Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Evan ~ 6 Years

Happy Birthday, Evan!  I can’t believe my first baby boy is 6!  As tradition, I have been wanting to write down some of our six year old's loves and accomplishments from this past year so that he and I can remember.  However, I thought since he is a pretty intelligent 6 year old, it might be better to do this post from his perspective.  I'll try to be a careful transcriptionist as I type his words.  We really do just love this sweet little man more and more every day!

 photo Evan6year_zpsb5bb1bc9.jpg


HEIGHT:  46 inches

WEIGHT:  39.4 lbs.

FAVORITE COLOR:  orange and green

FAVORITE TOYS:  Skylander game and Lego Star Wars:  The Clone Wars Wii games

FAVORITE CARTOONS/TV SHOWS:   "How To Train Your Dragon," "Star Wars:  The Clone Wars," "Grimm," "Bones," and "Revolution"  He likes to watch some shows with Mommy and Daddy.  

FAVORITE SONG: the crab dance song (A/K/A "Under the Sea" from The Little Mermaid which he only knows because we have a Disney music CD); "We Are Family" (from Ice Age:  Continental Drift) -- He knows all the words including the speaking parts and especially loves doing Granny's parts...even giggles like her! 

FAVORITE PLACE TO SING:  In the shower and in the car

FAVORITE BREAKFAST FOODS:  doughnuts (we recently had Krispy Kreme doughnuts but this is not a regular occurrence) 

FAVORITE LUNCH FOODS: stuffed cheese sticks; chicken nuggets; pears; oranges; pineapple; and apples (these are foods he likes to eat at school)

FAVORITE BEVERAGES:  chocolate milk and Sprite  

FAVORITE SNACK:  chocolate chip cookies and doughnuts

FAVORITE GAMES:  Wii; football; soccer; baseball; tennis; and riding his scooter

 photo Spring32_zps4455eedb.jpg

 photo Spring2_zpsd773ce9f.jpg

FAVORITE ANIMAL:  dinosaurs, elephants, and cows

 photo dinosaurs36_zpsc23c8d74.jpg

FAVORITE BOOK:  "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" -- He likes to read this one to little brother.

FAVORITE PERSON:  Brody (but also Mommy, Daddy and my whole family)

 photo Spring48_zps4e8b9ba9.jpg


FAVORITE THING TO DO OUTSIDE:  play games like hop scotch, riding my scooter, and pretending I am a ninja and sword fighting

FAVORITE HOLIDAY:  Christmas, Easter, and Halloween (he's indecisive tonight)

FAVORITE VACATION SPOT:  Myrtle Beach and Disney World (probably because those are the places he remembers going)

FAVORITE TOY TO SLEEP WITH:  Rexy (his stuffed Rex from Toy Story)

WHAT DO YOU WANT TO EAT FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY:  pancake shop (I guess he means IHOP which we very seldom eat.)  He also said Chick-fil-a and pizza.   

WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP:  dentist, tennis player, or golf player

WHAT IS SPECIAL ABOUT YOU:  I am a good big brother.  I am a good reader.  I am good at counting, math, and science.  ~ Evan's answers.   You are special because God made you with your beautiful red hair, sweet and loving personality, adorable laugh and smile, and a big heart.  ~ Mommy's answers

I love you to the moon and back, little man!  You are truly becoming an extraordinary person as you continue to be so loving and caring and kind.  You have excelled in your first year of big school and have truly loved the experience.  Your reading skills alone have amazed us as you now read on an almost second grade level.  We are so proud of you!  You are becoming more brave and independent every day.  We pray that you will continue to allow God to direct your life and choices every day and that you will know and feel His love for you.

Love always,

Your Mommy


  1. How sweet! Happy Birthday to your Evan!!!

  2. Happy Birthday to Chatham's Birthday Buddy!! I hope Evan has an amazing day!!! Also, I can't believe how many questions he and Chatham answered the same (I will be doing my post tonight!)

    1. Awww, hope Chatham had a wonderful birthday too! Hope we can get these birthday twins together soon!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Annabelle! Gotta celebrate these little men, huh?

  4. Happy Birthday Evan! I loved reading about all your favourites. I hope you had such a great day.

    1. He was really being silly and not very cooperative at answering the questions so some of the answers weren't really typical of him, but I guess it'll do! Haha!


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