Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday's Letters #2

It's that time again.  Thank goodness it's Friday!  We've just been over here making some more great memories and enjoying the summer.  Link up and share your special letters this week.  

Dear Brody:  I love that you make faces like this.

Making faces while enjoying his dinner.

And that you like to eat and love your food.  Last night as always, you ate all your food.  We went to one of our regular restaurants for dinner, and you and big brother had the same kids' meal (we have to get you your own because you are such a good eater already).  You enjoyed a whole plate of shrimp and a bowl of mixed fruit (canteloupe, honey dew, grapes, and pineapples).  You cleaned your plate before big brother was even through (he had to be coaxed to finish as usual)!

And it was good!

Dear Evan:  We are so proud of you for learning to read.  You have really always enjoyed a good book.  Before you were 3, you had your favorite dinosaur book memorized.  Now, you are reading, sounding out, and recognizing many words.  Mommy has always been a reader and dreamed of the day her children would learn to read.  Her earliest memories involve reading her favorite books, and she was a pre-kindergarten reader too.  Just look at my baby reading on his own:

Dear Hubby:  Thank you for making those yummy milkshakes last night.  And for bringing the kids to eat lunch with me today.  I am so excited!  You really know how to brighten up my day!

Dear Summer:  Ugh!  I was so nice last week when I told you we loved and appreciated you.  All I asked was that you not bring us triple digits.  And look what you are doing now!  Oh well, we'll try to enjoy some time at the pool and make the best of you.

Dear Mac/Apple:  I am so proud that I boycott you and all your products now.  Why, you ask?  Because your cockiness in thinking you can charge triple what everyone else does for your products disgust me.  I will be purchasing a new laptop because I have used mine to death these last three years in law school, but I will not be purchasing from you.  Plus, I think you run sweatshops in China to make your products.  That's not cool.  No iphones for us.  We love our Samsung Galaxies though.  Seriously, I think Samsung definitely has a way with making their LCD/LED screens with the most beautiful displays.  Sometimes my pictures look better on my phone than on my computer.  We also love our Samsung LED flat screen too.  I actually was loving you when you first came out with the ipods...I had a first generation one that I loved.  Your cockiness lost this customer.



  1. I loved reading this!


    have a great weekend!

  2. That face that Brody is making could not possibly be any cuter! What a good boy he is! Is there anything that Brody doesn't like? I'm hoping Oliver is like that when he gets older since he seems to love all foods right now.

    Could we get together and make this summer go away? I can't handle 3 days of 100+ degrees.

  3. Thanks so much for visiting, Nicholl. I'll sure check yours out.

    Valerie, he's been pretty open-minded about food. He actually wasn't a big fan of bananas (big brother and most babies love them though). He pretty much eats what we eat now. We did try making his baby food when he was four to nine months old, but when he started wanting more substantial meals, we started buying him little toddler meals (he usually eats those for lunch during the day) and just eats with us at dinner. He always clears his plate! He isn't a big fan of peas but will eat them mixed with mashed potatoes (like his mother...haha). If we go out, we try to pick places with healthier kids meal options. He loves the grilled chicken nuggets and fruit at Chick-fil-a; mac and cheese at most places; etc.

    Yes, I was loving the cooler summer we were enjoying in June until this week hit. Man, did it hit hard! I am inside most of the day at work in the AC, but yesterday we took the kids out to run some errands (shopping), and it was miserable! Stay inside and stay cool is my advice for now!


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