Sunday, April 14, 2013

Opening Day of Baseball

After two years of t-ball, Evan was finally ready to move up to coach pitch baseball.  He was so excited.  Because of a lack of coaches, Daddy and Uncle Paul decided to step up to coach the boys' team this year.  Eddie had assisted as coach of Evan's t-ball teams, but because of a usually crazy schedule as a "single dad" and "on call fireman/forester," he didn't want to take on the added responsibility of head coach.  After arranging to have practices on Wednesday nights (my one night off from school) and with Uncle Paul's help, they decided to give it a try.  Eddie is so patient with the boys, and I know it will be a good season.  The first game was Saturday, and it was a hot one.  Seriously, I got my first sunburn of the year.  I mean, who wears sunscreen in April?  Haha!  One of the biggest differences this year aside from being pitched to is that the boys have to learn to get players out.  The process involves more than just going through simple motions of getting the ball and throwing it to first base.  They need to learn to think about where to throw the ball to get runners out.  They also have to learn that sometimes they will get out.  We think the boys did surprisingly well for their first game.

 photo baseball1_zpsce928c6f.jpg
Warming up before the game.  Their team is green this year so they decided to be the Cobras.  Yikes!  Not sure who came up with that one. 

 photo baseball2_zps49a24d59.jpg
Cousin Lanny warms up. 

 photo baseball3_zps5affd749.jpg
Fielding a ground ball.

 photo baseball4_zps3ec30097.jpg
Coach Paul gets the boys ready for the game. 

 photo baseball5_zpsec83a588.jpg
This little guy enjoyed getting some energy out before the game. 

 photo baseball6_zps4e55b290.jpg
Running off with his pal, Cohen. 

 photo baseball8_zps5625b5a0.jpg
Some pretty Spring colors for Opening Day!

 photo baseball10_zpsa20ba550.jpg
Brody picked some pretty pink flowers for some lucky lady. 

 photo baseball7_zpsfb7486b4.jpg
Evan winds up for the throw.

 photo baseball11_zps76c38a95.jpg
Coach Eddie has a meeting with the other coach before the game. 

 photo baseball12_zpsdb0fd658.jpg
The boys get in their batting order. 

 photo baseball13_zpsbc9cb42a.jpg
Evan quenches his thirst before batting. 

 photo baseball14_zps42452db0.jpg
Evan getting a pep talk from Coach Uncle Paul before getting to bat.  I guess this will be his infamous pose one day when he is in the majors.  Haha!  I took these shots from behind the fence so you can see the fence got in the way. 

 photo baseball15_zps5636a300.jpg
Getting in his batting stance. 

 photo baseball16_zps20d8fc4d.jpg
Great swing!

 photo baseball17_zpsa55a78bd.jpg
Getting to first base safely and getting some tips from Coach Daddy. 

 photo baseball18_zpse94892f8.jpg
Lanny is ready to bat like a pro. 

 photo baseball19_zpsef31209c.jpg
Evan gets ready to play the pitcher position. 

 photo baseball22_zps180c4411.jpg
Evan on base again. 

 photo baseball23_zps269c15ca.jpg
Pretty excited to make it to 3rd base. 

 photo baseball24_zpsd66ed563.jpg
This cutie enjoyed watching the action from the shade. 

 photo baseball25_zps876cee22.jpg
Evan going after the ball. 

 photo baseball27_zps2fb72d17.jpg
Brody figuring out if he can reach this tree. 

 photo baseball28_zps3e3c768d.jpg
Got it!

 photo baseball29_zps9952367f.jpg
Greeting the other team at the end of the game. 

 photo baseball30_zps483132eb.jpg
Coach Eddie and the boys leaving the field after a successful first game. 

 photo baseball31_zps7b266d86.jpg
Coach Eddie giving his after game pep talk. 

 photo baseball32_zpsee7b88ea.jpg
Sweet boys getting some after game treats. 

 photo baseball33_zps35a814f0.jpg
Evan shares his snack with his little brother!

Cousin Reade's First T-Ball Game

Cousin Reade played his first official game of t-ball on the next field at the same time as our game so we tried to catch some of his game too.  We couldn't believe how tiny those little players looked.  So cute!  Reade has actually had more experience at t-ball than most 4 year olds because he got to play a little last year on his big brother's team when they were short on players.

 photo baseball20_zps74380042.jpg
Rounding 3rd and headed home!

 photo baseball21_zps07e10b57.jpg
Getting instructions from Coach on being ready for a ground ball. 

 photo baseball26_zpsb76d8ead.jpg
He just looks so little and sweet here. 

 photo baseball34_zps5490ec76.jpg
Stopping a ball. 

 photo baseball35_zps350cd923.jpg
Preparing to throw it all the way to first from outfield. 

 photo baseball37_zps717e2131.jpg
He's ready for more!

 photo baseball39_zpsdb369567.jpg
Looking like a pro!

 photo baseball40_zps40828210.jpg
That smile says it all, and that's what I love most about him.  He  isn't too competitive and just enjoys the game!

 photo baseball41_zps031b001b.jpg
Preparing to give high fives to the other team.  Great game, Reade! 



  1. You want to know who wears sunscreen in April? US! We wear it 12 months a year!

    Looks like a great beginning to the season. Hopefully coaching won't be too much for Eddie because it's great that he is so involved.

    1. Haha! Yes, I thought about you when I posted that. Doesn't help that we are both fair skinned living in warm climates, huh? Oh well, I figure I need to get my base tan anyway. ;-)

  2. Little boys are so cute in baseball uniforms! My Evan played last Spring. I love when my kids get to play with cousins on their team - it just makes it so special! You know, the boys might not remember every game that they'll play, but they'll always remember that their dad and uncle coached and that they had their cousin in the dugout. I love it!

  3. That looks like a great and fun opening day. I'm a little envious of the need for sunscreen as we just had our first warm-ish day today -- +18C (64F). Cheering on your big boy (and his cousins) at baseball (or tee ball) looks like a fun way to spend some time.

    1. Well, 64 degrees sounds pretty nice. Were just about 10 degrees warmer. :-)

  4. How fun! Evan looks so cute in his uniform. It looks like a good time was had by all! I remember going to my sister's softball games and those were always so fun. Your pictures turned out beautiful! Nice and crisp! Are you almost done with school?

    1. Almost. Next week is last week of class and then exams and graduation May 11th. Just makes it that much harder to focus and exams are going to be tough. A couple of hard ones. *sigh* Can't be worse than the semester I did it right after having Brody though. ;-)

  5. So cute! I can't wait until my kids are old enough to play sports so I can go to games like these. Sounds like fun!:)

  6. Tball is becoming fun for us! It keeps us busy for sure! Looks like Evan is having a great time!


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