Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Sunday 2013

Since we were afraid Easter Sunday would dawn wet and cold, we dressed in our Easter clothes and took pictures on Saturday afternoon.  Sunday didn't turn out to be too bad though.  The boys woke up to find their Easter "baskets" full of goodies.  Brody enjoyed his first chocolate Cadbury egg.  Then, we all got dressed for church.  This is proving to be a difficult task for Mommy these days so it was probably a good thing we had already done pictures. Luckily, the service started a little later today as each service was lasting longer than usual, and there is always a bigger crowd on Easter.  To me, that is actually a little sad that some people feel that they only need to go to church on "special" occasions like Easter and Christmas.  Church is a special time for me that allows me to receive "nourishment" that I need to get through the rest of the week.  The service was just a wonderful reminder of why we celebrate Easter as the center of the Christian faith.  Our preacher spoke about how skeptics have tried to develop so many theories for why the resurrection never happened, such as it was all just an elaborate hoax by the disciples to steal Jesus' body and then spread the biggest lie in human history.  Has any "lie" ever stood the test of thousands of years?  Would so many people really die for something they knew to be a lie?  I think that is where the skeptics' theories fall apart.  When put to the test, do you think the disciples and apostles would have allowed themselves to suffer and die very gruesome deaths for something they knew to be a hoax?  Doubtful!  They truly believed what they had seen, and they risked their lives to tell the world.  I am so glad they did!

After church, we just had our usual Sunday lunch and then went home to rest and prepare for the week.  Later that night, Evan enjoyed watching the final episode of the Bible on the History Channel with us.  Seriously, this kid has loved this series.  He fell asleep during the last few minutes of the show and insisted on re-watching it all yesterday.  I am so glad his little heart wants to know more about Jesus!

 photo Easter73_zps83aff900.jpg
Evan's and Brody's Easter "baskets" - I try to use more functional  containers every year because  we have enough Easter baskets collected from previous years.  Last year, I used beach buckets so I wasn't sure what to use this year.  I finally just decided on these little colorful metal containers from Target that I thought would come in handy for storing the boys' little toys in their room.  We don't keep too many toys in their rooms, but Evan has gradually gotten more big boy toys (Lego's and stuff) that I have kept in his closet in his room so that Brody wouldn't get into them.  I know they'll play in their room together even more when they are sharing it. 

 photo Easter74_zpsf6b48bd5.jpg
Evan checking out his stash.   I divided up a packet of new beach toys and then they each got some candy and  other little toys and gadgets. 

 photo Easter75_zpse4d5f52e.jpg
Brody was happy about his peeps. 

 photo Easter76_zps845a06fb.jpg
And Evan too. 

 photo Easter78_zpsde42f800.jpg
Brody tries on his Easter egg glasses, but they were too big. 

 photo Easter77_zps73c3ac8e.jpg
Evan shows off his. 

 photo Easter79_zps2f1c1084.jpg
Yum!  Chocolate Cadbury caramel egg.  You'll notice Brody is wearing a t-shirt without pants.  He has been wetting through his pajamas recently at night, and Daddy had taken off his pajamas and just put a t-shirt on him. 

 photo Easter80_zps98fe8fdb.jpg
Checking out their goodies.  He really looks so big sitting on his knees "reading" the package containing Evan's new blinking bike lights. 

 photo Easter81_zpsdb71e09d.jpg
Putting his glasses on Daddy. 

 photo Easter82_zps16292fa2.jpg
"Hey, Daddy, let me get those back!"

 photo Easter43_zps1200f987.jpg
A sneak peek of the pictures from our photo session. 



  1. My Evan enjoyed watching The Bible too! I love the egg glasses. I can't wait to see the rest of your Easter pictures. The family picture is awesome!!!

    1. Thanks, Tracy! Our Evans sure do seem to be a lot a like, huh?

  2. I'm so glad you guys had such a good Easter. I love that you took pictures on Saturday. What a smart idea!

    1. Thanks, Nicole! Yes, it turned out to be a good idea...I just have a really hard time getting ready these days in the morning. ;-)

  3. What a cute Easter picture! You know, I've never had a Cadbury egg of any sort. Are they good?

    1. Really? I always liked the regular ones (with the sweet white cream filling) when I was young, but those just seem too sweet now. I decided to try the caramel filled ones instead, and yes, they are pretty yummy!

  4. We obviously should have taken pictures on a different day too since ours turned out so very well. Or not.

    Also, I too can't imagine why people would only go to church at Christmas and Easter. Or I have friends who never ever go in the summer which is so odd to me. Church is soooo important to me. And vital to maintaining my sanity as a stay-at-home mom :)

    1. Yes, our church attendance is always down in the summer too because so many people leave town on vacations and such. The period from Christmas to Easter is always the highest in attendance for our church. Funny (and not so much) to hear that happens in other churches too.


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