Thursday, June 27, 2013

Last Games of Baseball Season

Evan played his last game of coach pitch baseball on June 1, 2013 so yes, I am a little behind on posting this.  I have several posts to catch up on and hope to do so before the new baby arrives.  Good thing I have been "blessed" with a few extra days, huh?  Evan and his team all progressed very well this season and learned the new skills necessary for coach pitch baseball very quickly.  There are only a couple of players who may play another round of coach pitch before moving up to machine pitch.  Evan and his cousin Lanny will more than likely be playing machine pitch next year, and we'll see if their daddies will continue with coaching.  Uncle Paul and Lanny had to miss the last couple of games because they were traveling to Europe.  Yes, my brother and his wife may be officially deemed the craziest parents on the planet for traveling to Paris and London with four kids under 9.  Haha!  But they actually survived to tell the tale and had a great trip.  So Coach Eddie had to do the honors of coaching solo for the last couple of games, and on Saturday, we actually had a double header.  Since we had an hour between games, the team ordered pizza to eat in the dugout, and Coach Eddie passed out their trophies.  The boys enjoyed running around the field for a while.

 photo baseball24_zpse3db77f9.jpg
Our little pro at bat. 

 photo baseball26_zps52a87e4c.jpg
He has such a determined face.  I actually had a hard time getting many pictures of his batting because he would always hit the first or second pitch, and I would end up missing it because I would be busy handling little brother.  

 photo baseball25_zps7c23177a.jpg
Nice swing!

 photo baseball27_zps995f7c15.jpg
Oh man, that one was going to be a big hit!

 photo baseball36_zps43666b6e.jpg
He made it to first. 

 photo baseball38_zps45276fd5.jpg
This one was in a pretty bad mood for the last game.  I let him out of his stroller once, and he immediately proceeded to run away from me so back in the stroller he went.  He fussed the whole game!

 photo baseball39_zpsb7e5f36b.jpg
One last end of the game cheer!  

 photo baseball40_zpsdf982833.jpg
Go Green Cobras!

 photo baseball30_zps6592b8f7.jpg
Coach Eddie giving a team speech and passing out the trophies. 

 photo baseball31_zpsbbb3b90f.jpg
Enjoying some pizza.  We wouldn't let Evan eat more than one piece since he still had to play another game in the heat, and we didn't want him getting sick.  

 photo baseball33_zpsffccc709.jpg
Evan getting his trophy.  

 photo baseball34_zps8d7022d6.jpg
He wouldn't stop and pose for a picture with his trophy. 

 photo baseball35_zps86404724.jpg
And this little boy is ready for it to be his turn to play. 

 photo Grady7_zps75d46d5f.jpg
Cousin Grady was even there to cheer for his big cousin's team.

 photo Grady1_zps6a0e4656.jpg
Aww, sweet boys playing with their baby cousin!

 photo Grady2_zps27ca0a56.jpg
I love that Grady reached up to touch both of their faces. 

 photo Grady3_zpsbe3ee2e0.jpg
Hugs from big cousin Evan.

 photo Grady4_zps158f9b3a.jpg
Brody's latest cheese face.

 photo Grady6_zpsa53872df.jpg
Brody was so sweet watching Grady play with his feet.

 photo Grady5_zpsbe730bea.jpg
And I just loved this sweet picture of Brody.
 photo namebutton_zps1d38d77c.jpg


  1. Evan has the best batting face! So cute...I mean tough. lol. Broady did look out of sorts in his picture at the game. But, it looks like his mood changed fast. Grady is a cutie pie!

  2. It is so cute to see Evan and Brody interacting with Grady. I cannot wait to see them with Mattie!!! I guess you are ready for that too... Thinking of you as you wait Sherry.


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