Saturday, March 30, 2013

Celebrating Our Big Birthday Boy

Since Wednesday was Evan's 6th birthday, we wanted to make his day feel extra special.  We aren't planning to have a party until later in April when he and Brody will share a special party at a local private owned zoo called The Lazy 5 Ranch.  We actually tried to have a party there when Evan was 2, but the weather did not cooperate.  March has not been a good month for planning parties thus far.  We hope that April will bring us fairer weather.  Since this weekend is Easter weekend, we knew it wouldn't be a good time for party planning since so many family will be out of town.  Thus, we tried to make Wednesday a special day.  We woke the birthday boy up with singing and allowed him to eat one of his favorite doughnuts for breakfast complete with birthday candles.  Then, he headed off to school while Mommy and Daddy prepared to take a little birthday treat to him at school for lunch.  We picked up cupcakes, some balloons, and a yummy Chick-fil-a lunch.  He loved being the birthday boy at school and passing out cupcakes to his class.  Daddy asked him if he wanted to leave school early and go with us, but he preferred to stay at school.  What can I say, the boy loves school!  Mommy and Daddy left to pick Brody up for school and then after a little nap, they all picked Evan up.  Mommy then went to get a birthday cake for later for the family and then Grandma and Papa James arrived.  That was probably Evan's favorite part of the day.  Evan wanted to go to Pinkberry for our favorite yummy cool treat.  We only a little time afterwards for playing in the yard before heading to Evan's and Daddy's baseball practice (Daddy is coaching along with Uncle Paul).  Unfortunately, Uncle Paul had his hands full when he arrived because Aunt Jessica was with cousin Emma at the doctor.  The first child had to be the first to have a broken bone.  She had fractured her wrist playing in the yard earlier.  After practice, we all went to eat dinner.  Evan chose a place that he loves because they have a little arcade room that the kids play in while waiting for dinner.  By this time, it was getting pretty late, but we headed back to our house for a little cake before bedtime.  Yes, it was a busy day, but the birthday boy felt celebrated with his favorite people to share it with him.

 photo birthday1_zps505fe219.jpg
The birthday boy with his birthday doughnut!  

 photo birthday2_zps59813e8b.jpg
Blowing out all his candles.  Don't know what he wished for.  

 photo birthday3_zpsf7d4f980.jpg
Sweet boy showing us his birthday ribbon he wore at school.  

 photo birthday5_zpsb2159121.jpg
Daddy eating lunch with the birthday boy. 

 photo birthday6_zps6adad079.jpg
Mommy and her big birthday baby. 

 photo birthday7_zps18114874.jpg
Evan passing out cupcakes to his friends. 

 photo birthday8_zps83de9f9b.jpg
And getting one of his own. 

 photo birthday9_zps4910dfd7.jpg
Evan's class eating lunch in the cafeteria. 

 photo birthday24_zps444a7ddd.jpg
Yum!  Mommy always gets the best Pinkberry...she decided to get her two favorite flavors, chocolate hazelnut and salted caramel, swirled together with some chocolate shavings and chocolate hazelnut wafers.  

 photo birthday21_zps4412d983.jpg
Grandma enjoying Pinkberry with the birthday boy.  

 photo birthday22_zpsdc455dda.jpg
Daddy helping little man eat his Pinkberry. 

 photo birthday23_zps91e27c18.jpg
Just original for little man, but he enjoyed some of Mommy's too. 

 photo birthday10_zps32f72a87.jpg
Evan's birthday cake

 photo birthday11_zps73c32d26.jpg
And some balloons to complete the festivities. 

 photo birthday12_zpsc389ddf7.jpg
Emma helps sing "Happy Birthday" as she shows off her pretty green cast.  Seriously, she was pretty happy about her cast except the itching. 

 photo birthday13_zps34cb85c2.jpg
The cousins waiting for some birthday cake. 

 photo birthday14_zpsb732b51d.jpg
Blowing out his candle. 

 photo birthday15_zps10f3edf6.jpg
Sweet baby enjoying his own little cupcake.  

 photo birthday16_zpsd5889979.jpg
Evan and Lanny digging in.  

 photo birthday17_zps185b6cb3.jpg
And sweet cousin Reade. 

 photo birthday18_zpse23d718a.jpg
Opening a couple presents from Uncle Paul and Aunt Jessica and the kids.   He also got some money from Grandma and his Great-Aunts.   He really didn't ask for anything this year since he had already gotten his new bunk beds and other things he wanted so he and Daddy enjoyed going to see a movie together today.

 photo birthday20_zps5119b922.jpg
He loved his new Stomp Rocket from the cousins, and he also got a cute new outfit for summer.   Aunt Jessica knows I like to dress them preppy so he'll look extra cute in his new J Crew shirt and plaid shorts. 



  1. Happy Birthday to your Evan!!! It looks like you all made it his birthday very special.

  2. Sounds like a fun and tasty day! I wish we had a Pinkberry in our area.


  3. That looks like a fun and celebratory day! And I love that Evan wanted to stay at school instead of leaving early. I also love that you gave him the option of leaving early :)


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