Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Blogger's Guilt?

Yep, I’ve got it.  I don’t mean to be an absentee blogger.  Usually, I can at least get one or two entries out a week, and I have entries to write (Evan’s last week of kindergarten activities, end of coach pitch baseball season, pregnancy post update, etc.).  I just haven’t been feeling up to it.  I guess I am getting close to “E” and need to fill up my tank.  Haha!  Maybe I can blame it on the weather.  It’s been pretty crazy here.  Lots of rain and flash flood warnings this past week.  I know all our neighbors on the east coast will be glad for some sunshine today.  It hasn't been too bad at our house, but yesterday, we had some pretty severe storms (no tornadoes in our area thank goodness) that took out some trees and dropped more rain on us.  Today is beautiful and sunny though (a little on the warm side but I’ll try not to complain).  Eddie is getting to spend the day outside with the kids while I am at work (no I’m not bitter much).  My co-workers took me to lunch and gave me some sweet gifts for baby so that was a nice bonus today.  This weekend, I probably could have gotten more done.  We only have a few little projects left on the baby’s room and then hopefully you’ll get to see it in all its “pink” glory.  I am trying to start some light summer reading as I have so many books I would like to catch up on since I haven’t been able to enjoy more leisure reading the last few years.  I am enjoying another Nicholas Sparks book right now just for fun.  I usually just buy books for my kindle now, but if the boys see me with it, they both want to get it and play games.  I guess I am going to have to buy them one so I can enjoy mine again.  Haha! 

I’ll try to get more posts up soon, but here are a few recent pictures from my phone in the meantime.  

Last week, Daddy the forester had to do a presentation in the cute little Town of Matthews to present them with their annual Tree City USA award.  The meeting was in the Town Hall building which is just the nicest and most adorable Town Hall set in a square with some cute shops and restaurants.  Evan discovered that the library was still open so he wanted to hang out during Daddy's meeting.  Matthews is an old southern railroad town, and Brody found this little wooden train to climb in. 

Brody enjoyed "riding" on the tractors at Lowe's as much as his big brother did at his age.  

And Evan still begs to "ride" the tractors every time we enter this store.
And they both enjoyed the double car cart at Home Depot during one of our recent trips getting supplies for the nursery projects.  That is Brody's newest "cheese" face when he sees us taking his picture.  

Brody has been loving getting hold of our phones and taking pictures.  He got this great shot of daddy! 

And he also got this cute shot of Evan at Chick-fil-a.  Evan was holding Brody's little giraffe and teasing him with it. 

Brody had a little help with this one because he was mostly taking pictures of the floor and people's feet.  This was at Evan's end of year class poetry recital.  We were so proud of big brother! 

Big boy likes to help daddy mow the grass. 

One of the many trees that suffered damage from the storm yesterday.  Nothing too serious though.  

And this was a nice reminder in my fortune cookie last week on one of my lunch dates with Eddie.

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  1. I was wondering if Mattie had made an early appearance. I think this must be a non-blogging month for a lot of people. I haven't felt as much like blogging every day and my Blogger feed hasn't been as busy. Don't beat yourself up over the posts you aren't writing. Just enjoy spending time with your family.

    And if Brody wants to come mow the lawn over here we'd be thrilled :)

    1. I know, I try not to go more than a week without posting so as not to "worry" anyone. Haha! Yes, I think people are either just too busy right now or just enjoying their summer too much to blog right now. I hope to be out of this "funk" in the next week or so. I still don't expect to go "early" as I haven't really made any progress and judging by my "history." I am sure Brody would love to come over and mow your lawn...of course, he might "mow" your flowers too! ;-)

  2. I'm the same way and I'm not even 9 months pregnant. The heat really wears me out though, so when it's 110 degrees that is my excuse.

    I know you guys are sick of the rain but we haven't had rain in MONTHS and I would love to get a whopper of a storm!

    1. Yes, I know the heat can do that to ya! Sorry yours is so intense and that it is so dry. I'm glad you guys got to go somewhere a little cooler though. Weather is so weird...some places getting too much rain while others get none. Wish we could send some! In the past few years, it has actually been a lot drier in June so our grass is usually starting to look pretty wilted by now. This past week has been unusual for rain and storms, but I think that can be said all over the country.

  3. I feel that way sometimes too. You have so much going on right now, I understand why you would feel that way. I love the picture that Brody took of Evan. It's so cute!!!

    1. Oh, he loves to take pictures although he usually isn't too discriminatory about the pictures he takes. I would rather him play with the camera part of the phone than his usual random acts of calling people. :-)

  4. I think that we all need a break sometime! You'll be getting a big break soo when Mattie gets here! Enjoy your time as a family of 4 while you can! Pretty soon the chaos will begin, but luckily it will only last a short time!

    1. Yes, I am so ready to just have some time to enjoy a "relaxing" summer and some time at home. Hope it doesn't go too fast! :-)


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