Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sometimes and Always #5

I'm a little late and wasn't sure I really had anything to write about this week, but I decided to give it a shot so I'm back to link up with Mackey Madness for the 5th week!  

Sometimes - I wish I didn't like to pick fights with my husband so much.

Always - I am so thankful when we make up and that he lets me vent my anger at the world and take it out on him.  He knows that I just need to get it out sometimes!  

Sometimes - I get really tired of the weird things my husband watches on TV.  

Always - I am so happy when my husband lets me watch something on TV like tonight's season finale of Pregnant in Heels.  I love Rosie Pope (even if she does have a weird speech impediment...haha)!

Sometimes - I know I need to go to sleep earlier so I won't have so much trouble getting up in the morning.

Always - I need time to unwind after getting home from a late night class and have to catch up on my blog reading and writing before I go to sleep!  

Well, since it is almost midnight, that's all I got for tonight!  



  1. I always stay up too late. It's my only chance for some alone time with my husband. We pay for it every morning.

  2. Love these sometimes and always! I wish I were as creative as you to think these things..... I get way to deep and then I confuse myself!! Have a great day!

  3. I love Rosie Pope too!!! I haven't watched the episode yet but I'm going to as soon as I get home. She's just so cute. I wonder if it's difficult having a daughter after having two little boys?

    1. Actually, I don't want to spoil the episode or anything but she did have some issues accepting herself as a mom of a girl due to her past relationship with her own mom. It was a touching episode! She named her daughter a cute name, Vivienne. I am thinking if Dos is a girl, that could be a good option for you. You'll both be a V girl! ;-)

  4. I totally know what you mean about going to bed, but still winding down from the day =) Check out my post if you get a chance. Loved your sometimes & always this week. Mostwhatmatters.blogspot.com

  5. Hey Sherry, I've nominated you for an award on my bloggy blog! Go check it out!

    1. Awww, I am really honored to be nominated by you since you are such an awesome blogger and all!


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