Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sometimes and Always #2

I'm back this week for another Sometimes and Always (well I promised, didn't I?).  Click on over and join the fun!  

Sometimes - I can't believe this beautiful baby is really mine!

Always - I just love holding him in my arms and kissing his sweet little cheeks...even though he occasionally bites me!  Haha!

Sometimes - I wish that TV had never been invented especially when there is nothing on but junk reality shows.  Ugh, I hate them all (except the occasional episode of Hoarders which I like for some strange reason...I guess watching crazy people living with all their mess is so interesting to this seriously OCD Type A personality)!

Always - I remember that without TV I couldn't enjoy such treasures as the rebirth of this superb drama...

Oh my goodness...Dallas is back in all its glory!  
 Sometimes - I wish the weekends were longer and slower and the work weeks were shorter and faster.

Always - I think that I am wishing my life away and that my children are growing up too fast as it is so I better make everyday count and hope that everyday passes a little more slowly.

Sometimes - Well, right now actually, I wish this wasn't my last week of summer break. *Sigh* I have to go back to school next week.

Always - I will tackle this next semester with gusto and hopefully score another Dean's List on my transcript!

Sometimes - I really hate when people ask me how I'm doing.  (A friend from Facebook just reminded me of this one with a post.)  Seriously, the feelings of this overly complicated and busy mom cannot be summed up in just a couple of sentences so unless you want to hear my life's story (although I likely haven't got the time to tell you), don't ask that silly question!  If you do ask me, I'll likely say little more than "Fine" and hurry on my way.  Haha!  But seriously, ask me how my kids are doing anytime...I'll smile and happily tell you because that is a subject that never tires me out!  

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  1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog & becoming my newest follower! I'll follow back for sure. It's so funny, your lamenting that you're starting school & I'm complaining that I'm not!! Law school huh? I considered that for all of about 5 seconds. I looked up the practice LSAT tests & was like "What in the heavens is this question asking me??!!" And that was the end of that dream. Although sometimes when I'm arguing my point I think I was an attorney in a different life, lol. Can't wait to delve into your blog & get to know you better!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Candi! While the LSAT may look a little daunting upon first glance, it is a relatively simple "logic and reasoning" test much like the regular old SAT. Now the Bar exam on the other hand....aaaaaaaaaaaaaa (that's me screaming)! Remembering and applying all the "law" you've hopefully learned in the last 3 or 4 years? Yikes!

  3. Way to go for tackling law school! Thanks for stopping by the blog. And I completely agree about tv...lout I'm sitting here watching it in spite of my convictions. Ha!

  4. So glad you promised!!! I swear I think the same thing every time I look at my little guy. Never in a million years did I think I'd get so lucky!

    Do you feel like you ever get time for yourself these days? I finished my Master's degree last year before I had a child so I can't imagine working, going to law school and having children!! You're totally my hero.

  5. WOW! Law school?! That's fantastic!! Good luck to you!

  6. Yes, Valerie, it is crazy sometimes. I find myself locked in the bathroom just to have a few minutes of peace. And the baby has already figured out how to beat on the door. Haha! Yes, Alyssa, it is crazy! I really didn't plan on going back to school until the children were older but circumstances made it "necessary" after our relocation to Charlotte five years ago (about the time the housing market and financial crisis hit). I am thankful though...I actually don't know if we would have been financially able to have our second son if I hadn't gone back to school. :-)

  7. So stinking awesome that you are tackling law school! I can't imagine how crazy busy you are!!

    Thanks for linking up!!


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