Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Kids' School Activities

I can't believe there are only a few more weeks of school before the kids are out for summer.  This year (Evan's first year of big school and Brody's first year of preschool) has gone so fast -- too fast for this mama although I am ready for lots of summer fun!  A few weeks ago (yes, I am a bit behind) Brody's school celebrated the week of the young child so they had something fun every day that week.  On the days that Brody was in school, they had visits from Smokey Bear (daddy) which unfortunately no pictures were taken of this event, policemen and firemen with police cars and firetrucks, and some bounce house fun.  Although I wish Brody was talking more so that he could tell me all about his fun days, I am glad that I have a few pictures from his teachers to see it.  When we were looking at the pictures on the computer, he did actually point to and say firetruck quite clearly a couple of times so I think that definitely made an impression on him.

 photo Brodyschool1_zpsb022f6dc.jpg
Apparently all the little ones were given firemen hats to wear.  Guess who didn't want to wear his? 

 photo Brodyschool2_zps13c8f934.jpg
Yep, see the one little boy with no hat on.  Guess who!  We call him stubborn! 

 photo Brodyschool3_zpsba540c56.jpg
Sitting and listening to the firemen. 

 photo Brodyschool4_zps5903c640.jpg
A favorite shot of Brody's of the big shiny red firetruck.  

 photo Brodyschool5_zps51f4e0b4.jpg
Mr. Fireman was shaking hands or giving fives.  

 photo Brodyschool6_zps27dd053a.jpg
I think he was trying to give Brody a handshake, but it doesn't look like Brody cooperated.  Ha!

 photo Brodyschool7_zpsedbdcbe4.jpg
Apparently the little ones got to sit in the back of the police car.  Let's hope this isn't a glimpse into their future.  Ha!

 photo Brodyschool8_zps6a83bb21.jpg
Um, still no hat!  Yes, I can just envision the fit he probably threw as he threw that hat on the floor and refused to wear it.  Haha!

 photo Brodyschool9_zpsf123da62.jpg
Looks like he had some jumping fun though. 

 photo Brodyschool10_zpsc3f655c4.jpg
Oh you sweet, silly boy!

 photo Brodyschool11_zpsa878d9d9.jpg
Apparently, jumping makes you thirsty! 

Last week, Evan's school hosted a PTA meeting and the kindergarten and first grade classes got to perform. They all seem to love to sing, and Evan was so excited to participate in the performance.  His school doesn't have a separate gym or auditorium, and the multi-purpose room that serves as both opens up to the cafeteria.  It isn't very large and folding chairs are set up for such events.  It was pretty crowded with parents and hard to see, but we got a few pictures and enjoyed watching Evan in his first big school performance.  He is so serious about his singing and concentrates very hard.  He loves to sing but not when he thinks he is being watched or heard.  I guess he doesn't mind singing with a big group.  In the car, he sings along to the music with his headphones on and forgets that we can hear him as he belts out the lyrics really loud.  We can turn down the music from the speakers and just enjoy listening to him.  He is so funny sometimes!  Anyway, the kids sang about 5 songs with motions with a theme all about diversity and rainbows because his school is big on diversity.

 photo Evanschool7_zps23318760.jpg
There's our sweet big boy waiting to perform. 

 photo Evanschool8_zps9fb523a8.jpg
So serious!

 photo Evanschool9_zps0955cb5c.jpg
Singing.  I love that I can see his little missing tooth.  His permanent tooth is  actually coming in very quickly though. 

 photo Evanschool6_zpsdc47f534.jpg
He obviously spotted daddy, but he remains so serious. 

 photo Evanschool4_zpsb36f8b9b.jpg
Evan with some of his classmates at the little party before the performance.  They were showing the parents the little garden they work on outside their classroom. 

 photo Evanschool2_zps995d2dea.jpg
Evan and his school buddies.  

 photo Evanschool3_zps75a608dc.jpg
The silliness comes out a little as they all make funny faces for the camera. 

 photo Evanschool_zps6020b64d.jpg
There's that sweet smile we love. 
 photo namebutton_zps1d38d77c.jpg


  1. I just love Brody's personality! It just makes me smile. Evan was way too cute while he was singing. My Evan takes these things very seriously too! =)

    1. Do you think their mature and serious side is a product of being first children? Interesting. Yes, Brody has quite a personality. Ha!

  2. Fun! I'm giggling thinking about Brody throwing his "no hat for me" fit.

    Loving the new, streamlined look of the blog!

    1. Ha! Yes, he is into "throwing" things now when he throws fits. He is getting time outs more frequently. *sigh*

  3. Looks like such a fun and exciting day! Crazy how time flies!!

    1. I just love getting glimpses into their school days since I get to share very little of it with them. :-)


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