Thursday, November 15, 2012

Proof That God Still Cares

I know that sometimes it is hard to see God's plan when all around us the world seems to be filled with darkness and despair.  It is no wonder so many people are depressed these days.  This is not the world as God intended it!  Of course, as I've stated before, I believe many of the world's problems are the result of us pushing God out of our lives everyday.  As you may recall, I asked for your fervent prayers for little Henry who was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and not given any medical hope of survival.  Good thing our hope is not in human medicine, huh?  I also asked you to pray for a little infant named Piper who had been diagnosed with a neuroblastoma.  The beginning of the good news is that Piper has a very good prognosis for recovery.  Little Henry's family have been surrounded by so much love and so many prayer warriors that they are feeling God's love everyday!  They have had some very wonderful opportunities for memory making lately made possible by the wonderful works of Make-A-Wish.  If you have ever donated to this charity and wondered if your efforts really made a difference, this should show you that they do.  Henry has been blessed to see some of his very special wishes come true, and I have loved the pictures his parents have posted.  The smiles on their faces just let you know that hope is not lost.  They have not given up!

Henry got to spend a day meeting some of his local heroes and being a fireman! 
Henry got a special treat at the Atlanta zoo when he got to feed the African elephant. 
And he had a very personal meeting with a panda too. 

This may just be the sweetest picture I've ever seen.  Henry is always the adoring big brother! 

Henry got a special treat when his house was made all "sparkly" for Christmas.  He really wanted a sparkly house!  



  1. I have no doubt you are correct about people pushing God out of our everyday lives! Wow this brought tears to my eyes! I love it. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You're welcome! I love to post stories of God's love for His uplifting! :-)

  2. Those really are awesome pictures. I am still lifting up Henry, Piper and your mom in my prayers. God's will be done.

    1. I know you are, Natasha, because you are that awesome! That's why I love ya, friend! :-)


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