Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sometimes and Always #3

We are back again this week for more Sometimes and Always with Megan at Mackey Madness.  Check her out and meet some more great blog friends at this great link up.  

Sometimes:  I wish my babies would just stay babies forever.  They were so cute when they were wittle!


Always:  I am so proud when my babies reach another big milestone.  In the last few weeks, we have celebrated with Evan as he has learned to read and just this week we have watched Brody FINALLY take his first steps on his own.  His main problem has been his lack of motivation, but we have been working hard with him.  Now, his problem is his upper body tries to move faster than his legs.  Ha!

Sometimes:  I like a good class taught by a good professor.  Last night, I had my first Judicial Process class taught by a well-experienced judge, and I am pretty sure this will be that class.

Always:  I am so thankful when I get home from school and see my babies.  Apparently, they were too wild last night, and Daddy couldn't get them to go to bed.  I was kind of glad so that I could see them.

Sometimes:  I don't mind going to work because it is a little break from our crazy busy life at home.

Always:  I am so thankful for a day off with my family.  I am off today "training" a new nanny for the boys and tomorrow we'll celebrate a fabulous Independence Day!  We have some activities planned in our neighborhood including a little parade, the boys have matching red, white and blue to wear, and we have tickets to a good ol' American baseball game with fireworks afterwards.



  1. So glad you're doing these!!!

    I wish I liked the baby phase. I'm glad to be out of that for at least a little while. I feel like newborns are a little like terrorists.

    I hope you have a wonderful day off and enjoy your holiday tomorrow! Can't wait to see pictures of the boys in their outfits.

  2. Days off are always great!! Have a wonderful 4th! :)

  3. Hello! You have such a cute family!=)

  4. I never wish my babies would stay little. Ha ha ha! I just tolerate the baby phase so I can get to the good stuff (kids). I'd take a 3 year old over a 3 month old any day of the week.

    Where do you attend law school? My brother is graduating from Stetson Law in Florida in May. He was a police officer for 8 years, so it's a 2nd career for him. His wife is a doctor. They're the Huxtables, just opposite!

  5. Following you back Sherry! Thanks for the sweet comments.


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