Friday, April 26, 2013

A Party for Two Monkeys

With our family being so busy right now, Mommy thought it would be easier to just plan one big party for the boys.  Neither boy seemed to mind sharing a party with their brother.  We held the party this past Saturday after Evan's baseball game.  Mommy has determined that destination birthday parties are somewhat easier for her than parties at home...less preparation and clean-up required.  In 2009 when Evan was 2, we had tried to hold his birthday party at a local establishment called Lazy 5 Ranch, a large, private zoo where you can ride through a large and open habitat where lots of wild and exotic animals are kept.  It is about an hour north of our house.  They allow people to drive their personal vehicles through or you can ride a horse drawn wagon ride, but we have heard quite a few "horror" stories from such excursions...picture lots of animals with big horns coming up to your vehicle for food.  You get buckets of feed to feed the animals, and these animals are "expecting" you to feed them.  Ha!  Anyway, when Evan was 2, we were cursed with bad weather and had to change our plans to something indoors.  Thankfully, his party that year was small with mostly just our immediate family.  Actually, we feel we have been cursed every year with not great weather for outside parties.  It will be beautiful, warm, and sunny every day surrounding the day we pick for the party and then dawn wet and cold on the party day.  We hope by planning this party later in April and not on either of the kids' actual birthdays, we could avoid the curse, and I guess it worked.  Saturday was a pretty, sunny day although there was a little wind gusting that kept making it chilly.  Mommy decided to do a monkey theme for her two little monkeys (although after choosing this theme, Evan said he wanted elephants.  He has been liking elephants lately for some reason).  We used green, yellow, and a little orange for Evan for the colors.  We kept the food and treats simple with pizza ordered at a place close to the ranch and simple vanilla and chocolate cupcakes made at our local grocery store bakery.  I made some cute cupcake toppers to go on the cupcakes.  The wind did not make it feasible to use too many other decorations although we did get some balloons for the occasion.  The kids enjoyed playing on the playground, feeding the animals, and riding the horse drawn wagon.  Unfortunately, my nephew Lanny got sick on the wagon ride, and his daddy  wasn't feeling so hot either.  They were put into quarantine when they got home because Aunt Jessica is tired of sickness.  Despite a few downsides, the party was a fun experience.

{Warning:  This post is extremely photo heavy as this is our way of preserving memories such as these.}

 photo party1_zpsbfdfb972.jpg
The entrance

 photo party2_zps71647165.jpg
I wanted monkey mylar balloons, but the party store didn't have anything except girl monkeys.  I settled for a big 6 and 2 balloon to celebrate my two monkeys.  Yes, my OCD hates that the 6 is backwards in this picture, but the wind was not helping. 

 photo party3_zps19620312.jpg
A Scarlet Macaw

 photo party4_zps187176fb.jpg
Evan and his pals at the party, cousin Reade, old friend Bryant, and cousin Lanny. 

 photo party5_zpsca668fe8.jpg
Lanny didn't like that Evan appeared to be the tallest in the last picture. 

 photo party6_zps89573b43.jpg
Nanny, Ms. Donah, and Jonah

 photo party7_zps45131487.jpg
Mommy and her little monkeys.  I wanted the boys to both wear monkey shirts this year, but I was having trouble finding something.  I had thought about special ordering personalized shirts, but I assumed I would easily find something in a store.  Apparently, monkeys are not the in thing this season because I found no monkey theme shirts anywhere.  On Friday night while we were at Target picking up a few necessities, I thought I would check one more time. All I could find were matching monkey pajama sets (they were actually two pajama sets on sale for $12.00).  I decided they could wear the shirts for the occasion and then would both have some new pajamas.  

 photo party8_zps4c16e0dc.jpg
Our family

 photo party9_zps4305fa58.jpg
Getting ready to go on the wagon ride. 

 photo party10_zpsb2abab79.jpg
Not sure what Evan's expression was about...anticipation and excitement maybe? 

 photo party11_zpsdbd68084.jpg
Our noble steeds.  The wagon could go where the cars could not, and the drivers knew a lot about the animals. 

 photo party12_zps26831672.jpg
There are always crazy animal stories at this place.  This zebra was the spectacle of the day.  He would just stand there right by the road where cars drove by, and he would just stare into the car window at the passengers.  He was "obviously" male, and I guess he was "protecting" his woman behind him.  I saved you the picture of him showing off his stuff.  

 photo party13_zps2e8166d5.jpg
 photo party14_zpsc119d6f8.jpg
Vietnamese Pot-Bellied Pig

 photo party16_zpsc67eb009.jpg
Not exactly sure what kind of animals these were, but they loved to eat.
 photo party17_zpsac46f62c.jpg
Evan trying to feed one, but he didn't want to put his hand too close so most of the feed fell on the ground. 

 photo party18_zpsa0b4cce5.jpg
The cousins feeding animals together. 

 photo party19_zps55d9397b.jpg
Uncle Paul helping his youngest feed the animals.  Even cousin Cate got in on the action. 

 photo party20_zps1a9c145c.jpg
Evan and his pal, Bryant, waiting for more animals to feed. 

 photo party21_zps38ce82bc.jpg
Not sure about these white animals as all of the animals do not appear to be listed on the website.

 photo party22_zps39654e4c.jpg
Pretty sure the spotted one is a Japanese Sika Deer. 

 photo party23_zps59a841ce.jpg
Duck pond

 photo party24_zps5873bf25.jpg
Some kind of buffalo. 
 photo party25_zps18c71fb8.jpg
These were not as interested in eating.  Guess they had enough. 

 photo party26_zps5777355d.jpg
Brody enjoyed his seat on Daddy's lap as he watched the animals. 

 photo party27_zps81aafd97.jpg
Giraffes!  Mommy's favorites. 

 photo party28_zps7958ebf2.jpg
If there is one animal that reminds me of Brody, this is it.  Have you noticed how long and thick their lashes are?   He has a little blue stuffed giraffe he received at the hospital when he was born, and carries it around a lot because it has a silky ribbon.  I guess he is my little giraffe. 

 photo party29_zps104a01bf.jpg
This was the only giraffe interested in eating. 

 photo party30_zpsba6a051a.jpg
A sweet little baby playing shy in the back. 

 photo party31_zpseb96acfa.jpg
There is just something funny about the animals at this place.  They always have the funniest expressions.   I guess they are just so used to interacting with people. 

 photo party32_zps5e60eae2.jpg
He was leaning directly over top of us. 

 photo party33_zpsbc5013a1.jpg
Peeking over the fence. 

 photo party36_zps7c834d11.jpg
Silly llama. 

 photo party37_zps19aac889.jpg
Brody thought this llama was funny. 

 photo party38_zps5edd77ca.jpg
A close encounter...thankfully, he didn't get spit on. 

 photo party39_zps2de53571.jpg
African cattle

 photo party40_zpsdbd45e81.jpg
A lazy rhino camouflaged in his dusty habitat. 

 photo party41_zps29be5f5a.jpg
Seriously, this should be the cover page for the park's website.  This was one crazy animal.  He had the longest tongue and drooled everywhere.  Yuck!  I would not want this one putting his head in my car. 

 photo party42_zpsef4d117b.jpg
The boys eating pizza.  This was actually before the wagon ride.  

 photo party43_zpsf292e965.jpg
Brody was thirsty. 

 photo party44_zps93ace681.jpg
Evan and his oldest school buddy, Bryant.  They have been friends since their early days at daycare.  They go to different schools now, but we try to get them together as often as we can.  Hopefully, there will be more play dates this summer when we get to meet Bryant's new little brother.  

 photo party45_zps410a5c06.jpg
Sweet little man playing on the playground. 

 photo party46_zps495d7a2b.jpg
Going down the very fast slide. 

 photo party47_zps0c0a58e9.jpg
Wearing big brother's jacket because he was a little chilly. 

 photo party48_zpsd22f54e7.jpg
Hanging out with his pal, Jonah. 

 photo party49_zpsff788e94.jpg
Brothers = Best Friends

 photo party50_zps22e1b9a5.jpg
This is love!

 photo party51_zpsab5bc086.jpg
Just the sweetest boys. 

 photo party52_zps77fc0c44.jpg
Even cousin Grady joined the fun. 

 photo party53_zpsf529aee9.jpg
Time for cupcakes!

 photo party54_zps5b1b8c3a.jpg
Brother cupcakes

 photo party55_zpsc7e2fde5.jpg
Brody's candle lit for him. 

 photo party56_zpsbceae272.jpg
Evan prepares to make his wish. 

 photo party57_zpsb4b165ea.jpg
Brody blows out his candle with a little help from the wind. 

 photo party58_zpsc0308851.jpg
Brody digs in to his chocolate cupcake. 

 photo party59_zps8036594c.jpg
He's the opposite of brother -- he likes the icing while big brother always preferred the cake. 

 photo party60_zpsabdededd.jpg
Two thirsty boys. 

 photo party61_zps9d28cb9d.jpg
Reade gets a special Evan cupcake.  Notice his lovely colored hair?  He and his big brother had been to their school's fun day and gotten their hair sprayed. 

 photo party62_zps5929ad94.jpg
The kids enjoying their cupcakes. 

 photo party63_zps9074fbea.jpg
Sweet baby face. 

 photo party64_zpsaafe2ff7.jpg
Evan wanted Mommy to eat one of his cupcakes. 

 photo party65_zps0156429d.jpg
Oh my!  Gotta love that cupcake face! 

 photo party66_zps387847ca.jpg
Cute little prairie dogs lived next to the picnic area. 

 photo party68_zpse2581ea6.jpg
Lanny tries on his party hat before he had to leave.  Unfortunately, he had come down with a little bug and needed to go home.  

 photo party69_zpsc66177c7.jpg
My sweet boy running to me on the playground. 

 photo party70_zps90f8a3f1.jpg
Peacock chasing. 

 photo party71_zps4f6ffe8b.jpg
Almost got him!

 photo party72_zpsc4f9c061.jpg
He made it to safety. 

 photo party73_zps77ed646d.jpg
Jonah decked out in his party hat. 

 photo party74_zpse146973b.jpg
Aunt Naomi reads Evan his birthday card. 

 photo party75_zpse4e5d69d.jpg
Brody opens one of his presents.  A little wagon and toys for the beach from Grandma. 

 photo party76_zpsfafdda64.jpg
He is ready to head to the beach. 

 photo party77_zps0951e9d6.jpg
And some new trucks. 

 photo party78_zps31238f33.jpg
Brody showing us his new water table.  Now, we just need time to play with it. 

 photo party79_zps203c6ac4.jpg
Brody gets a new movie from his pal, Jonah, and Ms. Donah. 

 photo party80_zpsdd8c6827.jpg
I had to snap a picture of the kangaroo on our way out of the park.  They were being very lazy though. 

 photo party81_zps454b789e.jpg
This one did get up and spied me watching him. 

 photo party83_zps50bf1ef4.jpg
Saying goodbye to Mr. Camel. 

 photo party84_zpsdc410ac6.jpg
And Brody was soon out like a light! 

 photo party85_zpsf9f2db80.jpg
At home, the boys enjoyed playing with little Grady. 

 photo party86_zpsad9c2595.jpg
Evan is so good with babies. 

 photo party87_zpsaa7f20a2.jpg
He has so much love to give!

 photo party88_zps927358e8.jpg
And this cutie tried on his party hat. 

 photo party89_zps2c930c3e.jpg
I kept the party favors pretty simple.  Just their party hats, blowers, some "monkey snacks" (dried banana chips), and a little barrel of monkeys.  



  1. A birthday party this year is hard to plan - the weather is so unpredicitable! I love the monkey shirts. You can't even tell that they are pj tops. We got Addi a water table when she turned 2 - she LOVES it still. You did a great job on the cake toppers too! How cute! It looks like you all had a blast at the party!

    1. Awww, thanks, Tracy! Yes, I love having kids with Spring birthdays, but the weather has not made it easy to plan parties. April was just such a crazy month, and I feel like it was gone in a flash. I am just ready for a slow down period now! :-)

  2. I love the picture of Evan kissing Brody. And I love their monkey shirts! Very cute!

    This looks like a super-fun party Sherry. What a great, fun idea.

    1. Yes, Evan is a very sweet and loving big brother. Brody tries to kiss Evan on the mouth (he is in that phase right now), but Evan won't let him. Haha!

  3. Love the monkey shirts, love the cupcake toppers, love the party favors, love the location. Love all of it. Awesome party!

    1. Well, it was the best I could come up with. I feel like I am running out of ideas or maybe my brain is just fried right now. Haha! It was fun though, and I think the kids loved it. Plus, I think it was "easier" on me that trying to get the house ready to host a party right now. I would have loved to decorate more, but the location wasn't really good for that.


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