Monday, February 18, 2013

Brody's 1st Snow!

The day I had been longing for this winter finally came.  It was a bit of a surprise, but it was a nice one.  We had spent our day on Saturday at the fun dinosaur show, and then we decided to go check out Daddy's new office that he has been working so hard to get ready.  Daddy's old office was in the basement of a county office building in uptown Charlotte, and it just felt like a closet.  He spent as little time as possible in the office for that reason.  The process of getting his new office started over a year ago.  Several volunteer fire stations in the Charlotte area were being closed, and one of the stations offered the building to Eddie for his office.  Of course, giving property to the state involves lots of red tape and is not something that can be done in a day.  Talk about inefficient!  Anyway, the paperwork was finally signed and everything was official a few months ago, but the building still needed lots of cleaning up and work.  Since Eddie is still waiting for his assistant's position to be filled (again, very inefficient system), the bulk of the work fell on him.  He painted, acquired office furniture, and is in the process of getting everything set up.  There is still lots of work to do to the building, but the office is almost functional.  The fire station is a large metal building with several large bays for parking fire trucks and equipment.  He is going to be able to store some of the district's big equipment in there.  It has a pretty yucky and outdated kitchen area too.  Anyway, he is pretty excited about the progress he has made.  While we were checking out his office, I looked out the window and noticed very fat snowflakes were falling.  We have had a couple of teasers this winter so we assumed that this wouldn't last long.  It had actually snowed a little that morning at our house for maybe 5 minutes.  We rushed the kids outside to at least get to see the snowflakes.  Brody loved the big snowflakes hitting him in the face and sticking to his long eyelashes.

 photo snow1_zpsd5059251.jpg
Brody loved seeing the big fat snowflakes falling and feeling them land on his face.   Notice the blue stuffed giraffe.  It has become a fixture lately. 

 photo snow2_zps33dc5dd7.jpg
Happy snow baby! 

 photo snow3_zps9f06ca2f.jpg
Evan rushed outside so fast that he didn't zip his coat or put his hood on.  He loved the snowflakes hitting him in the face.  

 photo snow5_zps321da7cc.jpg
We only hung outside for a few seconds because the wind picked up and was blowing the snow around fiercely. 

 photo snow6_zpsbbf6f184.jpg
Already learned to stick his tongue out to catch some. 

 photo snow7_zps605613c6.jpg
Contemplating this white stuff hitting him in the face. 

 photo snow8_zpsf9bfbc55.jpg
We piled into the van and headed home, and the ground was covered in seconds. 
 photo snow9_zps01718410.jpg
By the time we arrived home 20 minutes later, we had our very own little winter wonderland. 

 photo snow10_zps199fb901.jpg
Beautiful snow covered trees. 

 photo snow11_zps2482eeb7.jpg
Evan checking out his backyard while mommy set out lots of bowls to collect some snow.  A little excessive perhaps but she was determined to collect enough for snow cream.  Unfortunately, most of the snow had already fallen so the bowls didn't fill up, but she was able to fill 3 large bowls with snow from the clean snow that accumulated on our patio table. 

 photo snow12_zps508c6c8e.jpg
Snow covered play equipment.  Snow makes everything look lovely. 

 photo snow14_zpsedbdadb3.jpg
My little snow baby. 
 photo snow83.jpg
And for comparison, this was Evan in his first snow at about the same age in 2009.  We did get a little more that year, but the smiles on their faces are pretty similar as they wear the same snowsuit and coat. 

 photo snow15_zpsfea4c95c.jpg
It was actually still daylight outside, but this is what the pictures look like if you use a flash  in low light conditions.  

 photo snow16_zps4253b653.jpg
Without the flash, you can tell it was still plenty light outside although dusk was near.

 photo snow18_zps237eefa6.jpg
I just love his little happy face.  Unfortunately, the cold did nothing for his cold he has been fighting.  It escalated the next day, and he ran a slight fever and developed a bad cough at night from all the congestion.  

 photo snow19_zps8ec4ef3d.jpg
Aiming his first snowball at big brother. 

 photo snow20_zps84661b2f.jpg
Almost time to go in as he was getting so cold. 

 photo snow21_zps203323ab.jpg
But first, we had to get some group pictures. 

 photo snow23_zpsd7643040.jpg
I just love these boys. 

 photo snow24_zpsaea1e0a5.jpg
And Daddy and his little men.   This is the first year that we haven't all been in red coats.  Evan graduated to a green one. 

 photo snow25_zpsf80d2c58.jpg
Love all of those boys!

 photo snow26_zps62e4e423.jpg
And later after the boys had their baths and we were waiting for pizza to be delivered, the lights went out.  They stayed out for a couple of hours so we enjoyed dinner by candlelight, and a lovely game of Candyland in the dark.  Brody was just fascinated by the burning candles and just laughed and smiled at them. 
The next morning we headed out to enjoy a little more of the snow as it was quickly melting away.

 photo snow27_zps288d3167.jpg
Uh oh, looks like we had a four wheeler accident. 

 photo snow29_zps05f91318.jpg
Brody's four wheeler was low on power so big brother gave him a boost. 

 photo snow30_zps83bcdbab.jpg
Brody's cheese face

 photo snow31_zps755efe7e.jpg
Pretty snow baby

 photo snow32_zps5ab2071e.jpg
Happy snow baby

 photo snow33_zpsdce9952c.jpg
Just amazed. 

 photo snow34_zps17b07c97.jpg
Mommy looks like she was caught in a blizzard as the wind  brought down snow from the trees.   The last time we had snow in winter of 2010/2011, I was pregnant with Brody.  
 photo Christmas123.jpg
Christmas Snow 2010 - Mommy even made a snow woman with a little bump.  
 photo snow35_zps28195505.jpg
Evan likes swinging in the snow. 

 photo snow36_zpsdf17efa8.jpg
Brody's first snow angel!
 photo snow37_zps4b2a4d04.jpg
Evan makes his snow angel. 

 photo snow38_zpsc17163b5.jpg
She wore a green "dress."  Ha!

 photo snow39_zpscf78227b.jpg
Making snow angels together.  Brody actually liked lying in the snow. 

 photo snow40_zpsa1089994.jpg
My littlest snow angel. 

 photo snow41_zps9ea8279a.jpg
Two snow angels.  Evan got a little too close to Brody's. 

 photo snow42_zpsc47d9203.jpg
Mommy and her little boy going for a snowy walk. 

 photo snow43_zpsf254f84e.jpg
Brody didn't make footprints in the snow...he made tracks.  He shuffles when he walks apparently and doesn't like to pick up his feet. 

 photo snow44_zps76b8c027.jpg
The sweetest smiles 

 photo snow46_zpsa12d080b.jpg
Big brother's antics had him laughing. 

 photo snow47_zpsffec00bd.jpg
Yum!  His first snow cream!

 photo snow48_zpscb88194d.jpg
Evan could eat a carton of this stuff.   He wanted to put candy in it.  I told him in my best Gollum (from Lord of theRings) voice that he would "ruins it."  Haha!

 photo snow49_zpsd1420f7a.jpg
Brody digging in for more. 

So although we didn't get too much snow and it was gone very quickly, we are thankful we shared these sweet memories!  Brody can't wait for his second snow!



  1. It is so awesome you got snow! Maybe I managed to send it your way after all :)

    1. Yep, that was my thought too. Thanks for finally sending us a little! :-)

  2. Fun! I feel bad that Spencer still hasn't seen snow, but we don't exactly live in a cold, snowy area. I feel better by reminding myself that he had been to both the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans by the time he was 3.

    For those of us that grew up in the desert, what is snow cream?

    1. And he's seen desert! Definitely cool to have seen both coasts too. Evan got to see the Pacific when we went out to see my Grandma just before he turned 3. I hope we will get out there to visit again...maybe for my Grandma's 90th birthday since we were there for her 85th.

      Snow cream is the best and easiest treat ever. It is nature's ice cream. It is just clean snow mixed with milk, a little vanilla flavoring, and sugar. I still have some snow in the freezer, but I'm not sure I could ship that to Arizona for ya. ;-)

    2. You may be able to get a similar taste from one of those shaved ice places that opens in the summer time. I think I remember having a flavor one time that tasted a lot like snow cream.

  3. Great pictures and great memories too. :)

    We don't get snow cream around here so when you eat some think of us Texans!!

    1. I'll definitely think of you all! Snow cream is just too good to pass up an opportunity for some.


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