Monday, September 10, 2012

What I'm Lovin' Monday #11

The Sweet Life of the Reeses

Although this may not be the best Monday I've ever experienced and definitely does not compete with last Monday, I still have plenty to love and be thankful for.  I am back at work after a week off and will be returning to school tonight as well.  Both kids got off to school okay this morning, and I hope my little Brody-man had a better day today.  Here's what I'm loving today:

Loving changing my calendar over when I got to work this morning since I was off last week.  It was a nice reminder that cooler weather is coming when I saw these lovely fall pictures:

Loving Brody's first little school lunch.  Cut up grape tomatoes, wheat crackers, cheese cubes, and melon.  Yum!  I hope he liked it!

Loving little boys who can sit at the table and share a snack together now.  My baby boy is growing up so fast!  *Sniff*

Loving this little girly spa at the Great Wolf Lodge.  Oh if I only had a girl!  Ha!  I wouldn't be loving the prices though....$50 each for a mani and pedi or $80 for a combo!  Yikes!  Girls are expensive!

Loving little boys who want to drive!

Driving Kermit and big brother around Toys R Us.
Loving little firemen!

Loving pirates...especially skinny ones with no skin!  Haha!



  1. I love your calendar page! I make my own calendars as Christmas gifts (plus one for me too!) and I love turning over the next page. My mom usually calls me when she turns hers over too. I am lovin' our Fall weather here which means chrysanthmums in our planters, and being able to use our upstairs porch to sit and read in the afternoons. Oh yeah, I also love simultaneous naps which allow me to do the previous sentence! Maybe next week I'll try and remember to do a post and link up.

    1. I usually make a calendar for the grandparents and one for me too. It is a great way to give lots of pictures all in one. After the calendar is used for the year, you can just put the pages into an album and save them.

  2. I love your what you are lovin' Mondays... One day I am going to participate. One day...hmm not sure when. But I love love your thoughts and your pix! AND THE FACT FALL IS IN THE it! Have a great rest of the week!

    1. Thanks a bunch, Piper! You should definitely join is a nice record of all that I have to love and be thankful for each week, and I enjoy it very much. It just makes sense to me to do it on Monday when I am starting another crazy hectic week. :-)

  3. I don't usually make calendars for myself (although I should), but I make them for other people as gifts. So fun. I love the pictures on your September.

    Ouch! Those are some steep prices for a mani and pedi!

    1. I know, right. Good thing we don't have girls, huh? Haha! You should definitely make yourself a calendar too. I have one for home and one for work and gave one to both grandmas last year. I usually take advantage of the BOGO deal at shutterfly around the holidays. :-)


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