Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Zombies and Hummus - What?

I really got you with the title to this post, didn't I?  I mean what could zombies possibly have to do with hummus?  I have a few family funnies to share.  These type of events really only happen when you have a very smart and very silly little boy and a very silly daddy too.

Funny #1

Have you seen any previews for this movie?

I am sure you have.  There are several previews going around for this movie that premieres this Friday.  It is a little weird but does look pretty funny.  Evan loves the previews so I guess we are eventually going to have to watch it...although I'm not promising to take him to the movies to see it or anything.  Anyway, last night during dinner, Evan got up from his seat and walked over to Brody in his high chair seat.  He whispered something in his ear.  I asked Evan what he had whispered to his brother.  At first Evan just said, "Nothing, Mommy."  Finally, he said something very quickly while giggling.  I didn't catch what he said so his father "translated" for me.  According to dad, Evan had said:  "Don't make me tell the zombies you're spicy!"  Yes, I was baffled about where he got this and couldn't contain my laughter.  I was picturing Evan throwing his little brother to the zombies during a future zombie apocalypse while he ran away.  Daddy said he had gotten it from a preview for this movie.  Then, he figured out what the line actually was.  This movie is about a little "weird" kid named Norman who can speak to the dead and takes on zombies, ghosts, and "grown-ups" to save his town from the curse of a witch ghost.  In one of the previews, Norman's little chubby friend (and quite possibly the funniest character in the movie) is trying to get away from some zombies and says, "Don't make me throw this hummus.  It's spicy!"  I guess Evan confused the line a little, but I think he improved it when he told his brother he was going to tell the zombies he was spicy.  Haha!   And yes, I did spend a considerable amount of time on youtube searching for this particular preview trailer.

Here's another one you can enjoy.  The ending of this one is the funniest part when the guy is running away from the zombies but can't leave without his snack from the vending machine.

Funny #2

The second funny story/episode of the week was tonight.  I have been noticing that our neighborhood has had an epidemic of wild mushrooms growing up in the yards.  I saw some in our yard tonight and told Eddie he needed to get rid of them when we were on the way to eat dinner.  Yes, we eat dinner out about once a week to give daddy a break from cooking.  He actually cooked a lovely steak dinner last night so he deserved the break.  Anyway, I digress.  Evan asked if he could eat the mushrooms.  Strangely, he does like some mushrooms like the ones in his soup at the Japanese steakhouse.  I told him he couldn't, and he asked if they were poisonous.  I told him they might be and then told him that mushrooms were fungus.  I asked if he liked mushrooms, and he said, "Sure, I'm a fun guy!"  (Bada Bada Boom)   Get it -- fungi vs. fun guy?  Yes, he thinks he's a comedian.  I think he heard that joke on one of his shows he likes to watch on Nick Jr.

Here's a couple more mushroom jokes for you: 

Q: Why did the Fungi leave the party? 
A: There wasn't mushroom. 

Q: Why did the Mushroom get invited to all the parties? 
A: 'Cuz he's a fungi! 

Funny #3

Daddy also thought he was a comedian tonight.  We have become landlords in recent years although not by choice.  We have a house we purchased before we moved to Charlotte and have never been able to sell because of the poor economy.  It has become a rental property in the interim.  We are currently advertising it for rent and have gotten a few responses to our ad.  It seems that Craigslist is the best way we've found to find renters in that area, but you do get some strange replies sometimes.  Eddie got a call from an interested renter, and when he called the guy back, the guy had some "strange" questions.  The questions weren't that unusual, but the way he asked them had us wondering about him.  He was like, "Does this house have good light?"  Eddie said, "Sure, it gets good natural lighting."  Then, the tough sounding guy said, "Um, does it have county water or a well?"  Eddie said, "It has county water."  The guy was like "Oh."  Like he was disappointed.  Then, he was like, "What ya'll need from me...just deposit and first month's rent?"  Eddie said, "Yes.  I'll send you a rental application."  The water and lighting question just had us wondering what the guy wanted to do with the house.  We can just see our house being turned into a marijuana growing operation from the way the guy sounded disappointed in having county water and having to pay for it and like he's going to need to use a lot of it and need lots of natural light.  Eddie's impersonation of the guy asking the questions really did make this conversation funny, but you probably had to be there.  Eddie was like:  "Yeah, my kid, Mary Jane, likes a lot of light."  Ha!

Funny #4

Brody could not let everyone else outdo him on the funnies so...

he decided to make his poop in the tub tonight.  Oh, how lovely!  Thankfully for Evan he had already gotten out of the tub.

And that's how we roll in the Reese house!



  1. Oh no! The poop in the bathtub is the worst!!! I hope there weren't many toys in there because sterilizing the toys is the most time consuming part.

    I totally think that Evan improved on the line. I was actually thinking that the people who wrote that line were good!

    You are so brave to be landlords. My dad was a landlord for a long time. He got attacked by a dog once when he went to demand they pay their rent. That guy did sound awfully fishy with his line of questioning.

    1. Thankfully, there weren't, Natalie! Luckily, the boys like just a few toys these days. When Evan was little, he liked dumping a whole basket of toys in the tub, but now, he just likes a car or a ball or something. He had already gotten out and cleaned out his toys. Brody usually just likes playing with a bucket that he uses to dump water all over the outside of the tub with. Ha!

      Yes, there are some really great lines in the previews so I am sure we'll have to watch it.

      Luckily, as landlords, we never actually deal with the renters personally because we live so far away. We've been lucky to find renters who will directly deposit the rent payments into the bank, and we rely on our realtor and other locals to check on the house for us. We haven't actually traveled out there in over 5 years!

  2. I hope, if the guy does end up renting your house, that he uses it for good and not nefarious purposes. Maybe there is reasoning behind those questions that is not immediately obvious. I would totally ask about the light because I light lots of natural light in my space and after living in a space with NO natural light it has moved up on my list of questions to ask.

    Also, only one of my kids has ever pooped in the bathtub and it's only happened once. My husband was totally grossed out and I was totally laughing my head off!!!

    1. Thanks, Natasha, we hope we get some decent renters too! The area is just such a poor area of the state (the mean family income for a family of four is like $24K a year) so that makes it even more difficult to find renters. Then, the decent jobs are with the Coast Guard so those people don't expect to be stationed there for long periods. The really difficult thing about renting it out is that we live pretty far away. We haven't traveled to that part of the state in over 5 years and have had to rely on third parties (friends, our realtor, etc.) to manage it for us. It has really been an ongoing headache!

      Yeah, getting the question about natural light from a female character wouldn't be nearly as funny or suspicious. I like natural light too. It was just the way this guy talked and acted that made him "suspicious." Haha!

  3. Oh my.... your house is full of fun and laughter. Just like ours. Never a dull moment. Love how you make the best of every situation!

    1. It definitely is full of laughter, Piper! Hope that helps keep us young! :-)

  4. How cute!! I was thinking the other day that I might go see ParaNorman. That hummus line made me laugh!!

    1. Yep, it sounds pretty funny. There are some other great lines too...mostly from the chubby kid. The hummus line is only in one of the previews so I had some trouble finding it online.

  5. With each preview I think more and more how I really do want to see that movie.

    Ha ha, it's never a dull moment in the Reese household, is it?

    1. Well, we have to squeeze a lot into our limited time together so we don't have too many boring moments. Ha! When I first saw the preview when Evan and I went to see Brave, I thought "Oh man, another Tim Burton kinda flick...yuck!" But each preview does seem to get funnier and funnier. Of course, they may have put all the funny stuff in the previews, but I think it could be a winner!


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