Saturday, May 18, 2013

Our Golf Tradition

In 2009 when Evan was barely 2 years old, he and his daddy started a tradition.  Our city hosts a big event every Spring quite literally in our own "backyard."  Seriously, we could walk to this golf course easily, and the longest part of the walk would be getting through our neighborhood.  The name of the golf tournament has changed a few times through the years as it is sponsored by one of the mega-banks headquartered here in Charlotte.  Charlotte, as you may know, is a banking center (the second largest financial headquarters in the country behind NYC).  It is home to the corporate offices of Bank of America and Wells Fargo (formerly Wachovia).  The tournament was formerly hosted by Wachovia.  During the financial and banking crisis a couple years ago, the tournament was just sponsored by the golf course itself (Quail Hollow) and was called the Quail Hollow Championship.  Now, it is the Wells Fargo Championship.  All of the world's best golfers are usually in attendance, and the boys love going on the Pro Am day so they can take pictures and get autographs.  Unfortunately, our favorite, Tiger Woods, wasn't there this year although he has attended every previous year.  The only year mommy attended with the boys was in 2010 when she and Evan got Tiger's autograph on one of the photos we had taken the year before.  Evan's other favorite, Phil Mickelson, was in attendance so he wasn't disappointed.  He even got Phil's autograph although it meant hanging around all day until Phil finished playing because he only signs at the end.  We were really pulling for Phil to win this year, and he almost did until the last three holes on Sunday.  Oh well, third place isn't too bad!

One thing I love the most about this experience is seeing the progression of Evan's growth captured by the pictures since they are all pretty much at the same time every year.  I can't believe he started going at 2 years old and is now 6.  I am a little sad that Brody didn't go this year, but daddy plans to take him next year.  This is the difference between Evan at 2 and Brody at 2.  Evan just seemed so much calmer, and we felt that daddy wouldn't be able to keep Brody from running off onto the course.  I think Brody is actually more typical of most 2 year olds though.  I just love this little progression of pictures of Evan through the years.

 photo golfcollage_zps33059970.jpg

 photo golf2013_zps5868b3d6.jpg

It was a little rainy and cloudy this year so the pictures were a little harder to get, but the boys had a good time.  Thankfully, Uncle Paul got them tickets that included passes into the indoor Champions Club where they could eat lunch where it was dry.  More pictures from this year:

 photo golf7_zps2ddc2fc1.jpg
My sweet boy enjoying a mid-morning snack.

 photo golf8_zps29998082.jpg
Sporting his newest hat with some autographs he already acquired.

 photo golf11_zpsc457e5d8.jpg
Staying warm and dry inside the Champions Club. 

 photo golf_zps5cf8d946.jpg
The Pro-Am leader board.

 photo golf1_zps07223759.jpg
{To be filled in by my husband}

 photo golf2_zps9055328b.jpg
{To be filled in by my husband}

 photo golf3_zpscbc343c4.jpg
He's a pro at getting autographs now.

 photo golf4_zps043c7a50.jpg
Waiting for his autograph.

 photo golf5_zpscf36fe81.jpg
{To be filled in by my husband}

 photo golf6_zps2a6dee29.jpg
Filling up his hat.

 photo golf12_zps788d1acd.jpg
{To be filled in by my husband}

 photo golf13_zps124cc7b0.jpg
{To be filled in by my husband}

 photo golf14_zpsd2a6853e.jpg
Can't miss this golfer, can you?  Ricky Fowler always wears the brightest attire sponsored by Puma.   Eddie said there were so many adult men attempting to dress like this guy.  Ha!  

 photo golf15_zps562061c1.jpg
Ricky is an up and coming young golfer named PGA Tour Rookie of the Year in 2010.  Also the winner of the Wells Fargo Championship in 2012.

 photo golf16_zpsb5e2ecba.jpg
There is something so elegant about the game of golf. 

 photo golf18_zps59e0e459.jpg
Catching up to Phil. 

 photo golf17_zpse3dbfc52.jpg
Phil's big swing.

 photo golf19_zps472b57bf.jpg
Confidently strolling across the course. 

 photo golf20_zps51bd2e97.jpg
Phil Mickelson - Winner of 49 professional tournaments, 3 Masters, 5 U.S. Opens, and 1 PGA Championship. 

 photo golf21_zpsb5425357.jpg
Nice putt!

 photo golf22_zpsf3262d3c.jpg
That cocky smile.  

 photo golf25_zpsa9baa0e1.jpg
Waiting his turn.  

 photo golf26_zps23d03309.jpg
Lining up a shot. 

 photo golf27_zps448b7ed6.jpg
Angel Cabrera, Argentinian golfer and winner of a  U.S. Open and a Masters

 photo golf28_zps88900722.jpg
Waiting for Phil's autograph!
 photo namebutton_zps1d38d77c.jpg


  1. That is just awesome! What a fun thing for a Daddy and a son to do! Isn't it crazy how two kids from the same family can be so different! It just amazes me.

  2. I think the difference between Evan and Brody sounds exactly like the difference between Sam and Rachel. It is just crazy that both kids have the same parents, pretty much the same upbringing and are just so totally different :) Also I love seeing the progression of pictures of Evan through the years.

  3. I had no idea that Charlotte was such a financial and banking hub in our country. Huh. Pretty cool.

    How neat that you have such a big event right in your own back yard. And some of those golfers are really hot. How did I not know this either? Forget daddy taking the boys next year. You should go.

  4. Yes, the city has changed a lot from what I knew as a child. A big product of a lot of companies wanting to move south I guess and our state trying to become more "business friendly." The golf tournament is a neat experience. It falls right after the Masters and I think the players appreciate a less stuffy and more relaxed experience. I really always hate to miss the experience but it so rarely works out for me to go. Yes, lots of cute golfers. In 2011, I was home with a new baby, this year I didn't need to take off from work. Not sure about last year except it was probably around exam time. Hopefully I can go more in the future. :-)


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