Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Creditors are Coming!

He did it again!  Evan can always find a way to get me laughing.  This morning, I took him to school because we had a parent-teacher conference with his teacher (more on that later).  Anyway, Evan insisted on playing his Leapster dinosaur game on the very short (literally not even in the car 2 minutes) drive to school.  When he started the game, the game announced "The Predators are coming!"  Evan giggled and repeated, "The Creditors are coming!"  I just busted out laughing, and of course, he had no idea why I was really laughing.  He just liked that he was making me laugh so he just kept repeating it.  I told him, "Yep, Evan, the dinosaurs didn't pay their bills."  Man, it is a shame that even the dinosaurs couldn't escape those pesky creditors, right?  I then proceeded to use this as a learning tool and instructed him, "You have to stay away from those creditors, Evan."  He, of course, giggled and said, "Yeah, 'cause they'll eat you!"  I just love the way he thinks!

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