Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Parisian Birthday Party

Our nieces are slightly obsessed with Paris lately.  Emma loves Parisian fashion, and we see a possible future in the fashion design business.  And what better way to celebrate your 9th birthday (or any birthday) than with a picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower?  Yep, that's exactly what she did on her 9th birthday on June 8th.  Emma's schedule has been very busy this summer so a birthday party at home was delayed.  Her sister, Cate, turned 2 on June 20th.  Her mommy planned a double birthday celebration for one of the only weekends Emma was at home in July.  We had yummy French treats, our portraits were drawn by a caricature artist, and Cate and Brody enjoyed playing in her princess castle bouncey house. It was a fun day!

 photo birthday4_zps671e3f31.jpg
The party decor was so cute! 

 photo birthday20_zpse5c15d7f.jpg

 photo birthday5_zpsb69a9f91.jpg

 photo birthday24_zps0ef948d2.jpg
Some pictures of the birthday girls in Paris. 
 photo birthday6_zpsc5f50e3e.jpg
The favors for the girls. 
 photo birthday7_zps09d90bf8.jpg

 photo birthday8_zps3ee08871.jpg

 photo birthday19_zpsc19a33fa.jpg

 photo birthday10_zps8b7cbe57.jpg

 photo birthday9_zps763fc1a2.jpg
Quite possibly the yummiest cake I've ever eaten from a local French bakery. 

 photo birthday12_zpsd071bbe2.jpg

 photo birthday11_zps40db618c.jpg
Brody is ready to travel to Paris. 
 photo birthday21_zpsf2a8ca9d.jpg
Emma's friends enjoying their yummy feast. 

 photo birthday22_zps10407774.jpg
Emma joins her friends. 
 photo birthday23_zpsf4a03801.jpg
Emma sitting for her caricature portrait.  

 photo birthday25_zps1c1dfe4f.jpg
Evan and the boys finally came downstairs for some grub.  They hid upstairs in the boys' room for most of the "girly" party. 

 photo birthday26_zpse469cd1f.jpg
I tried to encourage him to try some of the French pastries. 

 photo birthday28_zps719633c5.jpg
Emma and all her friends

 photo birthday29_zps04679da8.jpg
Sisters preparing to blow out their candles.

 photo birthday31_zps6703ac1a.jpg
Sweet Cate makes a wish.
 photo birthday1_zpsbe4db9aa.jpg
Cate is 2!

 photo birthday2_zpsd744a6d1.jpg
She is so brave and will do almost anything!

 photo birthday3_zps74d93dec.jpg
Climbing back in for more fun.  She didn't stop!

 photo birthday13_zps71086515.jpg
Brody joined her although he was a little more cautious.

 photo birthday14_zps9eba4968.jpg
Two little monkeys climbing. 

 photo birthday15_zps7f1e6e6a.jpg
Our babies have gotten so big!

 photo birthday16_zpsf996d075.jpg
And down he goes.

 photo birthday17_zpse1d0ee97.jpg
He warmed up to it fast and was ready for more.

 photo namebutton_zps1d38d77c.jpg


  1. That looks like so much fun! And that cake looks delicious. I love how it came from a french bakery...keeping with the theme!

  2. Oh how fun is this party. I love all the decorations and now I want a Paris party!

  3. What an awesome idea for a double birthday party. I can imagine it is difficult to come up with a theme for 2 girls with 7 years separating them, but the Paris theme is perfect. All of the decorations were just lovely and, yum, French pastries and cake!

    1. Yes, I don't think they'll be able to share birthday parties for too many years with such an age difference, but I think the Paris theme was fun for all...well, maybe not the big boys, but they found their own fun! I tell Jessica all the time that I think it is best the girls are further apart because instead of being rivals all the time, Emma will just always be looking out for her little sister. Jessica is very close in age to one of her sisters and much older than her other younger sister, and she and the much younger sister actually have more in common and get along well. I just think girls have more problems with sibling rivalry than boys do but we shall see. :-)

  4. What an amazing party! And I'd be thrilled to spend ANY birthday in Paris :)


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