Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Why Moms Blog: Sherry's Story's Talkative Thursdays

I think I've mentioned in a few of these Thursday posts how much I admire this blogger.  Her name is Sandra, and she is from Singapore.  If there is one thing that blogging has done for me, it has helped me "connect" to other women who are so much like me from all over the world.  Bloggers like Sandra from Singapore, Natalie from Arizona, Valerie formerly from SC and now Massachusetts, Natasha from Canada, and Lauren from the Southern U.S.  I am a busy mom who works full time and goes to school at night so I don't have a lot of "me" time.  I don't go out with the girls or get to sit at Starbucks drinking coffee and chatting with friends.  I am actually not that big of a fan of Starbucks anyway, but I miss the social interaction.  Most of my social activities now days revolve around my children's activities.  I have met some wonderful local individuals through my sons' schools and extracurricular activities.  We have stayed on the same teams with these friends in both soccer and t-ball the last few years, and I have developed some close bonds with a few of the moms of my son's school friends, but I have found a real connection to these "friends" I have connected with through blogging.  I read about their lives, their children, their struggles, their memories, and I want to share in their joys and cry with them in their sorrows.  Sandra is so inspiring; Natalie is so funny and her children are so much like my own that I want to reach through the screen and kiss them; Valerie's struggles with family and finances and her adorable little boy endear me to her and I offer up my prayers for her; Natasha is so caring and nurturing and has such a warm heart and two adorable little ones; and Lauren is a devout believer and such an inspiration as she has kept her faith while in the midst of life's greatest trials.  These women are "real," and I am just thankful for them.

Before I found any of these blog friends, I created this blog for a specific purpose.  This was that purpose:


It was to chronicle my family's life and memories to preserve them for our future.  I blogged for over two years for this purpose only.  I would occasionally post about something that had inspired me (a church sermon, a story I had heard or read, a song that touched me, or something that made me laugh) so that I could remember it too.  Then, I decided that my children would probably one day enjoy reading more about their mom:  her thoughts, her feelings for them during their childhood, things she desired and things she accomplished, etc.  I also found some link up events that allowed me to find bloggers who I could connect with.  I wanted to look for bloggers that I could truly relate to.  Moms, moms of boys, Christians and believers, bloggers from my "neck of the woods," etc.  I think I was very lucky to find so many bloggers that I could truly connect with on a deeper level.  Seriously, I think both Sandra and Natalie are my "twins."  They are both moms of two boys, and every time I read their posts, it is like looking into a mirror because we are so similar in so many good ways.  I have grown a little tired of all the other social media outlets lately.  It seems like Facebook has just become bombarded with rantings and political postings and negativity.  I like to look at the bright side and just want to enjoy my life and connect with others who want to do the same.

So here's to many more years of happy blogging.  Go over and say hello to any of these bloggers...I am very confident you'll be welcome!



  1. Just checking my Blogger feed one last time before heading off to bed and I found this post. Thank you for the sweet things you said about me and for calling my kids adorable :) And, more importantly, thank you for making me think about why I blog. This will have to be the topic of an upcoming post for me.

    And yes, for some reason, I connect with blogging and other bloggers, more than I do with Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and any of those other sites which try to encourage social networking. Which is kind of funny when you think about it :)

  2. Awwww. I'm so glad you found me and that I found you too. We really are twinsies and it's fun to read about your boys too. They are like "my boys in 6 months", ha ha!

    I agree with you about the negativity of other social media. Sometimes I just scroll through facebook and have to get off before I even read anything because I know I'm just going to be frustrated by what I read.

    That's such a good point about including more of your thoughts and beliefs in your blog. That will be important for your kids to read. I should do more of that!

    1. Yes, we owe Valerie big time for getting us all together! She's pretty awesome!


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