Sunday, July 21, 2013

Summer Fun #5 ~ The Beach!

Trips to the beach are just an essential part of any good summer...well at least if you live close enough to the coast.  A trip to the beach with the cousins was just what the boys needed.  My brother and his family have a place at Ocean Isle Beach, NC where Aunt Jessica's family have been enjoying beach trips for many years.  OIB is one of those quaint little beach communities where the pace is a lot slower.  The island is filled with colorful beach houses, and the beach has those lovely sand dunes covered with sea oats that help protect our delicate seashore from eroding. Part of this island is actually quickly disappearing into the ocean, and some of the beach houses on that end of the island will not be able to be saved.  There are only a few shops and restaurants on the island itself, but the neighboring towns of Sunset Beach, Shallotte, and Calabash offer many more options for beach shopping and eating.  Living on beach time is definitely a different way to live.  We slept in, ate a late breakfast/early lunch, spent the day at the pool or on the beach, came in to wash up, and then went out for a late dinner.  By dinnertime, the kids would be starving and would all eat like champs.  Beach food is always better too.  Lots of local joints with fresh seafood and other yummy fare.  Of course, I had to snap lots of pictures of the kids on the beach.  While this was just a short trip, it was a good trip with family, and the kids had a lot of fun.  It definitely made Evan long for our upcoming trip to Myrtle Beach.  He actually got to spend one day in Myrtle as the boys enjoyed spending a rainy day playing indoor putt putt and laser tag.  The girls joined them for dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe and walked around Broadway at the Beach in the evening.

 photo beach35_zpsbdcd008d.jpg
The cousins wearing their colorful beach t-shirts together on an evening stroll on the beach.  Ms. Millie, the kids' nanny, enjoyed walking the dogs on the beach in the evening so we all joined her.  

 photo beach34_zps83af68f3.jpg

 photo beach33_zpsb42ca4c2.jpg
Crazy kids striking poses. 

 photo beach32_zpsb329d000.jpg
The kids wanted to show off their new beach t-shirts from a local restaurant in Sunset Beach called Twin Lakes.  Collecting t-shirts has become a bit of a hobby! 

 photo beach31_zpse9f77f00.jpg
Brody enjoyed walking in the sand. 

 photo beach30_zps9bf0db66.jpg
Off they go. 

 photo beach36_zps0f43c0d2.jpg
Brody enjoying walking with Daddy. 

 photo beach37_zps8cc09fab.jpg
Daddy and his boys

 photo beach39_zps680f6ca8.jpg
Mommy and her little man

 photo beach42_zpsb5fe9ef3.jpg
Just enjoying the cool water on our toes. 

 photo beach45_zpsafaf627a.jpg
His face says it all.  He's a happy boy in the water.  

 photo beach46_zps891d4c45.jpg
Photogenic baby.  

 photo beach47_zps191426aa.jpg
Trying to keep his balance in the waves. 

 photo beach48_zps9d764ee7.jpg
He's a beach bum. 

 photo beach49_zps1c8108c4.jpg
And there's another beach bum. 

 photo beach51_zpsc58f454a.jpg
Swimsuit model?  Haha!

 photo beach52_zpsa27db2ec.jpg
He is always on the move.  

 photo beach53_zpsc2d7d41b.jpg
It was a beautiful evening for a stroll on the beach. 

 photo beach54_zpsdcc293a3.jpg
Just hanging out in the water. 

 photo beach55_zpsa1dec2c7.jpg
Beach baby. 
 photo beach57_zps59127ce6.jpg
When did he get so big? 

 photo beach60_zpsd6adcf4a.jpg
Sweet brothers. 

 photo beach62_zpse1c27b70.jpg
Yes, Brody enjoys throwing muddy sand. 

 photo beach65_zps725bccf0.jpg
Cousin Cate was sporting a great tan. 

 photo beach66_zps3fed874c.jpg
She's another beach bum. 

 photo beach69_zps622f8b0a.jpg
Beautiful baby girl. 

 photo beach72_zpsfcd0c1ba.jpg
Beach babies playing together. 

 photo beach74_zps5a75e86b.jpg
A walk on the beach quickly turned into playing in the water. 

 photo beach76_zps9ee20c0e.jpg
Evan cheesing

 photo beach77_zpse5dc18de.jpg
And Brody cheesing. 

 photo beach78_zpsa9975490.jpg
This is how Brody feels about leaving the beach.  Haha!  Actually, this was the next day when he was ready for his nap on the beach.  Mommy enjoyed holding him while he napped. 

 photo beach79_zpsce613437.jpg
The boys enjoyed playing at Broadway at the Beach after dinner. 

 photo beach80_zps8b8a117e.jpg
Brody enjoyed riding on Daddy's shoulders just like Evan used to.  Now, Evan is terrified to do it! 

 photo beach81_zpseb836bf0.jpg
A salesperson blew some bubbles for Brody, and he loved it. 

 photo beach82_zps427b48cf.jpg
Bubbles are amazing when you are 2!

 photo beach83_zps447aaa44.jpg
Lanny wanted to try his rock climbing skills. 

 photo beach84_zpsb7d8b277.jpg
He made it to the top!

 photo beach85_zps30cb93ed.jpg
The kids all tried to win a prize at one of the games. 

 photo beach86_zps490c1a55.jpg
Daddy and Brody fed the giant carp. 

 photo beach87_zps289c4f9e.jpg
Cate and Brody enjoyed playing in this little park. 

 photo beach88_zps8076ba8c.jpg
Sweet Cate

 photo beach89_zps204ffa2f.jpg
Happy Brody 

 photo beach90_zps7d6e611c.jpg
And this is how he feels about leaving the park! 
 photo namebutton_zps1d38d77c.jpg


  1. Oh fun! I love the cousins in the colorful shirts. I am trying to arrange for my kiddos to spend time with their cousins on the beach. Your boys looked like they had so much fun! The first picture of Eddie and Brody with the bubbles is just priceless.

  2. I am so jealous of how easy it is for you to get to the beach. I definitely live in the wrong state. We can get to San Diego in about 5-6 hours, but even that is too long for anything but a pretty long (4 day) weekend.

    Love that all the kids are beach bums. Cate is so cute in her little whale romper.

  3. I love the t-shirts! I had a t-shirt collection growing up and it was great to always have a good souvenir to buy. And you can add me to the list of people that is envious of your closeness to a great beach. I don't think we're going to make it to one this summer which is too bad.

  4. Poor Brody just doesn't like leaving at all! Love the t-shirts!


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