Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Where's the line to see Jesus?

I love Christmas!  I love seeing the excitement on little children's faces when they talk about Santa and the presents he will bring them.  I love all of our happy Christmas traditions that we have shared through the years.  But sometimes we have to stop and wonder "What's it all for?"  Of course, as a Christian, I believe the Christmas season is about celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  I know many go through the motions of "celebrating" this holiday as just another tradition or day off from work on the calendar.  Although I enjoy sharing the fun traditions of Santa and giving presents with my children, I have strived every year to incorporate the true meaning of Christmas into this season.  We have several traditions we began with Evan to help show him the true meaning of Christmas:  (1) We sit down to watch a movie about the nativity story and talk about when and why Jesus was born. (2)  We read the Biblical Christmas story.  (3) We make Jesus a birthday cake on Christmas Eve and go to our church's Christmas Eve service.  Enjoy watching the beautiful music video below and hopefully you will also think of ways to share and incorporate the true meaning of Christmas into your Christmas traditions.   Also, please notice that I do not like to use the term "Holiday" in place of Christmas.  It just doesn't feel right to me!

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