Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Evan's Snowman Story

Evan had to "dictate" a story tonight about his snowman friend as part of his homework.  His class has a notebook with all their stories written in it.  I thought Evan's story was very cute and shows a lot of potential for storytelling.  He has always had a great imagination. 

If I had a snowman for a friend, I would take him to the grocery store.  We would go to the freezer section and watch TV.  We would watch shows about snowmen.  I would eat some carrots, but Mr. Snowman would not because his nose is a carrot.  Mr. Snowman would eat snow cream instead to keep him nice and cold.  After lunch, we would go ice skating and enjoy playing together. 

The End. 

(I especially liked that his story recognized that the snowman needed to stay cold.  Some of the other class stories had snowmen playing in volcanoes and getting warm by the fire.  Ha!)

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