Saturday, August 4, 2012

More Proof Brody is a Mess

Although I don't have any pictures to document this event, I have to preserve it for his future.  Beware, this is what happens when the boys and Daddy are left alone at home!  Daddy stayed home with the boys yesterday and was trying to be a good husband and father and clean the house and do the weekly laundry.  Yes, he is pretty awesome and did manage to clean the floors and do all the laundry.  However, he sometimes forgets that when children are "silent" that isn't always a good thing.  Ha!  Well, I forget that too these days.  Brody and Evan can both play independently for pretty good lengths of time...Evan is actually worse at this than Brody because he constantly begs for someone to play with him!  Of course, I feel like we forget sometimes that Brody does need to be played with, and I do attempt to sit down with him as soon as I get home and interact and play with him on the floor.  Well, things in the house yesterday morning had gotten pretty quiet while Daddy was in the laundry room until he heard a strange banging sound and Brody's fussy sounds coming from the kitchen.  He went to investigate the source of Brody's frustration, and I apologize now for not having pictures of what he found.  Daddy is obviously not as good at documenting our lives as I am and has been appropriately reprimanded for this misdeed.  Ha!

So what did he find, you ask?  Well, our sweet faced little angel had  apparently opened the pantry door (as I mentioned before all of the doors in our house have handles instead of knobs making it difficult to use any type of kid-proof door locks on the doors) and was sitting on the floor with the evidence of his find all over his face, hands, and shirt.  Thanks, Little Debbie!  Yes, folks, he had found one of his Daddy and big brother's Little Debbie snack cake packages wrapped in its cellophane wrapper and had somehow managed to open it and had already devoured one of the two cakes inside.  His frustration resulted when he couldn't get to the second cake, and he had started banging the cake package on the floor.  Oh, geez!  We are really in for a time with this little eater, aren't we?  

On a happier note, he did make up for this little sweet treat by eating all of his salad at dinner.  Yes, I decided to try getting him a salad to see if his liking mine a few days ago was just a fluke.  It wasn't!  He loved the leafy greens with cheese and ranch dressing!  

Yes, Mommy caught this one on her phone.  He had a whole little plate of salad and some grilled chicken.  He did not want the chicken until he had finished all of the salad.  Hooray! 

This face better describes his appreciation!


  1. Replies
    1. Haha! Amanda, can you really tell that much? Yep, he's mine!

  2. In his defense Little Debbies are really hard to resist.

    I love his little scrunchy salad loving face.

    1. Well, if it was up to me they would not even be in the house. That's the product of Daddy doing the grocery shopping and letting his son pick out his snacks. Evan just started eating them recently and has always been great about preferring healthier snacks...fruit or carrot sticks are usually his favorites. Daddy is such a bad influence!

  3. Sam has always loved salad which I am totally thankful for. Of course he also loves his free cookie at the grocery store. He is totally his mother's child -- salad and cookies :)

    (And can you tell I finally have a chance to catch up on my blog reading?!?!?! Comment overload!)

    1. Thanks for the comments, Natasha! I am enjoying getting to know your little family too! Mmmm...cookies! :-)


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