Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday's Letters #5

I'm back again to link up with Ms. Ashley at Adventures of Newlyweds for my letters of the week.  I think Friday is the best day!

Dear Friday:  Why do you only come around once every seven days?  I want to see more of you.

Dear Work:  I am truly thankful that you close at 3:00 p.m. on Fridays.  Although I usually have to stay a little later to finish up, I am still grateful to get an early start on the weekend!

Dear Weekend:  I am so glad to have you, but why does your forecast look like this:


79°F | °CFriSatSunMon
Chance of StormsChance of StormsChance of StormsClear
Wind: SW at 6 mph
Humidity: 79%91°73°88°72°86°72°91°72°

Yep, that's rain everyday for us!

Dear Super Baby:  I just love how cute you looked wearing big brother's pajamas when Daddy "mistakenly" put them on you last week.  Yes, big brother can still wear these!

Dear Victims and Families of the Colorado Shooting:  When I woke up this morning and saw this tragic story on the news, I was sickened.  How could any person walk into a crowded movie theater and open fire on innocent people?  It is evil incarnate, and there is no excuse.  Oh, I am sure the shooter would plead insanity, and of course, a person would have to be insane to do such a thing, but God will be the judge and ultimate payment will be due for this crime against humanity!  I have seen many use such tragedies as a reason to go after the right of free people to bear arms and keep guns.  I am not one of those.  I do not believe that making the ownership of guns illegal would resolve these problems.  Crazy evil people will get the guns and weapons to do such horrible things (legally or illegally), and I respect people's right to protect themselves and their families.  I wish there was some way to prevent these tragedies, but all I know to do is pray for a world that is overcome with evil!



  1. Sigh, Brody looks so cute in Evan's pjs.

    I still cannot process what has happened in Colorado. It's just so senseless. And now this kid's mom is saying she's not surprised?? Why aren't people getting help BEFORE they massacre people? This is just so sad all around.

    1. Yes, I know what you mean. It is hard to fathom and then when others say they expected such things to happen, you just want to know "why didn't you stop them?" Ugh!

  2. I can't believe what has happened in CO. Drugs and others various things are illegal. If someone wants these things they are going to get them. Praying hard for those families!

    Boo to storms this weekend, I'm supposed to be relaxing at the lake! :)

    1. So true, Lauren! Awww, I hope you can still enjoy your time at the lake! We had some pretty rough storms this afternoon...broke out just as I was leaving work. :-(


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