Monday, October 22, 2012

What I'm Lovin' Monday #17

Not looking forward to another Monday and trying to convince myself to get out of bed.  Daddy has taken Evan off to school, and Brody has yet to wake up.  He went to bed running a fever so I don't know how he will feel when he awakes.  We had a wonderful weekend together, and I am just thankful for our little precious time spent making memories with the ones we love most.  I definitely need to be reminded of those "loves" today to help get me through the day and the hectic week.

Loving beautiful fall flowers!


Loving these beautiful boys!


Loving first school paintings from a budding young artist.

I love that I can see the little fingerprints of my sweet little boy. 
Loving Sunday naps.

Takes my breath away. 
Loving colorful painted pumpkins.




  1. Its always nice to be reminded of those sweet things that make life special :)

  2. Elliott has been taken awful naps lately. Just awful. I can not keep him asleep (well, unless I'm holding him) for anything. Brody looks so nice and peaceful cuddled in your bed.

    BTW- your dream was hilarious! I'm glad that I had a staring role. Michael's brother and his family lived in North Carlolina until this past June. He's in the Army and got sent to Florida. They kept their house in NC though, and are renting it out because it is likely that they will live there again someday. So, it is still within the realm of possibility that all of that could actually happen!

    1. Well, I figure one day we'll make that must see trip out there to see the Grand Canyon so we'll have to stop by then too. :-) I guess he was stationed at Fort Bragg?

  3. I agree with Lauren. Love Brody's fingerpainting!


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