Sunday, May 5, 2013

Celebrating Brody's 2nd Birthday

Monday was Brody's official birthday, and we were determined to make it special for him.  We still aren't really sure that he understood that the big outing to the animal ranch a couple of weeks ago was actually for him, and we aren't sure he really understood that Monday was his birthday and what that meant.  I think this is the downside of his being less vocal than his brother was at this age.  Evan could tell us it was his birthday and tell us how excited he was to eat cake, open presents, and enjoy his party.  Brody definitely shows excitement, and we think he enjoyed his special day with lots of Mommy and Daddy time.  We took him to school in the morning and then joined him in a couple of hours for lunch and a birthday treat for his class.  The teachers requested that we choose something besides cupcakes as that can become quite messy in a room full of barely two year old's where they have very limited time for clean up.  We decided on a big cookie cake so we picked that up before heading to the school.  Of course, it still had a little icing on it, but it wasn't nearly as messy as cupcakes.  The kids all seemed to like it.  Then, Brody joined Mommy and Daddy while they ate lunch before we headed home for an afternoon nap.  While Brody napped, Mommy got some studying done for one of her final exams.  After Evan came home from school, he and Daddy took Brody to Toys R Us to pick out a present.  I had already been online and scoured for a little something extra for Brody's gift.  He had received his water table at his party, but with the less than Spring like weather we've had the past couple of weeks, he hasn't had a chance to even get it out of the box yet.  Mommy decided he would like either a little toy push lawn mower because he loves pushing anything with wheels and likes to copy daddy in the yard or a little toy t-ball set so he could start getting ready to be a ball player like big brother.  Big brother chose the t-ball set which was a good thing since his Aunt Jessica had already gotten him a cute little mower.  While at the store, Brody was treated extra special for his birthday and received a balloon and a crown.  When he got home, we enjoyed showing him how to play ball.  We met Uncle Paul and Aunt Jessica and the cousins for a little dinner at a local deli that Brody loves.  We picked up some cupcakes for the kids to celebrate, and daddy picked out cute dragon cupcakes.  Then, it was just time to head home, get baths, and snuggle in the bed.  It was a good day for everyone!

 photo birthday1-1_zps14abaa25.jpg
The birthday "cake" - Yes, we almost forgot to take a picture until after we had started cutting it.  

 photo birthday2-1_zpsff65252a.jpg
Yes, he thought this meant the whole cookie was his.  

 photo birthday3-1_zpsa1d68c8e.jpg
Checking out his big cookie while being sung to. 

 photo birthday4-1_zps6330192d.jpg
Brody's teachers and classmates singing to him.  

 photo birthday5-1_zpsb95b5488.jpg
Don't let this photo fool you...Mommy ate some too! 

 photo birthday6-1_zpsea4be206.jpg
This is an icing boy.  He ate mostly icing and left a lot of cookie on his plate. 

 photo birthday7-1_zps6e845c45.jpg
Licking the icing off. 

 photo birthday11-1_zps7bf34c41.jpg
Brody's class was making a big piece of art when we arrived.  They've been talking a lot about weather and rain in April.  

 photo birthday13-1_zpsf6565e14.jpg
Brody helps sprinkle rain on the picture. 

 photo birthday12-1_zpse544a707.jpg
Evan and his buddy sitting on the carpet waiting for lunch.  This is the same friend he hunted Easter eggs with in the neighborhood. 

 photo birthday8-1_zps5e259fc2.jpg
After lunch, the kids get to pick books to "read" while the teachers clean up.  Mommy enjoyed sitting with them and reading.  

 photo birthday9-1_zps881d1488.jpg
Reading time! 

 photo birthday10-1_zps499c8a8c.jpg
Mommy and Daddy with their birthday boy. 

 photo birthday14-1_zps370e32b8.jpg
Trying to capture a picture of him wearing his birthday crown from Toys R Us, but he didn't want to keep it on. 

 photo birthday15-1_zps770f0255.jpg
Wearing his birthday crown and holding his balloon.  

 photo birthday16-1_zpsf0bf1320.jpg
Learning to play t-ball.  Yes, he was in the house! 

 photo birthday17-1_zps974ffc37.jpg
Future ball player!

 photo birthday18-1_zpseee600e0.jpg
Definitely having a good time with Daddy. 

 photo birthday19-1_zps804864b1.jpg
Um, yes, that ball was aimed right at the camera woman. 

 photo birthday20-1_zpse8c4e1cc.jpg
Getting ready to try to swing all by himself. 

 photo birthday21-1_zps09407243.jpg
A little birthday dinner and cupcake to celebrate.
 photo birthday22-1_zps3eeb0596.jpg
Making a wish! 

 photo birthday23-1_zpsb24f1061.jpg
And blowing out his candle.  He did a good job!

 photo birthday24-1_zps3fd986a2.jpg
Brody digs into the icing while Cate just wants the cake.  Yes, we did take off his shirt in a restaurant.  Luckily, it wasn't very busy.  Ha!

 photo birthday25-1_zps3aa44dda.jpg
Sweet little man enjoying his cupcake. 

 photo birthday26-1_zpsc92a9d51.jpg
The big boys loved the dragon cupcakes. 

 photo birthday27-1_zpsdd8d4b09.jpg
And he got to try out his new mower before bedtime. 
 photo namebutton_zps1d38d77c.jpg


  1. it sounds like such a good day! happy birthday to your little brody!

    1. It was, Meghan! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks so much, Annabelle! Where have you been this week? :-)

  3. That looks like it was a super-fun, low key birthday. Hopefully the camera woman didn't get hit with the ball :) Thanks for sharing pictures of your sweet boy's big day.

    1. Oh she got hit a couple of times. Haha! Yes, it was a perfect low key day for me and the birthday boy!

  4. Happy Birthday to Brody! Looks like he had a great day. I love the rain art work. That looks like a fun project.

    1. I think he enjoyed the day. Yeah, the group project about rain was cute. Gotta love preschool...I could never be that creative! Ha!

  5. Happy, Happy Birthday Brody!

    I wish I hadn't read this post because now I am majorly craving chocolate chip cookies!

    You did an awesome job celebrating his 2nd birthday. I'm sure he understood that all the fuss was for him.

    1. Well, I figure birthdays are a good excuse to spend a little extra time together anyway. Looking forward to a lot more days like that in the near future! :-)

  6. How sweet! That cookie cake looks sooo good! Happy Birthday, Brody :)


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