Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy Birthday to the bestest Daddy in the world!

Around here, we definitely love our Daddy (or Dada as he is affectionately termed by one in the house).  I often feel that Daddy's birthday is "uneventful" because it follows so closely on the heels of Christmas, and we are usually trying to unwind from the busy holiday season.  Daddy always understands and just enjoys being with his family.  Usually, Evan and Mommy like to make him a special cake, but we were just too busy this year because Mommy had to take care of both boys by herself that morning (Saturday) while Daddy had to go help with a booth at the annual Landscape Expo in Charlotte.  He returned in time for lunch, and Grandma came up so we took Daddy out to eat...he picked Tony Roma's.  After lunch, Evan and Mommy stopped to pick out Daddy a yummy ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins.  We all enjoyed going home and spending a wonderful afternoon playing outside in the backyard on an unusually balmy day in January.  We hope Daddy enjoyed his special day as much as we enjoyed being with him!  We sure do love him and know he is the best!

A perfect cake for and white for N.C. State with oreo cookie ice cream inside!

Daddy with his boys and Mama.

Singing happy birthday and getting ready to blow out his candles.

Evan was a big help to Daddy!

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