Sunday, March 24, 2013

The First Egg Hunt

On Saturday morning, the kids were looking forward to having our annual neighborhood egg hunt.  We knew that the forecast called for rain so we just hoped it would hold out until after the hunt.  When we woke up, it wasn't rainy, but it was dreary and cloudy and damp everywhere.  We didn't get an e-mail about the egg hunt being cancelled so we got dressed just in case.  We headed up to the clubhouse and immediately knew it was off when no cars were around.  Evan was especially disappointed because he wanted some candy.  We headed back home for a little while, but I told Evan we would invite his cousins to have a special egg hunt later in the day if the weather cooperated.  It never did more than drizzle although it stayed chilly and cloudy all day.  Since Sunday wasn't supposed to be any better, we took the opportunity.  I had to make a run to Target anyway for Easter goodies for the boys for next weekend so I grabbed up some extra candy to stuff some of our many plastic eggs (seriously, we have collected quite a bit through the years).  With all of our errands and other household tasks and Brody's need for an afternoon nap, we waited to do the egg hunt until just before dinner.  With 6 kids, we had a pretty good little hunt.  The big kids were quite competitive, and Brody and Cate enjoyed their own little hunt.

 photo Spring23_zpsd22b7cd5.jpg
The boys were all ready for the morning egg hunt, but the weather didn't cooperate. 

 photo Spring28_zps195a7727.jpg
My sweet boys love Easter as much as I do. 

 photo Spring24_zpsd2462427.jpg
Checking out their eggs.  Nope, these weren't filled with anything yet. 

 photo Spring25_zps24bfc642.jpg
Brody was copying Evan and learning how to open them. 

 photo Spring29_zpsac5d51c3.jpg
Handsome little man

 photo Spring30_zpsc29d427b.jpg
Sweet baby boy

 photo Spring31_zpsa45d45b2.jpg
So happy and being mischievous moving away from his basket for the picture. 

 photo Spring33_zps781a858e.jpg
The hunt is about to begin! 

 photo Spring34_zps7c88e239.jpg
And they're off! 

 photo Spring35_zps8ea5fb91.jpg
Evan spies a few in the flower bed.

 photo Spring36_zpsdec75d7d.jpg
Reade spies some tough ones on the fence. 

 photo Spring37_zps8a22ef95.jpg
Lanny climbs like a monkey to get the hard to reach ones. 

 photo Spring38_zps5acb12fc.jpg
Evan checking around the tree. 

 photo Spring39_zps2804f832.jpg
I think this sweet boy will definitely need some new jeans next year.  Growing like a weed! 

 photo Spring40_zps81ba7112.jpg
Brody finds his first egg. 

 photo Spring41_zps2eb0510d.jpg
And another one.  He got the hang of it really fast with just a little help from big brother. 

 photo Spring43_zpsd65983f1.jpg
And one under the bush. 

 photo Spring44_zps9c4d3ddf.jpg
Got it! 

 photo Spring45_zpse63447a6.jpg
Putting his eggs in his basket. 

 photo Spring46_zps228f1ccc.jpg
He spied one way up beside the neighbor's house. 

 photo Spring47_zpse1de25ef.jpg
Cate quickly got into the game. 

 photo Spring48_zps0728ab67.jpg
Big sister helped show her what to do. 

 photo Spring49_zps6ec26f9d.jpg
Cate's first egg find. 

 photo Spring50_zpsf0755355.jpg
And another one. 

 photo Spring51_zpsa4b92cff.jpg
Our little ones are quickly becoming big ones. 

 photo Spring52_zpsc14d9adc.jpg
Putting her egg in her "basket." 
The neighborhood hunt is rescheduled for next Saturday so we'll see how that goes, but I think this one was a success!



  1. That looks like a lot of fun. We are going to do one with Sam and some of his cousins next Saturday! I hope the weather cooperates for your egg hunt next week.

    1. Ugh, I thought Spring was here, but it is just dreary and chilly here...and then there is snow in our mountains and north of us. Crazy! Regardless, I will somehow get my Easter pictures and enjoy my favorite holiday of the year! :-)

  2. Looks like you all had a good time! It's always so much fun to do things with cousins. I think my Evan has the same shoes as your Evan. =)

    1. They just might, Tracy! I think they are Sketchers, right?

  3. Your boys are so cute! Just wait until next year when you have three to hunt eggs!

    1. Awww, thanks, Annabelle! We'll see if she'll "hunt" by then. She won't be but about 10 months but girls sometimes do seem to do things earlier. Brody was not interested last year at all, but Evan did hunt Easter eggs when he was not quite 1 so we'll just wait and see. Either way, you can guarantee I'll dress them up and take pictures...this is seriously my favorite holiday! :-)

  4. Fun! We went to Target tonight just to kind of look around so I could get some ideas for candy and stuff for the Easter Baskets. Spencer is with his grandparents for the week and Elliott doesn't get it yet, so I'm totally taking Elliott with me when I buy stuff in a few days.

    I love, love, love the spring banner. I haven't been able to find one like it yet.

    1. Yeah, I had thought about making a banner, but I couldn't pass this one up. I haven't seen it at our regular Target, but I just happened to find it when we were bedding shopping and went to a Super Target a little farther away. I would have taken Brody in to get the Easter stuff, but he had fallen asleep in the car so Eddie and Evan just stayed with him to let him sleep. I had a really hard time deciding what to get them this year. We did beach stuff last year. I hate buying more little junk toys that just create clutter, but after a while, it just gets really hard to think of new ideas...even Pinterest ideas weren't that helpful to me this year. *Sigh*


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