Friday, September 14, 2012

Blog Stats

Okay I have a couple of questions about my latest blog stats:

1) Why do I have so many page views from Russia?  Seriously, I do not know any Russians personally.  I am racking my brain on this one, but I can't think of anyone.  Did some long lost friend/boyfriend move to Russia that I don't know about?  My blog is not in Russian so I assume these Russians read/speak English.  My good pal Juan that I posted about earlier had a funny anecdote about how most of the world is bilingual so he asked me what you called a uni-lingual person.  The answer:  American!  Haha!  He was a hoot and pretty correct.  Back to the issue at hand:  why am I so popular over there?  I mean, I like Russia actually.  I'd love to go there someday.  I don't think I'd mind the colder temperatures either.  I love Russian History (I took the class in college, but my professor was not the greatest.  That was sad actually!)!  I love Russian architecture (The Kremlin is one of the most beautiful buildings in the world, and the palace at St. Petersburg is also lovely)!  But I just can't determine what would be so appealing about my blog to people in this far off sphere.  If one of you could post a comment telling me what you appreciate about my blog, I would really love to hear it.  I am just flabbergasted!  :-)

2) "Bottle of fish oil spilled" and "cheerleader practice."  Um, those were tied for second place as the most searched phrases that led people to my blog.  Um, seriously!  I do not recall any posts on here about spilling a bottle of fish oil.  I can imagine that would be a very messy spill to clean up after.  And cheerleader, I have boys.  They are NOT cheerleaders (okay maybe Brody helps me occasionally cheer for big brother at his sporting events so I can see where a search might I have led to us).  But really, who are these 3 people who found my blog by searching for "bottle of fish oil spilled."  I just find that amusing and slightly weird!   Of course, now that I wrote this post, I'll probably have a sudden influx of visitors searching for this particular phrase.  I'm just sorry I won't have any significant advice to offer them.



  1. how do you find out what phrases are used that bring people to your blog?

    1. You go into your stats and then into "traffic sources." It tells you where your audience is from, what websites they came from, and searches that got them to your blog. It's pretty funny to read sometimes.

  2. Too funny. My stats always blow me away. I wrote a post about it once too. My most popular post ever was one I did about Wonder Pets. Spencer was 3 and we were having an ongoing fight about if the one character was named Linny or Winny.

    What's strange is that when I google the searches that are bringing people to my blog- I don't ever see my blog in the results. I don't check more than the first 5 or 6 pages though, so people most be going further back.

  3. I love how you post what you think....sort of like thinking out loud. I too have some questions about those stats ...let me see... I have 33 pageviews from my keywords are closer to my post titles than yours...
    i want to thank him i want to praise him &
    i was saved on a missions trip

    Well,I have had a couple posts that were I want to thank him and a couple on praising him... now, I wasn't saved on a mission trip, but I am saved and I have been on a few mission trips.

    Funny what sparks interest in my blog at all anyway! Ha!

  4. I also have a good Russian contingent of readers as well. I think it might be spam but who knows? Maybe some Russians are really interested in my life :)

    I get Google hits a lot for "Carters Costco" because I posted pictures of my kids wearing Carters outfits my mom bought them at Costco and also "firetruck cupcake cake" because I posted step by step instructions on how to do that.

    It often makes me laugh to look at my stats!

    1. Yeah, it is probably spam...but why are so many spammers from Russia? Ha! It is amazing to me the wacky things people google. I mean I admit I pretty much google everything. Isn't it funny how this funny word used to mean absolutely nothing (or maybe was used to refer to someone making googly eyes or something) and now it is this huge worldwide phenomenon? Oh the joys of technology! What will it be next I wonder.


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