Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Great Mystery of Life

Why do two go in and only one comes out?

These are all the socks in the boys' drawers looking for their mates.  They are each so lonely!  :-(  Where do these socks go?  My kids have two feet.  They do not wear mismatched socks.  They do not only wear one sock on one foot.

Some theories I have about this great mystery:

1) There is a sock monster that lives in every dryer that gobbles up socks.

2) One sock got tired of his mate and ran away to a little single sock paradise.  Divorce is so hard on the family so let's hope this isn't the case.

3) There is a sock black hole that sucks in some unfortunate little socks.

4) Aliens with only one foot come and steal our socks because they keep losing theirs.

and my personal favorite:

5) little boys like to kick off their socks and throw them anywhere but in the laundry hamper.  I am sure one day these socks will turn up in some unusual places, i.e., behind the bed, at the bottom of a toy basket, under a dresser, etc.

What are your theories?



  1. I'm absolutely convinced there is something in the dryer that eats them up. We've cleaned and searched the entire house and still haven't been able to find the missing sock mates :-/

  2. I think the washer swallows them. I'm convinced of it because I've searched the dryer. And everywhere else in the house.


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