Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer Fun #2 ~ Evan's Swim Lessons

Evan has already had a relatively busy summer this month.  He went to Vacation Bible School with his cousin one week, and they had play dates several days.  His cousin spent the night, and Daddy took them bowling because it was raining heavily.  Then, he spent a night with his cousins before they left for the beach.  I don't have pictures of these events because parents don't attend VBS with the kids, and Daddy was flying solo for the bowling trip while Mommy and Aunt Jessica spent the morning on a girls' outing getting manicures/pedicures and eating lunch on Baby Mattie's due date when we still hoped her arrival was imminent.  We also signed Evan up for two aggressive weeks of daily swim lessons.  It was time for him to learn to let go in the water and relax and have fun.  He has always been so cautious in the water and refused to let go and swim freely without his floaties, and we felt that he was really missing out on a lot of fun since most of the kids his age are swimming and even diving now.  We have never minded Evan's unusually cautious nature because it has been so nice not having to worry "as much" about his safety, especially since we have to worry so much about his little adventurous brother's.  Anyway, during this two week session at a very reputable swim instruction facility in our area, he learned to have more confidence in the water and is now swimming short distances unassisted and is also freely swimming under water.  He hasn't learned any of the major swim strokes yet, but we didn't expect that.  Right now, we just want him comfortable in the water.  I feel confident that he and Daddy will be able to work more on swimming together this summer now that Evan has progressed beyond the basics.  We managed to capture a few shots of his lessons although we had to remain in the parent viewing room behind glass windows.  The shots aren't the greatest, but I love having them to remember this time for him.

 photo swimlessons1_zps2d5c5a65.jpg
Evan in the pool on one of his first days of lessons.  He soon learned the water in this indoor pool was kept very cool, and he would come out shivering with blue lips.  We purchased him a warmer neoprene swim suit to help him be more comfortable and that seemed to help reduce his shivering.   

 photo swimlessons2_zps88c9d6b9.jpg
He was in a class with two girls, but he didn't seem to mind. 

 photo swimlessons3_zpsfdbddb84.jpg
Swimming across the little stretch of water with help the first day. 

 photo swimlessons4_zps4ffb5ebe.jpg
Going under water.  That's his head below the water. 

 photo swimlessons5_zpsfdd75d76.jpg
Back up and no tears!

 photo swimlessons6_zps1e2931ad.jpg
Waiting his turn on the last day of swim lessons. 

 photo swimlessons7_zps42166d29.jpg
On his last day, he swam across a longer section under water by himself.  

 photo swimlessons8_zps10d4576b.jpg
I was so proud of him!

 photo swimlessons9_zps1297525e.jpg
Floating on his back.  

 photo swimlessons10_zps40756ba8.jpg
Swimming across above water using a board.  He needs to work more on his kicking out behind him.  His instructor said he is still doing "bike kicks" under the water.  

 photo swimlessons11_zps6702f8a8.jpg
We'll call these first lessons a success!
 photo namebutton_zps1d38d77c.jpg

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  1. Way to go on the swimming Evan! It's such a great skill to have.


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