Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer Fun #4 ~ Evan learns to swim!

First, we want to thank everyone who has been so encouraging to us during the recent sad events. While I will continue to share Mattie's story, including her memorial service, I wanted to share some other fun memories we have been able to experience during this time.  Our time with our boys has been especially precious.  After Mattie's memorial service, we allowed Evan to go with his Aunt and cousins to the beach.  We joined them later the next day after my check up at the doctor. When we arrived, the kids were all enjoying time in the pool.  The pool at the beach house is smaller than the big pool in our neighborhood so Evan already appeared to be more comfortable with jumping in and swimming with a ring float.  Eddie joined them in the pool, and after a little encouragement, he got Evan to remove the ring float.  After only a few minutes, he was swimming unassisted across the pool above and below the water.  He was also jumping off the side of the pool along with his cousins.  It was amazing to watch and amazing what this boy can do when he has enough confidence to try it.

 photo beach1_zps5a71d0a7.jpg
Diving off the little step into the deep end. 

 photo beach2_zps8973e703.jpg
Swimming underwater. 

 photo beach3_zps678c97ec.jpg
Swimming with cousin Emma.

 photo beach4_zpsa249523e.jpg
Evan thinks he can't "breathe" underwater without his goggles.  Haha!  He and Lanny enjoyed being twins that week wearing identical swim shirts and other shirts.  People did ask them if they were since they are so close in age. 

 photo beach5_zps4c66ef15.jpg
I think he likes swimming underwater better. 

 photo beach6_zpsb6aa5569.jpg
Brody enjoyed the little baby pool which was nice since Mommy couldn't get in the pool. 

 photo beach7_zpsaf123c1e.jpg
Not sure what this face was about.  It was taken milliseconds from the last picture so it shows how quickly he can go from happy to mad.  
 photo beach12_zps00457943.jpg
Evan loves shooting anything so beware of being sprayed. 

 photo beach13_zps29f706bb.jpg
Cousin Lanny is a fish. 

 photo beach14_zpsda14835b.jpg
Brody still enjoying the baby pool.  He and Cate just enjoyed running around the pool and taking one another's toys. 

 photo beach15_zpsa1f68367.jpg
Cousin Reade enjoyed riding on Uncle Eddie's shoulders. 

 photo beach16_zps1e62106e.jpg
Lanny gets a boogie board to protect himself from Evan's shooting rampage. 

 photo beach17_zpse0311cd4.jpg
Cousins enjoying some summer fun together. 

 photo beach18_zps5184c9ab.jpg
Cousin Cate looking stylish in the pool. 

 photo beach19_zpsa1f79691.jpg
Evan practicing his kicking in the pool. 

 photo beach22_zps0468532d.jpg
Brody and Cate would climb into and out of the baby pool and these other buckets filled with water. 

 photo beach23_zpsaad402dc.jpg
Our little swimmer. 

 photo beach24_zpsefa59349.jpg
That one loves the water so we are sure he'll be a little fish soon too. 

 photo beach28_zps5aae7c53.jpg
Evan getting ready to jump in. 

 photo beach25_zpse88be6ce.jpg
Here he goes! 

 photo beach26_zpsb199be9e.jpg
Cannon ball!

 photo beach27_zps3f7ba5b2.jpg
Emma prepares to show the boys how to do a proper belly flop.  Haha!

 photo beach29_zps6aa80967.jpg
And this was Brody's favorite thing to do...pestering poor Sam! 

Swimming Lessons for cousin Reade!

 photo beach8_zpsd42f6081.jpg
Uncle Eddie offered his services as swim instructor.  Reade is a lot like Evan and is more cautious than his older siblings. 

 photo beach9_zps1b53579d.jpg
Assisting Reade to swim across the pool.  Reade has no trouble going underwater. 

 photo beach10_zps70cac00d.jpg
Ready to dive in. 

 photo beach11_zpsf3a172f2.jpg
Just a little more practice, and we know he'll be ready to let go on his own. 

 photo beach20_zpsf7107088.jpg
Go Reade!

 photo beach21_zpsa03c461d.jpg
He did practice swimming a short distance from one step to the other. 
 photo namebutton_zps1d38d77c.jpg


  1. I'm so glad that Evan has found his confidence! It makes it so much easier to be in the pool with more proficient swimmers. It took Spencer until this summer as well to become what I would call a "swimmer".

    I love that picture of Brody in the bucket. Too adorable. I also love the picture of him riding on Sam the dog. Is Sam really Sam or is Sam short for Samantha? I wouldn't want to refer to him as a her and vice versa. Anyway, Sam is a beautiful dog. I love that color of fur.

    1. Sam is a boy although not really the alpha male. He's very easy going with the kids and tolerates a lot...especially from Brody. I mean Brody actually bit a mouth full of fur too! The kid is just crazy sometimes. *sigh*

  2. Good job Evan! Brody is such a character. I love the picture of him riding Sam. LOL!

    1. Seriously, I don't know whether to keep him or send him to the zoo sometimes. The kid is just a mess but still so sweet too. :-)

  3. Wow, these are so cute. Lance and I might go swimming in the kiddie pool in the backyard this afternoon (if it doesn't rain). I'll also like to look back on these summer pics during the cold winter time too...he, he. : )

  4. Learning to swim is such a big milestone for kids. Awesome job Evan! My littlest two have been working on the motions this year (while wearing flotation of course). How great that your husband can teach the kids in your family. I love the picture of Brody in the bucket. So cute!

    I've been thinking so much about you and your sweet family. I keep looking at the picture of Baby Mattie in your sidebar. She is so beautiful :) I will continue to pray for you as you move forward in the healing process.

    1. Thank you, Theresa! We are so glad to finally have one official swimmer. Thank you for your continued prayers. I know that time helps heal, but I know there will always be moments of sadness too.

  5. That looks like so much fun! I was always so scared to learn how to swim, but I finally did! We've decided to start swimming lessons for P early so she's not afraid of the water. These pictures make me wish we had a pool in our backyard!

    I'm praying for you and your sweet family.

    1. Thank you, Tamara! Yes, I think early swim lessons are a great idea. We didn't do them early for Evan although he always had lots of exposure to water. He has always been so cautious and hard to get to let go. A pool in the backyard would be so nice, but I don't know if I would like the upkeep required. ;-)

  6. I'm so glad Evan's swimming just took off! Way to go Evan!!! And Brody in the pool is just too cute :) Rachel goes from happy to mad in about 2 milliseconds too so those pictures are completely familiar!

  7. Awe! Yay for Evan! Zane hasn't grasped swimming yet, but so close! Glad you got to have a nice vacation!


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