Saturday, September 22, 2012

ABC's of Brody


(Yep, a 1 year old is typing this because he is a genius folks.  Alert the presses and media and go ahead and sign me up for an Ivy league school.)  

Age: 1 year, 4 months, 24 days 

Bed size:  Crib but I also prefer Mommy and Daddy's new King.  I have always been good about sleeping in my own bed, but this past week I have been a little monster at bedtime.  I wake up angry and will turn off my monitor and make the alarm sound (I have a sensor pad that alerts Mommy and Daddy if I stop moving/breathing), and I know that turning it off will send them running.   Then, I refuse to go back to sleep, and if I do go back to sleep with Daddy or Mommy holding me, I wake up if they try to put me back in my crib.  But they still love me!  They know that I am trying to get these blasted second molars in, and it is ruining my usually wonderful disposition. 

Chore you hate:  I really hate when Mommy and Daddy come behind me and pick up all the books I just carefully removed from the shelves or the blocks or toys I just laid back on the floor where they are supposed to go.  What is with these people!  

Dog's name:  Well, I don't have one, but I like to pretend to be one.  I do answer to "Sparky" on occasion and will play fetch with you.    

Essential item to start your day: Get up and be put into Mommy and Daddy's bed and then climb down by myself and try to find a glass of water or drink they have left on their bedside table that I can, I mean drink.  Then, I have to get my diaper changed and dressed for school three days a week.  I am also pretty impatient to get downstairs to be served my breakfast.

Favorite color: I don't really care about colors...I'm only 17 months old.  

Gold or Silver:  What is this stuff of which you speak?  

Height:  2 feet, 8 inches

Instruments you play: I play my drums really well.  I am more of a dancer than a musician though. 

Job title: Preschool Student, Big Brother Keeper (I don't know what he'd do without me), Interior Decorator (I have quite an eclectic style...kind of like Picasso on LSD), Food Taster, Mommy and Daddy's Professional Trainer

Key to a Happy Life: A full belly, lots of tickles, milk before bed, Mommy and Daddy kisses, and big brothers who let me play in their room

Living arrangements: I live with my Mommy, Daddy, and big brother in our house.  I kind of rule this kingdom. 

Mom's name: Mommy, of course

Nicknames:  Bro-Bro, Bo-Bo, Brody-cephus (my redneck name), Little Stinker, Human Tornado

Overnight hospital stay:  When I was born.  Just a short two night stay before heading to my forever home. 

Pet Peeve: When Mommy, Daddy, and big brother mess up the careful work I do by picking up the books I placed on the floor, putting big brother's clothes back in the drawer after I decorated his room with them, etc.  When big brother takes something I am playing with and tells me "no."  Not being fed fast enough is also pretty annoying.   

Quote from a movie: Movie...what's that?  Oh, you mean that boring stuff Mommy, Daddy, and Evan sit and watch in front of a screen?  I have no time for such nonsense.  I do occasionally like that fun show, "The Backyardigans," though because they sing cool songs and know how to dance. 

Right or left handed: Right...Left...whichever one is available for shoving food into my mouth.  Sometimes I like to two-fist it!  I'm probably ambidextrous. 

Siblings: An older brother named Evan that I love more than anything in the world.  

Time you wake up: It depends.  I have been historically a great sleeper until recently when I've been waking at all hours of the night.  During the week, I have to wake up between 7:00 and 7:30 a.m. to get ready for school and to see Mommy before she goes to work and school.  On Saturday, I may sleep until 8:00 a.m. if brother doesn't have an early athletic game.  I really like getting to join Mommy and Daddy in their bed and cuddling with Mommy some.

Underwear:  Don't we all wear diapers?  Where else would we go potty? 

Vegetable you dislike: Not too many I have tried that I won't eat.  You may have to mix my cooked peas, green beans, and carrots into my other food like mashed potatoes though.

Ways/Reasons you run late: I am NEVER late...the party does not start until I get there!

X-rays you've had: None

Yummy food you like to eat: It would be easier to list what I don't like.  I love grilled chicken nuggets, fruit (strawberries are a favorite), tomatoes, cheese and crackers, macaroni and cheese, salads with dressing, yogurt, and ice cream. 

Zoo animals you like: I love watching all animals, especially the ones that were outside of our balcony at Disney World.  There were some strange looking creatures out there.  I'm not sure which was my favorite though.


  1. Dearest Brody,

    Please don't tell your family, because I don't want to hurt their feelings, but your ABC's are my favorite. You are very sassy and funny and your humor reminds me a lot of your mom. Please tell your mom to showcase your "Picasso on LSD" art work sometime. I'd love to see it. In the meantime, give your parents a break and get some sleep. THEY need it!

    1. Mrs. Natalie,

      Yep, I am really the funniest, but we'll just keep that a secret for now. They do think they are pretty funny. I'll try to get mom to take a picture of my work before she so callously "destroys" it. I do try to sleep, but these blasted teeth are killing me! I can't even eat my beloved chicken nuggets. It hurts! I don't know why I need anymore teeth...I have a mouth full!

  2. Brody -- your ABCs made me laugh so much. You and my daughter Rachel should get together to party at night so that your parents and I could some sleep. Too bad you live so far away :) Also, I agree with Mrs. Natalie -- tell your mom you'd like a blog post devoted to your eclectic interior decorating style. I have a feeling that's what we cultivate over here sometimes!

    1. Haha! Let's hope Brody's current sleeping difficulties are just temporary and that he'll go back to his "normal" ways soon. I guess I'll have to try to let it stay a mess long enough to take a picture next time. Ha!


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