Friday, September 21, 2012

ABC's of Eddie


Age: 34 years, 8 months, 13 days 

Bed size:  King because sometimes a man needs his own space to play with his wife.

Chore you hate:  Cleaning the bathrooms! I guess since I have two boys with one not having his aim down sometimes, it falls on daddy to clean up the mess around the toilets.

Dog's name: Which one?  I am a man that hunts and I have owned up to 5 dogs at one time.  Trouble, Dot, Lady, Bolt, and Freckles.  My first dog's name was Smutt because he was a black good ole' Heinz 57.  In other words, he was a mixed dog. 

Essential item to start your day: Well during the week, I would have to say my uniform.  I work for the North Carolina Forest Service, and I can't start the day without throwing on the green and brown, making sure the badge and name tag are just right before heading out the door.

Favorite color: RED!!!  I have to say that red has always been my favorite color.  It was destiny for me to attend N.C. State University home of the Red and White "WOLFPACK!" 

Gold or Silver:  I am a gold man.  I like the way Gold looks on me!

Height:  6 feet.  I have short legs and a long torso which I believe I have passed on to Evan.  Brody seems to have gotten the best of Sherry and I with having Sherry's long legs and my long torso.

Instruments you play: Trumpet.  Yes, I was a band geek.  I chose the trumpet because of Johnny Coletrain and Miles Davis.  I could just see me blowing out Jazz renditions of songs that I loved. 

Job title: County Forester/Mr. Mom/Coach Ed.  I have worked for the North Carolina Forest Service for 10 years now and have taken on the role of Mr. Mom ever since my beautiful wife started law school.  Her dedication to making our life better through achieving her higher education meant that I needed to step up and be a Dad that our children could love and respect.  All the while letting them know that Mommy is at school, and she loves them very much.  The coaching came when I took on helping coach Evan's T-Ball team.

Key to a Happy Life: A loving Savior, a loving wife, and loving children!

Living arrangements: Hmmm...I guess my living arrangements are I live with my wife and two children.  Sometimes I think I live with two crazy monkeys and a "Hell on Wheels" wife when she comes home to a mess downstairs that I haven't had a chance to clean up before she gets home from law school.  You just have to know Sherry and that she is soooooo OCD about having everything in its place.

Mom's name: Rowena King

Nicknames: Goose because everyone said I had a long neck.  Sherry was Goose because her brother kept goosing her as a child. LOL

Overnight hospital stay:  Only when I was born and staying with Sherry when Evan was born.

Pet Peeve: I don't like when Sherry gets mad at me and says she hates me.  LOL

Quote from a movie: "I feel the need, the need for speed!"  I have been a Top Gun movie fan from the first time I saw the movie, but now when I watch it, the ending is just a little cheesy.

Right or left handed: Right

Siblings: A younger sister 

Time you wake up: 6 a.m. to get Evan up and ready for school, take him to school, come home and fix Brody's lunch, fix Sherry's lunch and snack for school, make Sherry breakfast, come upstairs and get Brody and feed him breakfast.

Underwear:  I prefer women not to wear them.

Vegetable you dislike: Everything except potatoes.

Ways/Reasons you run late: Always doing something for the kids to get them ready or thinking that it will not take me as long to get somewhere as it really does.

X-rays you've had: Only dental

Yummy food you like to eat: I love Cheesecake.  New York style cheesecake is the best.  Thick, smooth and creamy.

Zoo animals you like: I have to say I like the Big Cats.  Lions and Tigers are my favorite.  The way they rule their domain and their shear size is just awe inspiring.



  1. Woo hoo!!!! We get to learn all about Eddie now too.

    I love that Sherry is apparently OCD and everyone has embraced it. Wonder if Brody or Evan will get that trait as well?

    1. Valerie, Evan did seem to inherit that. And you don't try to change someone you love. Eddie has plenty of faults of his own. ;-)

  2. Ha ha ha! I loved reading all about you Eddie. I especially like your honesty and the way your love for Sherry shines through. Now I'm inspired to get my husband to do this.

    1. I am sure he'll participate, Natasha. He already seems to have some blogging skills.

  3. Hello again, Eddie. I find it very amusing that your nickname is Goose and your movie quote comes from Top Gun, where one of the characters is named.....Goose. Interesting.

    1. Ha! You caught that, huh? Yes, I think the fact that he still loves this movie is a bit cheesy...he's kind of stuck in the 80's. ;-)

  4. Ha! This is too funny. I love that both of you have a sense of humor, and kudos to you, Sherry, for being brave enough not to censor him! ;)

    1. Well, I edited his spelling and grammar, but I left his content alone. :-)

  5. This was so funny! I want my husband to do this now :) I love the candidness!

    1. Oh yes, he's pretty candid alright. A little too much so sometimes! :-)


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