially thought of you and wanted to share the pictures with you.}  Our lunch was so yummy as we enjoyed cucumber and other little sandwiches, dainty petit fours, fruit, and other sweet treats.  The tea was definitely the yummiest part of the fare though.  I had a very refreshing and yummy vanilla green tea, and I finished my entire pot of tea.  Yes, I also thought of my sweet little girl on this trip and how much she would have loved this place when she was older.  I hope she enjoyed watching her cousins drinking tea and playing dress up!

 photo tea1_zps413bb430.jpg
Emma poses for a picture with the big teacup at the Calabash Garden Tea Room.

 photo tea2_zpsbc94f0f1.jpg
Trying to get little sister, Cate, in the picture.  Not sure she was very happy about it. 

 photo tea3_zps1126b1b4.jpg
Some of the pretty tables in the tea room.  When we arrived, there weren't any other patrons there, but it began filling up after we arrived.  

 photo tea4_zpsf035aa79.jpg
Such a cute little setting. 

 photo tea5_zpsaf48f485.jpg
Another view. 

 photo tea6_zps868d1184.jpg
Our table ~ Jessica's mom, Jessica, Emma, Miss Millie and Cate

 photo tea7_zps5a33b6f9.jpg
Miss Emma is ready for tea. 

 photo tea8_zps2b238bae.jpg
There is a whole room full of fancy hats for playing dress up. 

 photo tea9_zpsbe377b27.jpg
And some scarves and shawls. 

 photo tea11_zps7fcdc8e3.jpg
Emma chose a lovely leopard print wrap. 

 photo tea10_zpsfc57a395.jpg
Cate looked darling in this big red hat and red scarf. 

 photo tea13_zps7dcbfd8f.jpg
My tea cup setting

 photo tea12_zps7709ae17.jpg
Cate had a precious "unbreakable" teacup. 
 photo tea14_zpsf956a3e7.jpg
Pretty roses on our table

 photo tea15_zps5765c1aa.jpg
Emma looked very British and did a great British accent when she asked, "May I have a spot of tea?"  Haha!

 photo tea16_zps2f961ad3.jpg
Miss Emma and Aunt Sherry {don't all aunts of little girls dream of this moment?}

 photo tea17_zps85dc59c2.jpg
Sweet Cate enjoying sipping her special blueberry tea.

 photo tea18_zps7a48cafa.jpg
Mrs. Jessica and her little lady

 photo tea19_zps4e0d7918.jpg
Emma got a plate full of yummy treats.  

 photo tea20_zpse4f497a1.jpg
Cate enjoying her yummy sugar drizzled blueberries. 

 photo tea21_zps759aff35.jpg
The yummy fare for the adults. 

 photo tea22_zps519aafc0.jpg

 photo tea23_zps24070725.jpg
Cate enjoyed shopping after lunch and found some lovely shoes. 

 photo tea24_zps00c54a19.jpg
Her first pair of high heels!
I just loved our girls' day out!

 photo namebutton_zps1d38d77c.jpg


  1. Oh. My. Goodness. Add that place to the list of ones we will go to when I come to visit you :) That place looks amazing and that food is making me hungry. And those hats... Just so you know I will be wearing one of them when we go there :)

    And I just know Miss Mattie was with you all in spirit.

    1. Oh yes, tea time will be a must! We'll hit the beach, the mountains, Charleston, and places where you can enjoy good southern food! It will be amazing! :-) I did wear a hat that Emma brought me, but it was so big that it kept covering my eyes. Ha! Yes, Mattie will always be with us in my heart!

  2. What a cool place! The food looks so yummy! I think the hats are super cute too! Little Cate drinking her tea is just adorable. I'm sure sweet Mattie was watching with a big smile.

    1. I just think tea parties are one of the cutest parts of having little girls. I gave my oldest niece her first tea set for her first Christmas present so I was pretty excited for her to start using it. Having a tea party with Mattie will be a must when we meet again! ;-)

  3. So cute, and I love all the twinkle lights too! looks fun : )

    1. Thank you, Kelly! The decor is just so cute...very over-the-top girly, but that is part of the charm! :-)

  4. Love it! I love going to tea and it has been far too long since the last time I went. All of the food looked yummy and all of the girls looked like they had a great time.


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