Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Fun at the Pool

We have been enjoying lots of water play the last couple of weeks.  The water at our neighborhood pool has still been a little chilly since our temperatures haven't been as high as usual, but the kids have still enjoyed it.  The temperatures have finally climbed into the 90s this week so we are expecting some more pleasant pool experiences.  Our neighborhood pool has a big pool with a diving board and lap lanes for swim meets as well as a baby pool that is just right for Brody.  There are always tons of kids at the pool for Evan to play with, and they are recognizing him now and know his name.  I am so thankful we live in a family-friendly neighborhood where he can make close friendships.  I hope he has a little gang like in the Sandlot, and they spend their summer days playing ball together and hanging out at the pool developing crushes on all the teenage girl lifeguards.  Haha!

We have since bought Brody a new swim vest to wear to teach him to be more independent in the big pool.  Evan is still so cautious in the water and prefers to wear his arm floats.  I hope he'll get more brave this year.  Brody loves the water and doesn't mind putting his head in at all.  The downside is he drinks a little too much of the yucky pool water.  :-(

We always take toys for Brody, but there are usually tons of toys already at the pool that all the kids just share.   He always prefers the toys that aren't his.

Grabbing someone's beach ball.

Brody hanging out with Daddy and big brother in the big pool.

He isn't as big of a fan of the car boat as his big brother was at his age.  Brody is too busy and wants to be free to move around as he pleases.  He's not walking yet but that doesn't stop him!

Warming up with Daddy in his towel.

Evan's favorite thing to do at the pool is play Foosball. 

We can't keep him away from this!


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