Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday's Letters Returns

I know I haven't written my Friday's Letters in a while, but I just felt like writing a few today.

Dear Fall:  We are so ready to enjoy you.  The cooler weather has been nice, and we are ready to go to the pumpkin patch, do a corn maze, and jump into some leaves!

Dear Old Friend who will remain nameless:  I have immensely enjoyed catching up with you via Facebook messenger and reliving our good ol' times together.  I had a heavy heart about the way our relationship ended, and you have really set my mind and heart at ease that you don't hold any hard feelings against me.  Our time together still lives on in my memories as a very precious time.

Dear Mecklenburg County Clerk's Office:  Thank you so much for the yummy eastern NC style barbecue for lunch today.  It really makes this eastern NC girl happy to enjoy some yummy chopped pork barbecue with lots of vinegar based sauce smothered on it.

Dear Brody:  I was so proud of how you walked into your class this morning and went right up to another older boy and started playing with him and exploring the pumpkins and gourds at the sensory exploration area.  I am very sorry that your teacher made you leave early because of your little runny nose.  Seriously, doesn't she know that all kids have runny noses this time of year and that you have already missed several days for it.  I know you were probably disappointed to have to leave.  Oh and I hope we can get your hair cut today because I'm not sure you like looking like a shaggy dog although I think you looked very cute in your little overalls today.

Dear Evan:  I know mommy has been a little disappointed this week because you have been falling asleep before she gets home, but she just enjoys her special time holding you at night and seeing your sweet, beautiful face greeting her at the door when she gets home.  I know that school is really tiring you out, and I really think you need to take a little nap in the afternoon after you get home from school, okay?

Dear Husband:  You have been especially wonderful this week, and I have enjoyed our extra "bonding" time together.  Ha!

Dear Bob and Sheri:  I always learn so much from listening to your morning radio show on my way to work. You two are hilarious and compliment each other well.  Thanks for the laughs and the tips!




  1. Elliott got his first haircut today! We should both do baby haircut posts this weekend!

    Love all your letters. We still have a few more weeks until it is fall here. We pretty much get fall for like 2 weeks in November and then it is "winter".

    1. Awww, I will try but we still haven't had a chance to go. :-( We had soccer practice last night and then got a very late dinner. Maybe today at some point although Evan has a soccer game at 11:00 and then Eddie is doing a Smokey bear event at the park for Down Syndrome kids, and I have a ton of school work to accomplish. I hate being too busy!

  2. Dear Sherry --

    Even though I'm reading this on Saturday I really liked your Friday letters. They were very sweet.



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