Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring Pictures 2013

Here are our annual Spring/Easter pictures.  With Easter being so early this year, we were seriously lacking in any Spring colors, but thankfully, our neighbor has some beautiful green grass so we stole some shots from his yard.

The Family

 photo Easter43_zps1200f987.jpg

 photo Easter44_zpsb4bd0738.jpg

 photo Easter45_zps09c4c665.jpg

 photo Easter46_zps63e185ab.jpg

 photo Easter47_zps294f3d13.jpg

The Boys

 photo Easter30_zpsd4843caa.jpg

 photo Easter31_zps95a52ba3.jpg

 photo Easter32_zps04d05f8b.jpg

 photo Easter33_zps78f34af9.jpg

 photo Easter34_zps07990be3.jpg

 photo Easter35_zps4bb3bc2e.jpg

 photo Easter36_zps27c69115.jpg

 photo Easter29_zps8b254600.jpg

 photo Easter52_zpsc9ecef63.jpg

 photo Easter53_zps4df010f6.jpg

 photo Easter54_zpse80ec2fc.jpg

 photo Easter55_zpsefae0d7b.jpg

 photo Easter56_zpse83cfbb9.jpg

 photo Easter57_zps68c6b616.jpg

 photo Easter58_zps9b48fa2a.jpg

 photo Easter59_zps61929b1b.jpg

 photo Easter60_zps64db7b0d.jpg

 photo Easter64_zps866ef796.jpg

 photo Easter65_zps8b58c399.jpg

 photo Easter66_zps4d28ba08.jpg

Mommy and the Boys

 photo Easter37_zps889f19a3.jpg

 photo Easter38_zps8e00bcf4.jpg

 photo Easter39_zps482ebc72.jpg

 photo Easter40_zps9861e8ce.jpg

 photo Easter42_zpsa5a370aa.jpg

 photo Easter61_zps87806eed.jpg

 photo Easter62_zps91817024.jpg

 photo Easter63_zps8c5e03f4.jpg

 photo Easter67_zps2c796b10.jpg

 photo Easter68_zpse2c32316.jpg

 photo Easter69_zpsb5660142.jpg

Daddy and the Boys

 photo Easter48_zps15a1d9e3.jpg

 photo Easter49_zpsfa7e06cf.jpg

 photo Easter50_zps3e1143ed.jpg

 photo Easter51_zps8435d61b.jpg

 photo Easter70_zps1ddf49cc.jpg

 photo Easter71_zpsa39d6ce1.jpg

 photo Easter72_zps1be974e9.jpg



  1. These are some awesome pictures! I can't believe you got so many with everybody happy and looking at the camera.

    Also, I love your new Spring blog look.

    1. Thanks, girl! I know I posted a lot, but I wanted them included in our yearly blog book for the record. :-)

  2. Your pictures turned out great! I am so jealous that you can take a family picture and everyone not only looks at the camera, but smiles. You can really tell how much your family loves each other. Your boys' outfits are way too cute too!!!

    1. Well, we didn't actually get too many smiles in the family shots, but yes, they did look in the general direction for a few. I still love them though. I guess just looking at a camera with no camera man behind it doesn't give much reason to smile. ;-)

  3. Oh these pictures are so sweet! Yey for the neighbors grass! Now you'll have to compare these to next years when there's a new bundle of joy!


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