Saturday, October 13, 2012

Signs that your kid watches too much TV

So your kid may watch too much TV if you have stories like this one:

Tonight, we were catching up on some of our DVRed shows, i.e., Grimm (Evan loves this one) and then for some much needed laughs, Raising Hope (so so funny).    Anyway, of course we try to fast forward through the commercials since that is the advantage of DVR.  During one commercial break, we hadn't started the fast forward yet, and the Iphone 5 commercial comes on.  You may know it.  It starts with a picture of a person's ear and a voice saying "Ears are weird."  After that, my husband started the fast forward.  So I, being in a funny mood, look over at Evan and say:  "Yeah, Evan, ears are weird."  And he, right on cue and with a straight face, says:  "Yeah, so why are headphones round?"  I busted out laughing.  Does my kid know his commercials or what?  If you haven't seen this one, it may help to watch it.



  1. I'd never seen that commercial before and now I want those earbuds! Mine always fall out of my ear when I'm exercising. Probably because they're round!

  2. I had never seen that either....probably because we DVR everything I watch so I see very few commercials!.Spencer can repeat from memory entire commercials that he sees on Sprout. Talk about too much TV!

    1. Yeah, apple is taking over the world you know...or is that google? Ha! We DVR everything too so I don't know when Evan sees all these commercials. Well, if I'm watching something that is DVRed I forget to start fast forwarding until I'm halfway through the commercials so I do end up watching more of the commercials than I mean to. It frustrates Eddie so he usually keeps the remote. :-)


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