Sunday, January 22, 2012

Silky Love



Oh my goodness, is there anything more cute than a little baby sucking on a blanket...especially when going to sleep?  I have never had an experience with a baby being seriously attached to an object like a blanket or stuffed animal.  I had a little boy who found his thumb at about 3 months old so I knew all about self-soothing, but I am just so tickled by this baby.  Neither of my boys have ever cared for pacifiers and have never really been fussy babies.  Evan could always soothe himself with his thumb when going to sleep.  We are quite thankful that Brody never found his thumb, and we're equally satisfied that he didn't really ever like's hoping we have at least one child who can avoid expensive orthodontics!  In the last few weeks, Brody has really taken to loving his blankies.  While he doesn't really have one favorite, he does have a pretty specific requirement for the blankie.  It absolutely must have a silky soft satin lining.  When he gets tired and fussy at naptime, he will get the satin part of his blankie and just hold it against his lips and make a little sucking motion although he doesn't really put it in his mouth.  He seems to just like the feel of the soft satin against his lips.  My only theory is that it somehow reminds him of Mommy since he started doing this shortly after we ended breastfeeding.  He will usually fall asleep within minutes of getting the blankie.  Seriously, he is just too sweet!  I can see him taking his silky blankie with him everywhere over the next few years.  

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